Random Islamic Fashion Thoughts

-I finally broke down and purchased MAC eyeliner. It was worth the $15! Not only does it go on smoothly but it’s dark like kajal or surma. (I can’t wear the Pakistani or Middle Eastern version because it bothers my conacts). I’m excited!

-Speaking of contacts. I’m going to do it. Insha’allah, I’m going to purchase glasses that I can actually wear from time to time. So far I have not found any glasses that look nice with all of my hijabs. It seems like the glasses I’ve picked out look good with certain hijabs but not others. (Does anyone else have this problem?) I think I’m going to go with the clear, rimless kind of glasses. Insha’allah I’ll post a pic of me when I get them… 

-So many people I know are ga-ga over H&M. I decided to go in the store and see what all the fuss is about. I must say I was disappointed. I don’t know if the problem is the H&M store we have (in the Mall of America) but I didn’t really see anything impressive. There were a few pieces of clothing I would’ve purchased but I’d have to be a size 8 to get in them. (And I’m talking a size 8 with modesty). That seemed to be the case with most of the items throughout the store. I can wear sizes 10-14 given the cut of clothing so needless to say, I left empty-handed. I even tried to look for something for my husband and the men’s stuff was cut pretty small. I don’t like to see men in tight or fitted jeans. The same goes for the fitted shirts. The men’s selection was too “metro” for my liking…

-Speaking of stores. I was in JC Penny yesterday and I must tell you, they have some great stuff for hijabis at a reasonable price. In the past, when I thought about JC Penny I thought about a store where I’d shop for “work clothes.” Not anymore! They have some pretty trendy stuff. So if H&M was a failure for you like it was for me, I recommend you stop in JC Penny. I was able to find wide-legged jeans (trouser jeans) for $21. They also have tons of dresses that can turned into shirts.

-I can’t believe I’m saying this but online Islamic clothing shopping is starting to lose its luster for me. *GASP* Anyone who knows me is probably shocked. I have been an advocate of online shopping for years. Maybe it’s me but it seems like very few sites are keeping up with clothing trends. It also seems like they’re all the same. If you visit one site you’ve visited them all (with a few exceptions of course.) Not to mention how expensive the clothing is once you add the shipping & handling. We’re living in tough economic times and I understand the clothing site owners have a living to make but I just can’t bring myself to pay $50-$60 for one shirt anymore. (Especially now that long-sleeved dresses are back in style. I can go to the mall and find a dress/shirt for around $30-$40. And I can find pants to match for around $20.) Also, I haven’t found very many abayas that are worth the amount of money being charged for them. It seems like those are either too expensive or lackluster.

What are your thoughts?


8 responses to “Random Islamic Fashion Thoughts

  1. Assalaamualaikum-

    Yes H&M is European and thus for itty bitty people.

    You know who is really putting all other modest clothing retailers to shame, in my opinion???

    TARGET-that’s right tar-gey! I am modest & plus sized and I had to put Lane Bryant down for Target’s reasonably priced (and stylish) turtle necks (great for creative hijab styles), jeans, pants and dresses. I’m also feeling Torrid right now.

  2. Walaikum salaam,

    Samira, you are so right about Target. I was going to mention them and I don’t know what happened. I just bought a dress (which will become a shirt) from Target today.

    I like Torrid too! I went in there yesterday for the first time. They had some nice sweaters that are modest.

  3. Assalamu alaikum,

    I find JCPenney is pretty good, I buy their stuff online from http://www.jcp.com. I can usually find tops that are modest enough. I just order a size larger than my normal, I usually fit in size S (pre- hijabi), so now I buy size M. By the way, right now theres a sale going on, check the fall sale link, and the clearance section. The have some nice dresses that can be worn as blouses also.

  4. Maybe the H&M in the States have different stock to the ones here in the UK? I recently bought loads of clothes from there, and I’m not skinny but the clothes still fit me fine. They have plenty of tunics/dresses and are very reasonably priced, though I can’t say much for the quality.

    Re: online shopping. I know how you feel. I never was a huge fan, I don’t wear abayas generally so have no need to really buy any of them either. There are a few sites I love, but of the others seems to have the same clothes year in, year out.

  5. As-salaamu-alaikum,

    For me, I am improving my sewing skills to make my own clothes. I have been sewing everyday and plan to sew everyday for a few hours for the next few months, trying to learn a new skill with each piece.

    THEN, I plan to sew like a mad woman in time to sell some pieces for the spring/summer conference season.

    Today the plan is to insert a zipper and hem the overlay on my daughter’s ‘Eid dress. Tomorrow, a loooong denim skirt in a dark wash.

  6. As-Salaam Alaikum,

    As a Muslim women, I know how difficult it is to shop online and offline for clothes that fit the realm of modesty. When you shop at ‘brick and motor’ retail stores they are geared toward women who do not have our dressing beliefs. During the winter, shopping at these stores is much easier because wearing long sleeves and long skirts are in style. However, the spring and summer months can be very difficult. Especially if you live in a very warm climate (i.e. Florida or California). You may find a cute top that is inexpensive, but you may have to buy a long sleeve top to go under it or a cardigan to go over it. Likewise, you may find a long skirt, but it may be transparent or have a split that needs to be sewn. As a Muslim women you can spend so much time sifting through racks and racks of shorts, mini skirts, and tank tops.

    The solution is a store that designs clothes for US. To shop at a store where everything is modest year round. I agree with Samah in that we do have a little ways to go with our online Muslim retailers in price and design. However, if we do not support them then we will never get there. And we will be sifting through racks and racks for years to come.

    As the owner and designer of TaqwaIman.com, I know how hard it is to be an online modest clothing store. We do not have the budgets of Target or Macy’s or their runway designers, but we do have the faith and common understanding of our customers. We know what you are looking for and we work exclusively to try to meet your needs as a modest women. We have made a commitment to keep our prices low and our customer service high. Nothing at our site is over $50.00 and we have a standard $5.00 ground shipping on all national orders and only $10.00 shipping on all international orders. We realize that we have a little ways to go. Such as including a larger selection. Like more tunics and tops 🙂 Yet, this is our first year and inshAllah with the support of modest shoppers such as Samah and all of her readers we can get there. And that is what will help Islamic clothing online stores succeed. That is what will help modest online stores be what we all want them to be. But without your support and Allah’s help we will fail. All islamic clothing stores will continue to be as they are. We are dedicated to YOU as a shopper but we need Your dedication to be able to grow and meet your needs.

    For all of your readers, enter ‘FORU’ as a coupon code at our site and get 10% off of any order. Remember, we are trying. And inshAllah, with your support we will get there. The first Target store was opened in 1962 on May 1st. Only one store in one city. But with support and time, Target grew. InshAllah, with your support, we can too. We can too 🙂

  7. ASA,
    I so feel you on the BLAH of online shopping. I was a big fan of THAT site..but they have failed me, especially when it come to being modest for big girls.
    Anywhoo…I’ve found a couple of seemstreses here in the D/M/V that are great. I always hit up the vending at conferences for what’s REALLY hot. Sister Jennah out of Jamacia Queens has it down. She just oppened up her shop Al-Mujalbaba in NYC. Check her out on http://www.al-mujalbaba.com . She tries to make all her clothes affordable. Her scarves are off the chain too, i’m a TRUE hijabi girl!!

    And your right…long sleeve dresses R back in. I’ve bought a couple and have used them as shirts under pants or a skirt.

    Ma salaama
    Umm Amirah

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