Black N’ White

Red can always be added too…


5 responses to “Black N’ White

  1. As salaamu alaikum sister I like, I like , very nice . Sister I just want to thank you again for allowing sister’s such as myself to realize that we (muslimah’s) can be fashionable in every since of the word while staying close to Allah(swt) and keeping islam first , honestly before coming across both of your site’s this one particularly I was under the impression that we as muslim woman HAD TO , I mean HAD TO look and dress a particular way ,I have such a strong fashion sence and to be quite honest I have been stuggling with this whole way of dress thing,which way would best suit me while respecting islam which is exactly what you do when sharing all of your lovely outfits with us , al hamdulliah. I now realize and know for certain that I can once again embrace fashion as I know how to do , without feeling I have totally lost myself and who I really am . Thanks to you and a few other sister’s sites I’ve found myself again through fashion! (smile) Al hamdulliah, shukrun.I also have a blog site it’s not fashion or anything quite as nice as I find both of your sites , but it’s a start I invite you and other sister’s to visit my blog as I am very new to blogging so please have patience with me as I grow and learn to become a great blogger with the guidance of Allah(swt) and tell me what you think any advice etc.visit me at up the great work ukhti, As salaamu alaikum.

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