What’s Your Clothing Style?

From http://www.maraboonline.com/

Every woman has a clothing style. Since I like experimenting with different styles and different looks I never really thought I had a style. I told myself I merely wore whatever I felt in the mood to wear. But then one day I realized that I do in fact have a style. No matter what kind of clothing style I may experiment with, I always default to what I like to call a Muslim Audrey Hepburn look. It’s an interesting mix between Islamic clothing with a classical, elegant spin on it. (Maybe that’s the reason why people always think I have money- ha!)The jacket/shirt pictured above from Marabo is SO me. In fact, I can already see myself in that shirt with my long black skirt, my black Etienne Aigner shoes, a sleek black hijab (tucked in) and a nice (costume) tennis bracelet dangling from my wrist. Don’t let it be sunny out- I’ll have on my diva sunglasses too! Yes, ladies that’s me all day.

And let’s not forget my diva work tote!

That’s what I’ve come to discover. I have to take the diva/Hepburn in me and “Islamize” it. What is your clothing style?