My Hijab Story


13 responses to “My Hijab Story

  1. As Salaamu alaikum Wa Rahmatullaah Ukhti!

    Lovely…lovely video. You are and have been one of those very sisters you speak about in this video, you have been a true inspiration for me, wa hamdulliaah!

    I have followed both of your blogs for a while now. Although I follow quitely, often times not leaving comments. You inspire! I really enjoyed watching this. And I couldn’t agree more…we can still be fabulous and sharp muslimahs with our own style while being pleasing to Allaah. Thank you for sharing that:)

    Have you ever considered doing more muslimah videos. I think your videos would be such an asset to the sisters in the islamic community,….everywhere!.

    If not please consider, we need to see more muslimahs such as yourself doing the darn thing… intelligent, well spoken, having taqwah of Allaah, all while being a servant to Allaah.

    Thanks so much for sharing a bit of you…with us:))

    May Allaah accept all of your efforts, and multiply your deeds. Aameen


  2. Walaikum salaam Zainab,

    Thank you, mashallah! I AM actually considering making more videos. After doing this one I thought to myself, why not? So, I definitely appreciate the encouragement. As I just told another sister, I am thinking my next video will be about the silly questions people have asked me over the years.

    My husband and I are also thinking about doing someone videos on marriage. I will certainly keep you guys posted!

    And thank you again for the support and encouragement. I never know if I am being understood or not until people comment. 🙂

  3. I really loved this, mashaAllah!
    you’re honesty is awesome!

    i get the “where are you from” question A LOT too! I say America & they just stare at me LOL & haha when you said Jamaican you had the Jamaican accent but that was the only time you had it lol

    • Stephanie, A lot of Jamaicans do that. They can switch their accent back and forth as well as switch from Standard English to Patois.

  4. Asalammulaikum wbt

    Dear Sister,

    I am a silent fan of your blog, I love your updates and I personally thinks that you’ve done a good job of promoting modesty with a fashionable twist….

    thanks for the video..keep up the good work..

  5. As salaamu alaikum sister.

    Thank you for posting this video and telling us your story. I too have been a silent follower. I came across your blog couple of months ago when I started thinking about wearing hijab. Your outfit suggestions have made me see that one can indeed wear hijab and look stylish at the same time. While I am still not at a point where I am ready to wear hijab, inshAllah I will be. In the meantime I am transitioning my clothing to outfits that would be hijab appropriate and your suggestions are filled with great ideas. Thank you again.

    • Walaikum salaam, thank you for responding Samira. Before I started to wear hijab again I did what you’re currently doing- I transitioned my clothing. That’s important for those of us who don’t have the budget to purchase a whole new wardrobe. I’m so happy I could be of assistance to you. I pray that Allah guides you on your hijab journey. Ameen.

  6. Mashallah, I love reading hijab/conversion stories. Get all warm and fuzzy inside coz its such a beautifully spiritual journey 🙂 I would follow ur blog but Im on blogspot and not wordpress! *sad face* But am still reading all ur posts and checking out the outfits! Ive just started putting stuff together on my blog and making ‘Muslim friendly’ outfits is really fun! Thanks for the inspiration sis! love ur blog 🙂

  7. Assalamu aalikum wr wb!

    Subhana Allah! I can see in you what some people say about me. You emanate peace and calm. That’s perhaps the same feeling you mentioned about wearing hijab, feeling a whole woman… purity (not the snobbish way eheheh :)). I used to say it feels as if God is framing our face with His “hands”.

    Ehehehe being a Portuguese muslimah, I was called Middle Eastern, Moroccan, Indian, Pakistani, Eastern European, etc. It is indeed tiring, but it’s also… understandable. Especially in here, as very few muslimahs wear hijab. People aren’t used to it and they’re content with the information they’re giving in national media.

    This thing keeps surprising me every time it happens: converted Muslims (no matter the nationality) having exactly the same experiences, with the hijab, parent’s reactions to the convertion, etc. To me, it makes me feel I know you and other converts for years… Although I’ve already learnt something from you: individualize (not in the snobbish way again ehehe)!

    Lovely video sister, masha Allah.

    • Walaikum salaam wr wb.

      Thank you for your comments Hajar. I also feel the kinship with other convert sisters as well. It’s a crazy experience (converting) so it’s not to have other people who know what it’s like.

  8. Ass Wr Wb,

    This is an inspiring blog, and I even print some of the ideas of your clothes for my ideas of wearing Hijab. Here in Indonesia, wearing hijab has been a mass move. Women of all ages from different tribes (we comprise of 33 provinces) young, old, market sellers, students, univ prof, house wives, ministers wear hijab. Work and live side by side with the other religions followers. We compete with man and people from different religions and race to go on train, bus, slice the road with cars and motorcycles. We ride motor cycles while we wear hijab. Cool isn’t it? Some of your clothing ideas are difficult to adjust with the female motor cyclists. We wear helmet and gloves I hope in the near future you would design clothing for female motor cyclist. Wss Wr Wb.

  9. Assalamualaikum Ya Ukhti,

    Thank you so much for this lovely blog. I had so much problem finding the right working attire. I searched and googled and FINALLY I came across here… I became your follower instantly. You are my inspiration. Now I can dress modestly and be pretty on the same time.



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