Going to Jumah

When I go to Jumah I try to keep it simple. No bliggin’. The diva is toned down. No, it doesn’t always mean wearing a black abaya but this is one example of my “Jumah wear.”


Here is another example:



7 responses to “Going to Jumah

  1. I used to mostly wear abayas to the mosque alon with my mother in law, we are both converts so wearing an abaya is an easy way of avoiding the “this is how a muslim woman should dress speech” from the well meaning aunties. However when meeting sisters we were often spoken about in this way – “oh yeah, your the sisters that always wear black” when actually my mother-in-law and I only ever wore our black abayas to Jumah or when visiting Saudi sisters. I know just wear normal clothes to the masjid and not only do I feel more comfortable, I haven’t had any rude comments.

  2. Cekeritas,

    ASA, It’s unfortunate that you’d let other people’s opinions affect what you wear to Jumah. I tend to wear an abaya because I find it more comfortable when sitting on the floor. (And I don’t just wear black, btw). If I have a dress or another outfit that I want to wear, I’ll wear it. I don’t care what anyone has to say. I’m covered properly and my clothes are clean.

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