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Disclaimer: I am not the owner or operator of any of these sites. I am merely posting the links to sites I’ve ordered from in the past or would order from in the future, insha’allah. If you have not received clothing from a website or have an issue with the clothing you’ve received, please know that I cannot remedy your situation. However, I’d love to hear your feedback. Jazakhallah!

2 Hijab
Al Hannah
Al Karam Abaya
Al Muhajabat
Al Mujalbaba
Boutique N-TI
Canadian Muslim
East Essence
Gigi’s Boutique
Hijab Girl
Hijab Lady
Islamic Design House USA
Kismet Bazaar
Lady Muslimah
Nahid Fashions
Primo Moda
Rayanne’s Designs
Rebirth of Chic
Sharah Collection
Taqwa Iman


408 responses to “Islamic Clothing Sites

  1. Asalam Alaikum

    I have enjoyed reading your blog! Masha’Allah I can tell you have put a lot of time into it. Would you please add our websites to your list.

    Our retail site:
    I have over 200 different colors/designs of amira hijabs

    Our wholesale site:
    This site you can buy wholesale by the dozen – minimum order is 3 hijab units. A huge savings! A unit depends on the kind of hijab.

    Jazak Allah Khair.

  2. In one of your reviews of one on-line retailer, you made mention of “slippery hijabs”; the shiney fabrics that though they make beautiful scarfs are hard to keep on your head – they slide around. I have some of these “slippery scarfs” and I’ve found a solution to keep them in place. I wear a lace cap under my scarves and I’ve found if I put a broach or jacket lapel pin through the scarf and the under cap, close to my right temple (since I’m right handed that’s the easiest for me) – the scarf stays in place. This works well regardless of how you wrap your scarf. The pins make a pretty addition to the whole outfit and often times I will contrast them to the scarf; but coordinate them to other colors I’m wearing. They also dress up a plain colored scarf very nicely.

  3. Happy Ramadhan to website owner and all readers. I am webmaster of jewelry silver from Malaysia. Our online store specialized in Silver Jewelry for all types of genuine and created gemstones. Hope we can exchange link and my site will be listed here.

    For your information, we offer free shipping worldwide with no minimum order.

    Thank you

  4. As Salamalaikum,

    I have used your site before and did shop from primo moda and artizara. I am very disoppointed with hijab r us. There is no way i can contact them through phone and they are not bothered to reply to my email. i just thought i should leave a note coz i am not happy with them. Only Allah knows what’s happening with my order.

    Jazak Allah

  5. I had the same problem with Hijabs R Us as the previous poster. I wanted to cancel my order but could not get in touch with them, and my order tooks MONTHS to arrive. When it did arrive, I was very disappointed with the items and I was unable to return them.

  6. Hi Samah,

    I like your style and have been reading your blogs for a while. I have not been able to contact Crescent Moon Boutique for months and their website is not currently functioning. Do you have any new contact information for them? I liked the quality and fit of the items that I ordered from Crescent Moon in the past and would like to order more. Also, have you ordered from African Apparels before? I like the purple and gold skirt set that you like for Eid and since it is on sale and not returnable, I am wondering about your experience with this online store’s fit and the quality of the merchandise.

  7. Salam Aleikom,

    I want to warn about one of the sites that you have posted up there on your list called Barakallah. If you try to order Abays from them you will get redirected to a site called I have so far made two orders from them one that never showed up and another one that I got which was totally different from what they posted on their website. I am so dissapointed and I feel cheated. I just want to warn other sister’s before they spend their money. I have lost $500.00 so far and I have never meat such unprofessional people in my life.

    I do HIGHLY recommend I have made several orders from them which I have recived within the week and if you have any questions or concerns they get back to you emmediately.

    • I too have had problems with Barakallah. The skirts on their website look great, but the items you receive are another story… I received three skirts that were very poorly constructed, as if the seamstress had mixed up the patterns. I ordered mediums and got skirts with huge waists and tiny hips. The hips were so small as to be immodestly tight, while the waists hung noticeably loose. With my 28 inch waist & 37.5 inch hips, a medium should have been just right, according to their sizing chart. I received a very rude response to my complaint and inquiry about making a return. Do NOT order from this company–instead go to and pay a little more for quality items!

    • Essence of black scammed me too! I only received half my order. I contacted them and they responded back saying they will send out the rest and never did so I contacted them again and again just to be ignored. I used a different name to contact them and they responded within 24-48 hrs and when I explained who I was, they ignored me again. They’re scum.

      There are far too many honest islamic vendors that deserve our business. I sent them an email letting them know that they may have shorted me on one thobe and a hijab I will make sure they are shorted many. It’s not worth it. I bet they will ignore that one too.

      • Dear Sisters,

        I, too, have had my share of dishonesty with those sites. They are all owned by the same person. I tried to place an order 3 times over the span of a YEAR. I never heard back from them after asking a question as to when the items will be sent out. The few times that I did hear from “customer support”, I received very short and strange responses which did not seem professional when dealing with clients. I had to email over and over again for size information, material, color etc.

        I noticed that the products really did not have much of a description, just poorly photoshopped pictures. When I checked to see if the GENERIC shopping cart was encrypted, (although the site claims to be, but Microsoft verifies site encryption with a lock symbol and a notification in the email bar on your screen) it was not, so there was NO way that I was going to put my card information out there in cyberspace to a “store” that does not even have a telephone number.

        To put the icing on the cake, the customer support got mad at me (after I told them that the response time was too long, and the clothes are too pricey for the style) and sent me emails filled with profanity and insults. Wallah, if you want to see the emails that were sent to me, I would be GLAD to send them to any sister who wants to read that garbage, because I do not backbite, I simply share the facts.

