Purple on Casual Friday

If only I had this shirt. I would be all set for tomorrow, insha’allah


6 responses to “Purple on Casual Friday

  1. Again a lovely hijab!!! I need some of the ones you’ve been showing recently. Love the look as well, maybe next Friday, since I’m already dressed today.

  2. Love those outfits you assemble!
    feel free to join us style-hungry sisters on muslimatoday.com , a new network for muslimas and I’m sure you’ll find new fans for your fantastic style guide! We’ve been following your blog for quite some time!

  3. Salut 😉
    Liked your site. It’s really nice to see fashionable young Muslim ladies 😉 However i have a question: What about the nail polish? Is it proper?
    Hope you keep up the good work.

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