Cloudy Days


5 responses to “Cloudy Days

  1. I love this outfit and most if not all of the outfits you put together.
    I showed a new muslim sister this site and she was shocked at how fashionable you can be while still being modest and upholding islamic values and laws of dress. Thank you for this site! May Allah swt bless you!!!

  2. I am happy to see two days in a row. I check your site daily, sometimes it gives me inspiration for what I wear that day or the next. You have a great sense of style, or maybe I should say we have similar taste?
    Anyway, love seeing you back and keep up the great work!

  3. As salam walay kum

    This is a very good site and have lot of resourceful info , I would like you to add my website as well , so people cold have more options to find a good deal .

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