The Glam One

The Glam one
The Glam one - by Jamerican Muslimah on

This SO me. Well, all of the outfits are me but this is really me. 😉


6 responses to “The Glam One

  1. Salaam alyakum sis!
    Looks simple yet gorgeous. I’ve started dressing a bit like that now and it feels good to look decent and nice. Appearance does matter and I believe it’s a form of dawah. Regarding the discussion on sexiness happening on your other site, I was just wondering how doe syour husband appreciate your style? Does he feel good when you’re together or is he more silently appreciative. I’ve learned from my mother, always look good for yourself but you sure know you’e making your man proud.

  2. I’ve been visiting this site for a while now and really enjoy it. You have another one? Can you tell me where so I can visit there also? Love your fashion sense!

  3. that top is defo me. accept i’d find a way to dress it down into a artsy look. you know. the shoes are pretty fab too

  4. i must say you have a good eye on fashion girl….come and help me…lol…i think all your fashions are great but this one says me because it is very classy black and white with silver like chanel…also i think if i wear one of your creations i am sure all the ladies will be jealous of me!!!…lol:)

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