Just Long Shirts

As salaam alaikum all,

I haven’t ordered from Just Long Shirts in a while but I LOVE the shirt I did purchase from them. They now have new products available and I wish I could buy all of them. Check these out (you have to visit the site in order to see larger pictures):






Would you wear any of these? I’m partial to “Chic squared”, “Floral jersey” and “Vivid wrap.”


11 responses to “Just Long Shirts

  1. I was so excited when i saw this site a while back but i dont know why my computer doesnt seem to like it and it comes up with this error every time i try to open the site, sooo annoying :O ah well, i like the new blog look btw πŸ˜€

  2. WOW awesome stuff! I liked their tunic collection. Just the right amount of casual =) Thanks for the link.

    Of these, I like the silver sensation and the vivid floral. The chic squared would frame all of (my) widest parts 😦

  3. I buy shirts from JustLongShirts as well and also LOVE all of their shirts! Great style, great quality!!! Thanks for the new pictures.
    Btw, if you try their site in Modzilla Firefox, it works fine…

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