Review of Islamic clothing sites part 3

(from the Abaya Store)

The Abaya Store, Average abaya price $40, Average hijab price $10

This site ships from Malaysia. I didn’t know this and it doesn’t say it anywhere on the website. However, fear not! I ordered from them and received my abaya within two weeks. I love the fact that they have unique, colorful abayas we normally don’t see. I assure you, you won’t be able to find abayas like this anywhere else. There are two downsides though: (1)Their abayas tend to run rather small. The cut is smaller than the abayas that come from the Middle East. Though I normally wear a 2 or 3 in abayas size, I ordered an extra large and I’m very happy that I did. (2) They don’t seem to have an abundance of abayas. Right now they only have three colorful ones up. Insha’allah they’ll put up more soon.

eShakti, Average shalwar kameeze $50

This site is not a “Islamic” website but they have many modest pieces of clothing. I have their flared sleeve top and pants set. A good thing about this website is you have the choice between their ready-made clothing and custom made outfits (at no extra charge). Naturally, if you want a custom made outfit you have to have ALL of your measurements. (They walk you through how to measure each part of your body). I’m not one to wear shalwar kameezes too often- I find they’re not really made for someone shaped like me (you know, a Black woman’s shape). But this site gives me hope yet. In addition to the shalwars, they have shirts, skirts, jewelry and some very cute rompers. Insha’allah, one day I’m going to figure out how to “Islamize” this romper. It’s so cute! BTW, it takes 15 days for your order to ship.

GNL USA, Average skirt $15, Average pants $15, Average vest $25

This clothing provider is in desparate need of an update. I own a pin-stripped shirt/pants combo I purchased several years ago (which is classical and doesn’t go out of style) but most of their clothing is rather outdated. With the exception of this wrap floral vest, I personally don’t see much else worth ordering. Some time last year they sent out a survey to former customers asking what their clothing interests were and annoucing that they do plan to add new styles to their clothing line. Let’s hope so.

Islamic Fashion Center, Average abaya price $40, Casual wear $19

This website has very reasonably priced abayas. I met the site’s owner, a Puerto Rican sister, when I lived in Florida. She actually hand-delivered one of the abayas I was going to wear for my walimah. (Naturally I appreciated the gesture). They don’t have the most cutting-edge, fresh-off-the-runways-from-Dubai type of abayas but there are certainly some worth checking out. It appears as if they’re running out of their items and I’m not sure if they’re planning to restock or move on to something else. Insha’allah we’ll see.

Primo Moda, Average shirt $50, Average sport suit $85, average suit $95

I’ve browsed this website back and forth for almost a year before I finally ordered anything. I had been to their booth at the ISNA conference and I didn’t think the clothing quality was worth the price they were asking. (Apparently I wasn’t the only one because I didn’t see a lot of traffic near their booth). Several weeks ago I finally purchased a pink version of this: linen outfit (mine was a skirt shirt combination). I like it because it’s simple and elegant. This site has two sections I often don’t see on Islamic clothing sites, one for formal attire and another for sports wear. Though I’ve never purchased anything from their formal section, I do own a pink version of this outfit which I purchased the from Canadian Muslim. It’s very comfortable…so “Islamically fly”.

SYJC and Just Long Shirts, Shirt prices ranges from $21.00-$58.

As the website title mentions, all you find here are long shirts. The only shirt I’ve ordered so far from this site is their Black accent tee. True to their word, the shirt is long. (Since I’m only 5 foot 2, the shirt actually comes to just under my knees). If you want to wear jeans with a slimmer leg (and you’re short like me) then their shirts are perfect. I imagine the shirt would fall a little above the knee for taller sisters. They ship from Canada.


8 responses to “Review of Islamic clothing sites part 3

  1. Asalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,

    Masha Allah sis! I really like the direction of your blog(I have subscribed :)! As a hijabi that is quite passionate about my deen AND fashion this is a perfect combination!!! We do not have to look dowdy or unattractive to be modest!

    Okay I have ordered from a ton of the places you mentioned:

    AlMuhajabat is one of my favorite sites because of their selection of Abaya (sometimes) and how fast you get your items and the professionalism. I just ordered a few hijab and a hijab pin from them this weekend.

    I have gotten some of my favorite “American” separates from Shukr.

    I have just ordered for the first time a couple days ago from Marabo (the brown kimono top and bangles).

    I’ve bought from Al-Ikhlas (their US branch is based in Portland, OR where I’m from) and I really like their abaya but didn’t care for the shalwar khameez.

    Another Pacific Northwest based company (in Washington State) is AlSundus. I have never ordered online because when I lived in Seattle I would simply shop in store. She has a wide variety of clothing but I would say the specialty is the Shalwar Khameez selection and jilbabs. Oh and she has a dizzying array of beautiful hijabs.

    Okay sorry to write a book and be your remote correspondant LOL but you’re talking my language now.

    ma’a salaamah,


  2. Assalaamu aleikum sister

    Love your blog, ma sha Allah.

    But here’s a “dumb white chick” question – what exactly is “the Black woman’s shape”? I am imagining it is something other than the skinny androgynous look we see in the mainsteam fashion world?

    If it has to do with being bigger and/or having curves, PLEASE post tips on how to dress modestly and stylishly, concealing the curves whilst not looking pregnant. I am serious! I am a lumpy old (no spring chicken) mom-of-three, overweight white Muslimah and I need some fashion tips.

    Muslimahs of all backgrounds will be checking out this blog, methinks.

  3. Walaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu hijabiapp,

    Thank you for your comments. I didn’t end up ordering the Shalwar from Al-Ikhlas. What’s the problem with their shalwars?

    I’ve never ordered from Al-Sundus. Nothing there appeals to me. They’ve had the same things on their website for like 4 years. Does their store have more of a variety?


    By “Black woman shape” I mean having a booty. (Not a wide one though, the protrouding one).

    I have seen some sites with clothing for Muslimahs with curves. Insha’allah I’ll look around and post some things. I’m not exactly a small women either. I’m what many African-Americans would call “thick”. What size are you thinking of? 14? 16? Or bigger?

  4. Salaams,

    Well Al-Ikhlas’ shalwars were not good quality, the fabric was thin (they had like painted on detailing and glitter, not a good look) and they run small for those of us who are *ahem* thick and curvy. I have been spoiled, having taken my shahada in a desi community, to have shalwar khamees directly from indian/pakistan/bangladesh so I know the good stuff LOL. Now I just order a fabulously gorgeous prayer 2 piece garment from al-ikhlas which is the malaysia style with embroidery so I think they just do better with the abayas and prayer garments.

    on al-sundus, you are right the website does need updating to reflect what the sister really has to offer. she gets shipments frequently and has a solid local customer base so perhaps by the time she gets a chance to update the online store the new stuff is gone? I’m not sure but anytime I’m looking for something in particular I will email her and ask if she has so and so. Alhamdulillah I get to shop with her in person next week :)!

    ma’a salaamah,


  5. Assalamu Alaikum

    I really like your website and your fashion perspective. And if you allow me, I want to be one of your friend that you gave links to them. Please list me as I have large variety of hijaab and scarves. Thank you.

  6. aww,this is wonderful,this is my first time of seeing your site and iam totaly impressed jazakumla khyran.pls send me mails on islamic fashion updetes.masalam

  7. Assalamu Alaikum Sister,

    Great blog. Nice information to inform others of what is out there. This is a good site that I have shopped from that you might want to try. It is They have really good prices and if you call them with a question they are very friendly and helpful. The shipping is pretty good and your items are shipped fast.

    Keep up the great work on this blog it is a great resource Masha Allah your Sister in Islam

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