Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade


19 responses to “Pink Lemonade

  1. as-salam, hi there. you back! Alhamdulillah. how are you & your pregnancy? i hope you are recover from the morning sickness. you are miss by everyone! welcome back & can’t wait to read for your next update.

  2. You have a lovely blog, I feel it is a wonderful encouragement for all muslim women. Showing that they can be modest while being stylish! I love many of the styles you have posted. Alhamdulillah, may your pregnancy be happy and healthy and hopefully we shall see more posts from you after.

  3. I really like that pink shirt. My only problem with it would be finding a long sleeve shirt to wear underneath (in case it’s see through) and also because it’s not exactly long enough (sleeve-wise). I’m not a big fan of light colored pants either, but that shirt is really sweet…perfect for a summer day!

    • I would assume that any Muslimah would buy the sleeve extenders for this blouse. Common sense. By the way, I find it incredibly rude to come on someone’s blog and leave only criticism.

  4. Everything’s fine except for the tops/tunics. All of the ones that I’ve seen here would defeat the purpose of even wearing a hijab. They all either hug the bust-line, don’t cover the rear, or expose the last 3/4 of your arm. Beautiful, yes, modest, no!

    • First off, I would assume that a Muslimah that covers knows what adjustments she need to make to an outfit. The hijab is covering the bosom, the shirt should be long enough that it covers the rear and I would hope that it’s understood that she would wear sleeve guards or extenders with a shirt. I didn’t think that need to be spelled out but apparently it does. These sets I create are for inspiration purposes only. Secondly, I find it incredibly rude that all you have to offer are criticisms and nothing more. You automatically assumed the worst of my intentions. Why?

  5. Wow. You’re not just an inspiration to Muslim women, but to ALL women, about how to dress modestly, yet still look amazingly beautiful. I found your original blog when I did a search on how to sew Amira-style hijabs, and your post on the various styles of hijab and a description of each. It was very informative, and something ALL new Muslimahs should read, IMNSHO. Don’t let that hater hate on you, because some people cannot see the beauty of your intentions and words, nor the trueness of what you’ve said. You’re completely right; it is a guideline, a starting place, a building block of how to dress modestly, yet still look TOTALLY fashionable. Brava, sister! You are a strong woman, and one that ALL women of ALL faiths can look up to.

    I did find a site you may be interested in, — and I would be honored if you would allow me to buy you a couple of the onesies there, of your choice. There’s some ones with lovely sentiments of faith there. Please contact me after your baby is born, with what you would like, and I will order it for you. Yes, some of those there are ones whose sentiment I find disgusting. Like ones criticizing President Obama, those saying “No Mosque at Ground Zero”, and likewise saying Muslims are terrorists. As a practicing Catholic, my faith teaches me to respect Islam, in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

  6. Oh my god people, take a breather, I dont see the sky falling do you? Plus, common sense sherlock, she’s giving you inspired ideas for an outfit, who said it had to be the exact thing, with no adjustments. Are you telling me, that you come to this website, every day, to look for an outfit and then make it a mission to wear it just as is. A life much? You don’t like it, move on. And “oh there are no sleaves” shut up, seriously? I dont even think if she added the white sleeves in the picture that they would show. I just came upon this website, and I have to say, I have never seen fashion quite like this. Its gorgeous, kudos for you. I’m thinking about islam, but am slowly working there, first I want to start with covering my body first, and then I’ll move up from there. But one thing I can’t stand most is sticklers. You seem very kind, so dont take there comments to heart. They’re probably just jealous that they dont have your fashion style. (mashalla? I dont know if thats how you say it, lol) Keep it up! Know you’ll have one positive viewer :))

  7. Oh and plus, I believe this website gives hijab a new outlook on things, because honey, no offense, when I used to see people walking around in all black dresses, my first thought, do they not like color? Reading the guide lines, no where in the book does it say that you need to where all black. It sinches at the waist? It doesnt cover the but? Umm this outfit does, and as for the waist, honey, we’re woman, one way or another, unless you get it surgically fixed, you have a waist. Look nice, and be modest, the waist things keep from looking like a fat pink trash bag…

  8. Assalamualaikum. I just want to say that I recently stumbled upon your blog and I just love it ! Everything’s so beautiul and well matched. Keep it up sister ! 🙂

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