Reviewing Islamic Clothing Sites Part 1

Sisters often ask me where I find most of my clothing and I give them an answer many of them don’t want to hear- online. Trust me, I know why some people are hesitant to buy anything online; concerns about identity theft, concerns about finding the right fit, wondering what to do if your item arrives and you don’t like it etc. All legitimate concerns. I always buy clothing from secure websites, check my bank account almost everyday and review return/exchange policies before buying anything from a site. It’s very handy to have yourself measured and to save those measurements so you can use them as a guide. If necessary, you can email the clothing store’s customer service and ask them what the measurements are for an item. Beyond that, it’s really trial and error. (That’s why it’s important to know the store’s return policy). Here is a review of the clothing sites I’ve actually bought clothing from:

Al-Farah Islamic Clothing, Average shirt cost $24, Average skirt cost $39:

I like Al-Farah. I find their clothing prices to be very reasonable. If you’re looking for long button down shirts then you’ve found the right place. I also like their stylish but modest skirts. They have several different types of dusters. Those can be rather pricy but I think they’re worth it. I bought a denim duster which I wear as a dress. The quality of the denim is excellent. (I hate those 80’s-looking denim jlibabs some people try to pass off as ‘stylish denim’). Unfortunately, they don’t have the one I bought anymore. But they do have a gray one (which is one sale right now) that I’ve wanted for a long time.

Al Muhajabat Islamic Clothing, Average abaya price $60:

Since I discovered the site in 2001, I’ve only bought two abayas from them. I found the $60 price tag to be a little too steep for the type of abayas they’re selling. (I mean, there’s nothing spectacular about them worth spending $60 on). However, they have a decent selection of tunics, shirts and sometimes skirts as well. My advice is if you see a skirt or shirt you like, then you should purchase it if you have the money, insha’allah. They tend to go fast. Otherwise, I usually wait for them to have a sale and see if there’s anything I like. They have really great accessories like hijab pins and under scarves. If you ever have to return anything they will not reimburse you for shipping and they don’t do in store credit. (BLAH).

E-Jilbab, Average abaya $60, Average Jilbab $64

I’ve ordered from this site on occasion. They don’t have the absolute best quality clothing but they’re decent. I love their hijabs though. Esp. the shawl style hijabs. They’re creative and cutting edge. I generally order hijabs if there’s an abaya or jilbab pants combination I really want (since you’re required to spend at least $50). They ship from Amman, Jordan and have a U.S. location. BUT, I’ve had some trouble with them when I’ve wanted to return something. It basically took me a month to get my money back even though the U.S. location confirmed that they received it. I emailed them several times before anyone responded. They gave me a half-baked apology after I threatened to never order from them again. A week after I received my money they sent me a 50% off code on my next purchase so I can say they successfully wooed me back. *smile* I just try to make sure the item is going to fit otherwise I don’t order from them if I have any doubts. or Sajeda International, Average jilbab $80, Average abaya $60

First off, I have to say I love the fact that they alter abayas and jilbabs for you. It takes at least $10 off the overall costs. Sajeda always makes quality jilbabs and abayas so you won’t be disappointed. They frequently have sales where there are no shipping costs in addition to the discounted clothing price. I don’t think I’ve ever paid the average costs of their abayas or jilbabs. I usually wait for the sale and then order. They have the latest accessories including brooches, under scarves, and hijab pins. They were the first ones to have the new stick hijab pins with the dangling pieces (a bad description but I don’t know what else to call them, lol). Their clothing ships from Amman, Jordan but if you ever need to return something they have a U.S. location to ship it to. They don’t pay for shipping though. Also, if you have an abaya altered you can forget about returning it. They won’t accept it. I found that out the hard way and eventually had to sell the abaya on EBay.

Marabo Online, Average skirt cost $50:

I read an article about the maker of this clothing line in the Washington Post. I was impressed by this sister’s ambition so I went to check out her site. I eventually ordered her Wool herringbone skirt which I absolutely love. It fits nicely and I didn’t have to alter it. (As us short people often have to do). I can’t speak for the quality of all of her clothing but the skirt I ordered was of excellent quality and insha’allah I think I’ll have it for a long time. I’m waiting to see what she has in store for her spring collection. Also, the sister did a great job answering my questions about the sizes and lengths of her skirts. Masha’allah she was very honest with me and didn’t try to trick me into ordering her clothing. (She even warned me not to buy it if I was over a certain height).

Shukronline, Average Pants price $50, Average shirt price $50, Average dress price $70 (happens to be my favorite Islamic clothing site):

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, they’re very expensive. I agree. However, their clothing quality is EXCELLENT. I have a couple shirts that I bought in 2001 and they still look brand new. Several months ago I spent a whopping $80 on a dress (as painful as it was). Not only does the dress fit well but it looks nice and is very comfortable. Again, excellent quality! Shukronline has THEE best clothing return policy. You don’t have to give them a bunch of reasons why you don’t like an item. (I’ve returned a pair of pants because I didn’t like the color). And they reimburse you for the shipping! In fact, once you’ve sent your delivery confirmation number to them they usually will send you a store credit within one day. TRUE STORY: Last year I bought two pairs of pants and a shirt from them. UPS left the package by the front door of my apartment complex. (Where at least 150 people live)! When I contacted Shukronline about it they were very nice and immediately gave me a store credit. I was very pleased.

The Canadian Muslim, Average abaya $70

This site is very expensive. Seventy dollars for an abaya plus shipping! Crazy. I’ve only ordered from them twice and both times they were abayas I really, really wanted. (One was a sporty abaya made with the mesh material usually found on basketball shorts) Insha’allah, unless they come down on the price I won’t be ordering from them any time soon. For the record, they do have some pretty decent sales. I wanted their denim suede abaya but I can’t bring myself to pay over $100 for it. I love it but no thanks.


5 responses to “Reviewing Islamic Clothing Sites Part 1

  1. asa. my husband and i both love shukr. the quality is great. and you are right about the return policy. i forgot to return an item within the return period (just had a baby and had lots more important things on my mind) and they still let me return it months later.

  2. Assalam Aleikoum sister.
    thanks for the links, i’ll check them inshallah because i ordered once a beautiful jilbab on Hijabshop and with the right measurements and still it was too tight. I was disappointed but they got nice hijabs

  3. Salaam sis! Would you like to exchange links? I added you (Islamic Clothier Reviews) to my Islamic Clothing directory. Let me know inshallah.

  4. i definitely agree about the Shukr company. great quality, and even though the prices are high i still like to order from there as i know they treat their workers properly. 🙂 also the clothing is very stylish!! i’m eyeing a few dresses/abayas at the moment… wondering if i can justify spending all the money!!! :p

    i’ve also had great experiences with them for returns/exchanges. for example i ordered two items, and one never came arrived even though they had a record of it being shipped, and they gave me the choice to choose a replacement skirt (no matter if it was more expensive than the one i had ordered!!!!!!!) and free shipping.

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