Latest Finds

As salaam alaikum everyone. I wanted to share two of my latest “hijab finds” with you.


I ordered this abaya/dress from 2hijab. I have a couple of skirts with the ruffled design but I found it rather clever that the designer decided to make the style into an abaya/dress. I can’t wait for it arrive and I pray that I am not disappointed. I couldn’t decide if I wanted it in blue or fuchsia but I finally settled on the fuchsia. 🙂


A friend of mine on Facebook posted a picture of her wearing the hijab pictured above in black. Again, I have a predilection for unique-looking pieces of clothing. The way I see it, if I am going to order something online it has to be something that I can’t easily find in my local city. I ordered a black one and a turquoise one. You can locate this scarf and others like it at Cube Apparel.


3 responses to “Latest Finds

  1. Love the dress! Please Post pics once you get it, I’m curious about how it looks in person. If it’s nice i’ll have to order one! 🙂

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