Divas Unite

Divas Unite by samah007

Of all the designers out there, the one I like the most is Louis Vuitton. (Too bad I can’t afford it).


Problematic Islamic Clothing Sites


Dear sisters, if you have issues with an Islamic clothing site located in North America please contact the Better Business Bureau. Don’t just let it go! Problematic sites like Essence of Black need to be reported so that you can spare the next person, insha’allah. I started going on there to look up sites I’ve never ordered from before and was appalled by some the poor ratings I saw. Wow.

The other thing I advise you to do is to follow up when you’re contacted by the BBB. I was disappointed to see how many people didn’t follow up on their complaints. I know we’re all busy but it’s important.

Could I pull off this style?


So, I’m thinking about putting together an outfit like this. The question is could someone who’s um…curvy…pull this off? I’m looking at the belt and I’m wondering if the belt will pull the jacket in the back. Or is it up high enough? Maybe I should try on a belt with a jacket similar to this one in the store. What do you think? Is this outfit better for someone who’s slim in shape like the model?