Could I pull off this style?


So, I’m thinking about putting together an outfit like this. The question is could someone who’s um…curvy…pull this off? I’m looking at the belt and I’m wondering if the belt will pull the jacket in the back. Or is it up high enough? Maybe I should try on a belt with a jacket similar to this one in the store. What do you think? Is this outfit better for someone who’s slim in shape like the model?


11 responses to “Could I pull off this style?

  1. I think if you had the jacket tailored some (add princess seams in the back to reduce the amount of fabric at your lower back, and maybe at the sides a little) to accommodate your, um, curves – a curvy woman could totally pull this off. Tailoring just enough for it to fitted without being form fitted.

  2. If a slim person wore the belt loosely, just as an accesory, it would be okay. But if you’re curvy like I am, it would accentuate things we don’t want to accentuate 🙂

  3. Assalaamu alaikum,
    In my opinion if u’re flatter at the top, it may suit u if the belt is fastened high, but then will make your hips look very big.

    If you’re fuller at the top and you fasten it high then your chest sticks out, and it doesn’t serve the purpose of hijaab.

    I would not wear this at all 🙂 bcoz of my body shape. U need a body like the models.


  4. I think you just have to play with it and see what happens-because it depends on where your curves are : ) and how you size the clothing. I can see someone with hips and a large asset looking a little too bottom heavy with this but I’d have to see it first. I personally don’t wear belts like this -but I do love the look!

  5. If your going for a belted jacket like this – find one without pockets “under” the belt. The model here looks a little “wide” on the bottom herself and I think the reason for this is the pockets hit right where the widest part of the hips are. The colar is good because she has a slender upper body and small bust. A little more width in the shoulders and shoulder pads would probably do this model a little more balance. If your well porpotioned – (hips and shoulders) this look would work well on you. Watch this look though if your a large busted person because your “girlfriends” will just “sit on the shelf” if you know what I mean.
    I like the look though – very classic!

  6. I would choose another collar type. This peterpan collar with a hijab tucked in can sometimes make yr head look too small for the body.

  7. ok so i haven’t posted in forever but semester is over and i’m finally able to get back to it. As for this coat: cute cute cute!!! i would defo wear it!!!

  8. ASA sister!
    Well, from one ‘curvy’ lady to another – I wouldn’t try it with the belt! I don’t know about you, but I have a (e’hem’ backside that won’t quit and a belt would just set it OFF! LOL

  9. I love this jacket. It’s cute. but honestly I’ll prefer this comes in skirt suit cos I particularly admire the cut of the neck and the sleeve.

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