So cute!

I found this pic on someone’s flickr photos. (If this is yours and you don’t want it here please let me know.)


10 responses to “So cute!

  1. Love your blog! I’m an Orthodox Christian and not a Muslima, but I have certain standards about how I dress and I just can’t stand the Little-Mouse-on-the-Prairie look! So I appreciate your scouting and reporting on cool Muslimah-friendly clothes that might translate nicely for my wardrobe. Keep up the good work!

  2. assalmo alaykom sister. I ran into ur blog and i really really liked it. Im a muslimah, living in norway.. and its so hard to find clothes here. U know.. we wanna look nice too :D. So thanx for this site.. its awsome.. I got an adress ya’ll should check out too.. Have fun!


  3. awwwwwwwww MashAllah so cute. cant wait to have some. love ure blog found it by chance over at afrobella keep it up.


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