Divas Unite

Divas Unite by samah007

Of all the designers out there, the one I like the most is Louis Vuitton. (Too bad I can’t afford it).


3 responses to “Divas Unite

  1. Salam Samah,

    Yes! Vuitton is so ellegant and has beautiful bags. I saw a website where a person can purchase, what appears to be good, knockoffs. I decided against it. The reason why is that I was watching Oprah maybe a year ago when she remembered coming to NYC for the first time in her life and running to China Town to buy a fake Luis Vuitton. She said that it did not make her feel any better…just opposite. It made her feel even wors. So…untill I can afford the bag you have shown I will sit tighth…no knockoffs on my shoulder. And besides, one can really tell a reall Vuitton from a knockoff. Much love and health in the New 2009.

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