Right now Shukronline is having a sale. Some of their dresses which are usually $70 are now $49. A vast improvement! They also have skirts, shirts, and pants on sale too.

BTW, does anyone know where I can get an Islamic business suit? (Preferably in black or navy blue?) As I attend more events for work I realize I really need one in my wardrobe. I gotta look all professional but Islamically fly. Ya know?



  1. Regarding Shukr as I live in New Zealand I have to order from the UK site and not only do they not have a sale but the shipping is US $60!!
    No matter how beautiful the clothes are, there is no way I am paying that. I wish I had relatives in the states who could send things on to me that I orderd on US sites.

  2. salam sis i love ur new blog…
    i actully went to this islamic fashion show (women only)this past saturday:)it was very nice it was done by the organization- islamic relif and the whole thing was to raise money for palistain…
    any way they passed some nice websites i thought u and ur audince mighy love:
    check it out

    im not sure where u live but there is this store called al-anwar and they do have some nice sutes but im not sure about the price!

  3. Asalaamu alaikum sister, I love your blog. GREAT service. Don’t know where you live but if your ever in the DC area check out the Islamic Garb Gallery in college park they have NICE suits. I bought one from there.
    Happy hunting

  4. Check out my blog

    I am trying to show a variety of what Islamic sites have available. has my favourite buissiness suits so far for the price (peach crepe, navy, and black) and to look really proffessional, pair it with a Calvin Klein scarf from (I also like ‘s chocolate jilbab but not the price—ahhhh.) I might go for it anyway.

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