Reviewing Islamic clothing sites part 2

Artizara, Average shirt price $60, Average skirt price $50

Again, I know what you’re thinking. Expensive! Something I failed to mention in my previous post is that I don’t shop at any one site for all of my clothing. I buy “pieces”, as my friend Indiigo likes to call them. I can’t offer an honest critique of Artizara since I just bought something from them last week. The shirt (pictured above) was something I really wanted. I spent days trying to decide whether I wanted to spend the $54.99 plus $5.00 shipping costs. My co-worker finally encouraged me to buy it based on the condition that I would not buy anything else for another month. (I’m not sure if I’ll be able to abide by those conditions). Anyhow, I love the entire outfit the model has on and can see myself stepping in it all now. Since I’m not buying anything for another month *giggles* I guess I’ll have to wait on the gold or bronze shoes.

Al Hannah, Average abaya price $43, Average hijab price $10:

I haven’t ordered clothing from this site in a very long time. It wasn’t like I had any problem with them. Their prices are very reasonable and their customer service was decent. I just find some of their clothing to be rather plain and kind of geared toward older Muslimahs (or those who want to dress in a simple manner.) Not the fashion divas like myself, lol. I do have it in my mind to buy another beaded and tasseled hijab which I haven’t seen anywhere else. This site has some great accesories like hijab pins, henna, underscarves and even this great product for performing istinja, called the brig wudu. No more plant waterers or cups in the bathroom! Anyhow, this site also has great beauty products like Bakhour, oils, and even Middle Eastern sugar wax (a product I’ve yet to try but heard is excellent for hair removal).

Al Ikhlas, Average abaya price $50, Average hijba price $12:

I bought my Eid-ul-Adha outfit from this website last year. It was very comfortable, of great quality and the price wasn’t too bad either. (I bought it in orange). I haven’t ordered anything else from them though I frequently visit the site to see what new clothing items she has. A board member for the oganization I work with asked me if I wanted to attend the Ebony Fair event next month, insha’allah. I told her yes but now I’m looking for something to wear. (I KNOW you can’t go to a Black fashion show looking shabby- esp. when it’s being sponsored by the AKAs.) I’ve been thinking about ordering this shalwar kameez for the event…I’m not sure yet. But as far as Al Ikhlas concerned, so far so good.

Crescent Moon Boutique, Average pants set $45, average dress $40, Average shirt price a mere $21(!)

I read about this sister in Azizah Magazine a couple years back. Her prices are reasonable and as I recall, she’s an African-American Muslimah who started this site because she felt frustrated when she couldn’t find modest but stylish clothing to wear to work. I remember vigourously nodding my head as I was reading the article. SO far I’ve only purchased one shirt and a couple hijabs from the site (for all of my head nodding). They were of good quality and didn’t fade or come apart after several washings. Insha’allah I plan to support this sister. I’m in need of a white button down shirt (a staple for working Muslimahs) and she has one for $21! Insha’allah I will order one next week…I mean next month *wink*

Islamic Boutique, Avergae abaya price $50

I have to say that I really liked the two abayas I purchased from this site. (One of them was a thick, cotton, sporty hooded abaya that looks like a track suit.) I have yet to order anything else from them even though my mouth has been watering over this abaya for two years! What’s the problem you ask? The shipping! It’s around $20! I’m not the greatest at math but add $20 to a $64 abaya and it equals TOO MUCH MONEY. (And the shipping costs go up the more you order). To make matters worse, the clothing ships from Egypt and the sellers claim the item to be much cheaper than you bought it for when it passes through customs. (Maybe I’m wrong but I think they’re saying it’s cheaper so they can avoid paying a heavy customs tax on it). Meanwhile, you’re paying $20 in shipping costs for an item that they’re telling customs is $25 or so.
There’s another site which I think is affliated with Islamic Boutique called 2 Hijab whom I’ve ordered from that does the same thing. Again, I was practically salivating over this abaya but I can’t do the $20 shipping cost with the same shady customs declaration as the aformentioned site. It’s too bad because they have some nice abaays and hijabs.

Modesty for less or Rebirth of Chic, Average skirt price $60

Given the website’s name one would think their clothing is relatively inexpensive. However, they have some very expensive clothing on their site. (And I’m not sure if the clothing quality is worth the price either). The one skirt I did order from them is on sale for $60! Before they changed their website and the prices of their clothing went up, I paid around $30 for it. When the skirt arrived, I rushed to try it on and my STB ex-husband told me I looked like a belly dancer, lol. He thought the skirt was too shiny and suggested I take some of the sequins off of it. My inital reaction was to argue with him but as I looked in the mirror I had to admit he was right. It really was too much bling. So, over the course of three days I spent an hour or so taking off some of the sequins with a seam ripper. It’s still blinging but not enough to blind you. Here is the skirt I’m talking about. I actually like it.

The Hijab Shop, Average abaya price £31.95, Average hijab price range from £4.95 to £8.95 (I’m being lazy so you do the conversion):

Friends of mine in the UK were raving about a British clothing company called Silk Route and their abayas. I finally found a site that had carried their clothing and it turned out to be The Hijab Shop. So I ordered two abayas; one that looks like you have a t-shirt on over a dress (though it’s all connected) and another one that is made of a wind breaker type material with a hood (the perfect sporty outfit). Unfortunately, the sporty one didn’t fit me (even though I ordered the largest one and checked the measurements several times). I contacted The Hijab Shop via email asking them how I could return the item. No one ever responded. After countless unreturned emails I decided to ship the item back to their mailing address with the recepit and a copy of the emails I sent. For weeks I emailed them asking them if they ever received the abaya and when I was going to get my money returned to me. No one EVER responded. Naturally, I was upset. To this day I don’t know if they received the outfit and no one ever acknowledged my emails. So if you’re not in the U.K. then I don’t think it’s a good idea to order from this company unless you’re sure the clothing will fit. Hmph.


10 responses to “Reviewing Islamic clothing sites part 2

  1. Salam Samah, love your blog, or should i say blogs!!! Yep, girl, i read all of them, since you were on diaryland. Anyways, looking forward for your next fashion tips.
    Ps: i am loving Iztiraz and Crescent Moon (she is a sistah, so gotta suppport her!!!)
    Ma Salama and take care.

  2. salam,
    came across this site and decided to leave a comment.

    keep on posting sister. i love the fashion tips. will try it sooner.

  3. I’m ordering from Artizara for eid I think. I was the shiny skirt with the black shirt.

    Now, just gotta convince the husband…

  4. Salam Alekum Sister!

    I looked over your page..great wealth of information nad I really like how it is compiled on one page! I own Al Layalt Couture (haute couture abayas)and wedding attire for the muslimah (Zawaj 2007)please visit me at I would like to also provide some valuable info and experiences with some of the companies you have listed. 🙂 And let some of the sisters know what sites to watch out for!
    I hope inshahallah I can be of some help and I would appreciate any input from you aswell.


    Sara, CEO
    AL Laylat Couture

  5. Salaams, I got that skirt from rebirth of chic, and I don’t think it is bling-y at all. I’ve been watching their site and buying from them all these years, and their inventory has stepped up a million times since Modesty for Less- and that’s probably why it costs more.

    I’ve found the pieces they carry in local boutiques and malls for the same price if not more. Like that Cue and Emm sweater is more expensive in the department store. I am always on a budget, but I’ve learned to put my money in something that’s good quality and will last longer instead of buying something cheap that will fall apart the next week. And if I put my money down, I’m putting it with Muslims. And compared to other islamic stores- atleast I can see clearly in the picture what I’ll be getting, and it’s always loose! Kudos to rebirth.

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