Islamic Fashion Gripe


I like this cap pictured above…I really do…but I can’t wear it. Why? Well, when you have hair that grows out rather down, it’s simply not possible. One day I gave myself a headache trying to squeeze my hair into one of these little bitty caps. I was really frustrated because I ordered one thinking it would work out for me. It didn’t. Now it sits in a bag.

So, the moral of the story is:






That’s all… 😦


10 responses to “Islamic Fashion Gripe

  1. I don’t wear these caps for the simple reason that they give me earache. My ears burn and hurt like a you know what when I put this on. I just stick with my lace underscarf and have them in a myriad of colors, just like my hijabs. It is particulary cute with sister who have hair such as yours to notice corn rows under their hijabs. So cute 🙂 hey but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.

  2. Hello sister
    my problem was that it was slipping back. What i have done is cut off the back part of it along the stitch if you understand, so it is just a “headband” then it’s easier to tie and you don’t have to tie it very tightly it still won’t slip backwards. That is what i did with all my caps and now they are all headbands 🙂 asnd very much usable.

  3. Salaam,

    You know what? I’ve been done with underscarves and caps. I am of African descent and I gotta big fro. Beyond that my hair takes a long time to dry and it needs to breath. I’m not rocking styled bangs outside of hijab Emirati style (I already mentioned I gotta fro right? ) but I am not sweating the possibility of someone seeing my hair line. Hijabi police don’t arrest me, okay.

  4. The caps that you wear, are they the ones that have strings to tie at the back? Like a bandana? I don’t try to shove all my hair in it, I wear it to stop the hair from the front from escaping, and to stop my hijab from slipping all over the place. I don’t know how I survived without them before to be honest.

  5. I LOVE HER HAIR! I’ve been growing my natural hair for two years and that pic is a reminder of how much more I’m going to love my hair in a about another year or so inshallah. It’s gorgeous! When my hair gets big like that though, I just put a whole bunch of conditioner in it, pull it back into a curly puff and throw on my hijab. 😀

  6. peace sistahs! Im not a muslimah, however I do try and cover up every chance I get. Just having some fashion faux pas being as though I have 2 babies in the past years. i cannot fit any of my clothing. Loving the blog a bunch.

    In response to muslimah locs. I crochet customizable headwraps for people with locs including myself. check out the site when you get a chance.

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