Oh the jilbabs…

As salaam alaikum family,

It’s been a long time but insha’allah I promise to do better as far as posting…anyone miss me?

If you’ve read my Islamic clothing site review you know that I am not a great fan of the exorbitant amount of money 2 Hijab charges for shipping and handling. (Just looking at the shipping cost makes me angry)! However, every once in a while they tempt me with a nice-looking jilbab. So far I’ve only ordered one item from them (when temptation got the better of me.) Now it seems like temptation is back in full effect. Though I don’t wear abayas or jilbabs all the time (and it seems less and less these days) when I do purchase an abaya or jilbab it has to be something that’s unique;something with character.

I really like this denim jilbab:


I also like this one:

Can you see me now

And this one that I’ve been salivating over for more than a year now:

In the words of Victoria Beckham, this jilbab is “major”. (Don’t ask, lol). I’m still thinking about ordering two of the three and just eating the shipping cost for now. I’m undecided though…