Hijabi B-girl


4 responses to “Hijabi B-girl

  1. jazakAllah khair for the fashion tips and may Ii say that i like your style. as a working hijab wearing woman, i had stopped wearing trousers b/c i couldn’t find that many that were wide legs and fit me. also i didn’t really like wearing a dress/tunic on top of trousers but now i’m opting for this look. on top of my dress shirt/long skirts outfits. my issue is that as a woman of color with curves [not that many] i’m alswyas self conscious and worry that i’m not hiding it all. how do u deal with this issue other than buying larger clothes which either don’t fit [especially bottoms] or just look out of place. thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

  2. Y.S., I’m a Black woman so I definitely have the curves you’re speaking about. 😉 What I try to do is buy the right tops (or dress which I turn into tops) that provide the best coverage but don’t make me look like I’m wearing a tent. To be honest with you, if you have curves there is only so much you can hide (even in a skirt). I’ve worn abayas and I see my behind poking out, lol. I don’t think Allah faults us for that. They key is to have the best of intentions and dress modestly.

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