How to wear skinny jeans (imo)


9 responses to “How to wear skinny jeans (imo)

  1. Sheesh. You won’t see me in these- ever (although I do sport around a pair of very sexy calfs thank you very much). I figure if you cant perform salaat in something don’t wear it. I dont know how others feel about skinny jeans.

  2. I love this collection, naturally.

    But I too would never wear skinny jeans. I don’t have the legs for it. For me, it’s boot cut, wide leg all they seasons! 😉

  3. i looovvee skinny jeans, but sadly my mom hates them. im muslim btw, born in the USA, lived here all my life, but apart from looks, im americaann.idont mind, i love american ppl. i already dress muslim like, no shorts, tanktops, skirts, or even short sleeved shirts. the shortest id wear is half-sleeved.
    but i only have like 3 pairs of skinnys. one of them is like size zero superskinny<3 but mom HATES them. and mee.

  4. I am a convert and struggle to be modest and stylish with out drawing attention. I wear skinny jeans but with a dress right above knee no shorter and boots so my legs are not showing much.

  5. I Am Muslim and i wear a scarf , but i wear skinny jeans also. I also wear tight skirts and make up. I dont think i am suppose to do that but i believe in one thing” As long as i know that i am pure from within and never sin then i am ok” Lol

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