A new website and new clothes


Every once in a while I browse the internet for new Islamic clothing sites. As I was searching yesterday, I was came across a website that has tons of long skirts with beautiful prints. (It’s not an Islamic clothing site but an Indian one). I love the skirt posted above. Can you picture it with a white shirt, blue hijab, a jean jacket and gold sandals? (That’s what I have in mind for it). Most of the skirts cost around $26! I’m not sure of that amount is in Canadian or U.S. dollars since the site is based in Canada. I haven’t ordered anything yet but there are several I have in mind, insha’allah.

Another thing I do is to browse the Islamic clothing sites. I went on Shukronline’s website and fell in love with this shirt (if it’s possible to fall in love with clothing, lol):

Right now it’s going for $48.95 plus shipping and handling. I REALLY want this shirt! I can’t decide if I want it in “sunglow” (the color posted above) or in “Iznik” a kind of royal blue-looking color. I have been trying not to buy anything for a while because insha’allah, I am planning on getting a car sometime this month or next. However, I think I’ve basically talked myself into this one. *smiles*

I also like this skirt from Shukronline which is selling for $54.95. However, I don’t think I will be purchasing it. I do realize I can’t have everything I want nor can I afford it. But I can dream can’t I?


7 responses to “A new website and new clothes

  1. I think you need to pretty much double the price to get it from Canadian to U.S. dollars, fyi.

    I like those clothes and I like cotton but the whole ironing thing is a problem for me….

  2. Salaams,

    otowi. I looked up the currency rate and it would be like $23 US dollars.

    LOL@ the ironing. I enjoy it. Practically every piece of clothing I have needs an iron- including the hijabs.

  3. As salaamu alaikum,

    I was JUST over at Shukr and that skirt caught my eye as well. They had a little shirt that went to it that I liked a lot.

    The skirts are really cute, and so many! Thanks for sharing.

    Wa salaam.

  4. Oh, the sorrow! I ordered the Shukr shirt. However, when I tried it on my STB ex-husband said I looked like a Buddist. The fit was not right for me. Apart from that, I looked preganant. So sad…fortunately, Shukr has such an excellent return policy.

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