The “Halal Date”

You may ask, what is a “halal date?” It’s date you go on with your husband or it could be that time when you’re still getting to know a brother and you’re going to meet up at a public gathering. Whatever the case may be, the outfit below is sure to impress. If I wore an outfit like this when I was first meeting a brother it’d say this: “I’m modest, bold, and stylish. Maybe a little expensive.” LOL. Anyway, this something I’d wear.

Wild Dreams: The Halal Date
Wild Dreams: The Halal Date - by Jamerican Muslimah on

BTW, this outfit could definitely be worn to work. 😉


6 responses to “The “Halal Date”

  1. I second the..Maybe a little expensive…Let that brother know my taste before he deals with me so he can’t run that line…Well Allah said from my means..that means if I am broke then you should just deal with it. PULEASE!

  2. THOSE SHOES ARE AWESOME!!!! AWESOME WITH A PASSION SO INTENSE I COULD SCREAM …. i found them at the buckle actually.


  3. as salaamu alaikum , sister this outfit is sharp! with a capital “S” very nice ,we have so much in common I luv fashion ,as I see you luv fashion as well , masha Allah .

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