What’s on your wish list? (Click picture for larger views)

I want this casual but cool outfit from Shukronline.

A sporty jilbab from Overgarments.com

A stylish jean outfit from Artizara.com

This cute number from eShakti


6 responses to “What’s on your wish list? (Click picture for larger views)

  1. hello,

    I am journalist with the sunday herald, writing a story about a so-called ‘Bluetooth Burqa’ which can transmit a picture of the wearer (which could be a photo, a cartoon or anything really) to nearby people. (www.spiegel.de/international/zeitgeist/0,1518,537517,00.html)

    i was wanting a perspective from an Islamic fashion expert and found you!

    would you be able to answer the following questions?

    Is this something that is useful?

    Would you advise your fashion conscious/ gadget interested sisters to wear it?

    Is the whole concept a bit insulting or is it forward thinking?

    Any other thoughts?

    What is the scene like for Islamic fashion, which seems very interesting to me? Modesty is a rare virtue in the rest of the fashion world!

    Could i have a name and title to put the quotes to please. Getting quoted in an article, which will be online from Sunday, is a great way of publicising your site.

    Thanks, my deadline is tomorrow so i would appreciate an answer asap!

    Please feel free to send me any other thoughts.

    Regards and thanks

    Jasper Hamill


  2. Salaam,

    I am into Shalwar Khameez this year, I can’t stop looking at this one site http://www.utsav [dot] com since they have some really nice things.

    But the items you pulled out are nice too.

    Waleikum Salaam,


  3. Sallam,

    I just adore Shukronline.. they have very great stylish and adorable outfits.

    Jasper- that bluetooth burqa thing sounds phony, creepy and has an unnecessary name. Why would anyone wearing a burka need to transmit their picture? They’re concealing their appearance.


  4. Salam ladies,

    Yes the “Bluetooth Burka” is true. Is it such a shame, but Alhamidallah a Muslim person is not the inventer of this idea. Loving the blog!

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