[Muslim] Ladies Night

[Muslim] Ladies Night
[Muslim] Ladies Night - by Jamerican Muslimah on Polyvore.com


12 responses to “[Muslim] Ladies Night

  1. That top is divine! I WANT ITTTTT… too bad i’m too big to fit into anything right now… *sigh* “I love being pregnant”…

  2. Ya know I love purple. Because I’m heel sensitive -I really, really try= I wish I could be fly in heels ):- I would probably wear a thicker soled platform.

    Love it!

  3. 12,000?????? Are you sure it was in DOLLARS??? Maybe it was 12,000 Kroenen!! (I dont know how much that would amount to, but I heard Icelandian money was good).

  4. Hey, do you have any suggestions for pregnant ladies? I am pregnant, not so big size but I have difficulties in finding correct outfit. I dont want maternity clothes that makes me look like I am swimming in it! 😀

  5. Liza, I will try to put something together. I have not been pregnant so I am not sure what to give you in the way of advice except to say that Target has some wonderful but modest maternity clothing. (I actually buy some of the tunics, lol).

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