I want this skirt…

Okay, so I lied. I found something online that I really want:

From: Al-Farah

The question is, what kind of shirt would you wear with it? Anybody?


7 responses to “I want this skirt…

  1. I love Al-farah!! I have a wonderfuuul shirt from there masAllah. Always seems their stuff looks better in real life than through the pics they’ve posted too. As for what to wear with it, Celeritas’ suggestion sounds right on the mark! Would be sooo cute.

  2. I would love to order for Al farah, in the past I have order on line and I have gotten scammed. Does any one know if Al farah is a scam or not? PLEASE HELP.

      • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! YOU ARE TRUELY A LIFE SAVER SWEETIE. I love you blog. You have done the unspeakable with this blog. Not only do I love the idea of the blog, but I love your setup as well. You have done a WONDERFUL, AMAZING JOB! Please keep up the good work. VERY PROUD OF YOU!:) 🙂 🙂

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