Summer cute

For your inner diva…


12 responses to “Summer cute

  1. Salams sister!

    I looooove orange! Especially when it’s paired with brown. It’s such a mellow, sweet color. You have great taste, mashallah. Alas, it is very hard for me to find maxi dresses that fit me because most of them are too long! LOL. But I can admire from afar…

  2. masha’allah, this is so great! If this doesn’t express your style, then I don’t know what does…you go girl!

    I hear ya Farhana, most of them are too long for me 🙂 Guess we better learn how to sew!

  3. Selam,
    I would like to start off by saying these outfits you have put together are amazing. I am not a hijabi yet but I’m working my way toward it and I must admit its very confusing. Since my family is not very religious I don’t really have a mother or sister to answer my questions… maybe the sisters on your blog can help me? I have heard many different view points on hijab for instance that a Hijabi isn’t allowed to wear make up or fragrances, that she may not wear jewlery, jeans, or anything with patterns ect. I’m sure you guys have heard some of these as well. I would really appriciate if you could tell me what is islam and what is well not : / thank you so much

  4. Jano, As salaam alaikum. Thank you for your comment. I am not an Islamic scholar so I can’t give you advice on what to do. I wear perfume (not so you can smell it when I walk by), a little makeup (neutral tones), jewelry, jeans and definitely patterns and bright colors. Some interpretations of Islam say this is wrong. I am not here to argue with people about that. I can see where people argue that makeup and loud perfume are not right but jewelry, jeans (as long a the top has length) and patterns aren’t an issue for me. I’m fully covered. I don’t subscribe to the belief that Muslimahs have to be cookie cutter images of one another dressed in black and earth toned abayas. If other sisters want to do that then I say great. However, I’m on a different path…

  5. Salam, sister, I’m really loving your blog. I wear hijab every day but i cant seem to find any way of becoming more feminine as I grew up with boys. maybe you could give me some more pointers to look more like a girl instead of a boy?

    thank you

    Alyssa Nabella_Malaysia

  6. Asalaam alaikum,
    I don’t know if the brilliant Boss Lady’s got back to you Alyssa, (beautiful name mashallah, what does it mean?) but I thought I’d just help you by suggesting that you look for more feminine clothes.

    First, DETAILS. Tucks, patterns, embroidery, button details, ties, smocking, lace or ruffles on shirts and tops/skirts immediately look more feminine.

    Soft pastel colours look collected and calming. Brights with darker/plainer colours show a splash of more vibrant personality. TEXTURE is also a good way of looking more feminine – silky, crisp, soft, flowing, weighty and tailored… things like that. Hopefully this helps – keep checking out here for more specific ideas.

    LAYERING is a nice way to be feminine too, above, a flowing bright dress is layered with a soft cardigan, layers of texture and colour pulls together the above elements to work well. Take it slowly so you feel comfortable, good luck! x

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