Oh the jilbabs…

As salaam alaikum family,

It’s been a long time but insha’allah I promise to do better as far as posting…anyone miss me?

If you’ve read my Islamic clothing site review you know that I am not a great fan of the exorbitant amount of money 2 Hijab charges for shipping and handling. (Just looking at the shipping cost makes me angry)! However, every once in a while they tempt me with a nice-looking jilbab. So far I’ve only ordered one item from them (when temptation got the better of me.) Now it seems like temptation is back in full effect. Though I don’t wear abayas or jilbabs all the time (and it seems less and less these days) when I do purchase an abaya or jilbab it has to be something that’s unique;something with character.

I really like this denim jilbab:


I also like this one:

Can you see me now

And this one that I’ve been salivating over for more than a year now:

In the words of Victoria Beckham, this jilbab is “major”. (Don’t ask, lol). I’m still thinking about ordering two of the three and just eating the shipping cost for now. I’m undecided though…


9 responses to “Oh the jilbabs…

  1. I bought the 2nd jilbab style but in blue with red stripes. And i must say i am veryyyyyyyyyyyyy happy. it is beautiful. I also bought the light shyla with it

  2. salams! i bought a plain black jilbab from 2hijab. it is so cool cuz i can wear it with any color scarf! so, it’s like if u have 20 scarfs, u have 20 new outfits just by buying 1 jilbab!
    check out my blog:
    let me know wat u think!

  3. i am from malaysia, interested to buy from 2hijab, but not very confident since have to buy it online.isn’t is safe?

  4. Hi, I found a very nice range online at this website http://www.hiwifashion.com/ seems they have taken the time to actually come up with some designs for busy Muslim mums on the go, with pockets etc.. so it works for me. Some need a loose abaya over them, as they are designed to be an inner garment. Oh and you can leave comments on the clothing etc.. so they can improve or change the designs (they design the clothes them selves, husband and wife team.. so cute)

    – rayhana

  5. Salam sister, I tot u would luv to noe that I enjoy reading your stuff. I am absolutely passionate about hijab fashion and knowing that there is a site like yours, is absolutely wonderful!I tot u might wanna checkout this site:dress-impress.blogspot.com
    which I feel has styles which are quite refreshing for a muslim woman

  6. Salaam! I read a few comments you’ve made about fashion and it seems that no one recognizes the fact that the Sisters in the Nation of Islam have definitely captured the “fashionably modest” look!! The Honorable Elijah Muhammad styled and dressed us well!!Praise be to Allah!! Check out http://www.exclusivedesignsinc.net and see how one, out of hundreds of our seamstresses, Sister Jennifer Muhammad has worked to make sure that the world sees all righteous women in a proper light! Read her bio and order your garment today! Peace

  7. OK, Christian who came upon this blog while drooling over Islamic clothing here! I’d like to warn you ladies that if you’re not careful, with the right hijab and the abaya you’re going to end up looking more gorgeous than the rest of us in our big butts stuck in horrendous jeans and awful t-shirts lol! Very lovely clothing. Modest, but really lovely.

  8. salam I tried finding the first denim jilbab on the site but could not find it. Is it still available to buy…if so could I have the link to the eaxct jilbab pls

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