The Diva Returns


5 responses to “The Diva Returns

  1. SISTERS – The new magazine for Muslim women
    Assalamu’alaikum wrt

    Dear sister, i enjoy the features in ur blog, gvg me inspiration for dressing up. I wud like to share w u about this inspirational magazine, i consider it as food for the soul, It s a cool magazine for fabulous ladies.

    The magazine is holistic; it looks at, addresses and feeds all the facets of a Muslim woman – from self, to faith, family to home, community and world, to looks and tastes.

    Reading SISTERS is having an intimate chat with a circle of close friends. I felt their joys and sorrows, understand their triumphs and falls.

    They are sharing with me their life’s experiences, thoughts and struggles, and giving me an insight into how we Muslim women are to cope with hard knocks, think with wisdom, feel with passion, live with strength, and grow with patience. Whether it is ’10 things to hand down to your daughter’ or ‘You and your business’, ‘Superfoods from the sunnah’ or ‘The kitchen beautician’, there is something for every sister.

    For more details, log on to


    Keep it up with ur fabulous ideas!
    Salam, 🙂

    Fan of Sisters,

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