Muslim Boho


Thinking about Eid

What should I wear to the Eid celebration? This is a question some of you are asking yourselves already. I have a couple of ideas. If you’re going to order something from an on-line shop now would be the time to do so. (Especially if you’re short like me and need to have things altered). Here are a couple of my ideas:

A simple but elegant West African-style skirt/shirt combo. This outfit is available for $27 at African Apparels

Another set available from African Apparelsfor only $35. I’m thinking about ordering on of these insha’allah.

I like this style of abaya. I realized I don’t own one and would like to. It’s available at AlKaram Abayas for $80. Fortunately, one my local Islamic clothing stores carries these so I’ll probably buy one from there, insha’allah, instead of ordering it.

Here another comfortable style from Al Karam. Though the color doesn’t work for me personally I can some other sisters looking FABULOUS in it. The set goes for $75.

I have been salivating over this dress for months now. I know not every sister is “bold enough” to pull off the Turquoise but I am, lol. It’s from Artizara and costs $90.

Another Artizara design I like is this lace dress. The sleeves are what sold me completely…It’s costs $90.

Last but surely not least is this Rayon dress from Shukronline. If you want to go for something simpler but nice then I recommend this dress. I think you can make it fancier by adding a hijab that nice embroidery, beads or a fancier material. The dress costs $70.

What are you planning to wear for Eid?