Pumpkin Spice


5 responses to “Pumpkin Spice

  1. Shakron Sister for giving me great ideas for being stylish and still not compromising staying covered.I am an older sister and now have a daughter after 5 boys Mashallah and when it is time i want her to feel comfortable but not restricted.We as sisters need to feel beautiful within but not step out the house as if we are taking out the trash.By your site and the ideas I feel beautiful and confident without showing all my body and my daughter at 6 already has a sense of style.Thank you for giving us such a wonderful alternative.

  2. I absolutely deteste seeing women who pair a hijab with makeup. Allah made us so beautiful, and to see women wearing both makes a woman look cheap.

    It does, sorry sisters, but hands off the makeup… remember why you wear your hijab. Fashionable clothing helps add to the appeal of Islam, but keep within the limits set by Allah.

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