“Sunny Day” For Diana

Sunny Day
Sunny Day - by Jamerican Muslimah on Polyvore.com

Before anyone says anything, Diana noted that she will have the skirt made into an ankle length one. (EShakti does that).


4 responses to ““Sunny Day” For Diana

  1. Ohhhh my heart made a skippity skip when I saw this picture. You are a sweet sweet sweet sister mashAllah for helping me, a fashion challenged buzy mom of a 3 month old Amina. I love you (can I say that) I LOVE YOUUU for this. Thank you so much and may Allah bless you a thousand fold. Amin. OHH, bless your heart you even put a pair of flats because you notticed my annoying comments about heels. :-))))

  2. this one is surely great! i’ve been looking from page one but i love this outfit the most. you’re great! Allah bless you :))

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