Urban Chic

Urban chic
Urban chic - by Jamerican Muslimah on Polyvore.com

Weekend chillin’!


7 responses to “Urban Chic

    • Thanks you guys! Naziehah, I love simple chic. I don’t like to be “overdone” on a regular basis. I like to keep it simple but classy.

  1. I really admire people who can do simple chic. I think it requires natural talent 😉

    Thanks for sharing with us your simple chic style. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. This fit is *not* big booty friendly. Those shirts lie.

    They sit there on the rack looking all simultaneously fly and modest. You put it on and look at yourself in the mirror feeling like you hit the hijabi jackpot.

    Then you turn a around and BLADOW! the damned things are all about the bootyliciousness. It’s the band around the thighs, tapers just enough to show the badunkadunk.

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