        DO NOT BUY FROM ANY OF THOSE SITES!!! Unless you are willing to be ripped off and disrespected.

        May Allah Subhana wa tala forgive all of our sins and keep us on the strait path InshaAllah. Ameen


      • as-salaam-alaikum I was also scamed from essence of black. I ordered and prayer garment and never got it. They said they would refund my money because I complained about it and they never did. So will never give them my money. Stay away from essence of black!!!!!

    • salam, thank to all sisters.. i’m about to order from essenceof black but my husband talk me into finding other sites to make comparison and i found this site! i just been saved from being scam..

    • I also ordered from essence of black over a month ago and never recieved my items. Does anyone have the contact information for this company.


    • This guy behind essence of black, according to sources from the internet a maimon yusoff from maryland, is a thief and a fraud. My wife ordered for over 2000 dollars of stuff and wanted it to get shipped to holland (the netherlands), she never got anything. And this guy doesn’t respond to e-mails. When you e-mail him about a product from another address he will respond, but when you ask him where your money is, he doesn’t resond. He uses religion to get people to trust him. May Allaah guide him, and if Allaah doesn’t guide him, than may He break his neck and back for stealing the money of muslims, that which is sacred

    • I did a search of the domian name and came accross the following details for the person.

      Maimon Yusoff
      3921 23rd Pkwy Apt. 11
      Temple Hills, Maryland 20748
      United States

      Registered through:, Inc. (
      Created on: 10-Dec-05
      Expires on: 10-Dec-11
      Last Updated on: 11-Dec-10

      Administrative Contact:
      Yusoff, Maimon
      3921 23rd Pkwy Apt. 11
      Temple Hills, Maryland 20748
      United States
      (313) 685-3368

      Technical Contact:
      Yusoff, Maimon
      3921 23rd Pkwy Apt. 11
      Temple Hills, Maryland 20748
      United States
      (313) 685-3368

    • Domain search of Rahman Enterprises shows this;

      Rahman Enterpriese

      P.O. Box 40926
      Redford, Michigan 48240
      United States

      Registered through:, Inc. (
      Created on: 18-Dec-01
      Expires on: 18-Dec-11
      Last Updated on: 19-Dec-10

      Administrative Contact:
      Rahman, Abdul
      Rahman Enterpriese
      P.O. Box 40926
      Redford, Michigan 48240
      United States
      313-794-6162 Fax — 313-794-6162

      Technical Contact:
      Rahman, Abdul
      Rahman Enterpriese
      P.O. Box 40926
      Redford, Michigan 48240
      United States
      313-794-6162 Fax — 313-794-6162

    • Essence of black is using photos from s I shop frequently from shukronline and recognized the shirts and skirts as soon as I saw them! Danger danger danger. Don’t buy from these people. It’s a fraud.

  8. Zohara,

    I hope you’re wrong about Barakallah, I just ordered from them a couple of weeks ago…Did you try contacting the clothing provider. (I’m sure you did). If so, what did they say?

    • As-salaam-alaikum sis they took my money too. Barakallah is not a good site. I hope you don’t have any problems. they got me for 75 dollers

  9. Salam Samah007,

    Well ISA you don’t have the same problems that I have experienced with them. I still have a missing order that I ordered in August from them. However, I have now received a word that I will receive the garments that I ordered after weeks of problems. I hope I get the order like they promised it was supposed to be in the beginning. Believe me I have contacted them via their customer service email numerous times and there is no number to call. I have saved all my correspondence with them. It’s a good lesson learned, however, ordering from online stores without a phone number is not something that I will ever do again.

  10. Assalamu alaikum,

    I ordered from (same contact address as essenceofblack) and have not received my order either. They have not answered any email correspondence at all.

    I did a little online searching and found this thread
    where other people complained about being scammed by the same RAHMAN ENTERPRISES/ essenceofblack. RAHMAN ENTERPRISES, is the name shown on the emailed receipt.

    According to a post on that thread “AlHadeeqah, EssenceofBlack, SalafiClothing, Barakallah, MyHijabShop, and EleganceofBlack are all the same people”

    I even went as far as looking up the doamin ‘’ on and godaddy and found the email address of the administrative contact, and I emailed him, the domain of his email address was I have gotten no response either.

    We should be wary of these sites listed above and ingeneral any website that does not have a contact telephone number. Does anyone have any idea of how to go about reporting something like this to authorities?

    • Well if you have ordered from your credit card. They tooked out your money, and u never gotten your order. Call your credit company, and said u want to report to the authorities ASAP! Tell them u not playing no joke, this is wrong for them to take your money out and u dont get your order. I am sure they can contact where they are located, the authorities.

    • Its always best to do your research when dealing with online companies. I would like to believe that all Islamic websites are honest but from my own experience and from hearing from friends, you cannot assume they will provide the service they say. Your best recourse is the BBB(Better Business Bureau). They can tell you sufficient information about companies. If you pay by major credit cards, contact them . Also, before ordering make sure there is a contact number and CALL to ask questions. GET INFORMED. What these companies are doing is fraud. In’shallah I hope this helps.

  11. Just a clarification, when I say be wary of these sites listed above I mean ‘AlHadeeqah, EssenceofBlack, SalafiClothing, Barakallah, MyHijabShop, and EleganceofBlack’ , any site associated with RAHMAN ENTERPRISES, not those others that are listed by CaribMuslimah at the top of the page.

    JazakAllah Khayr

  12. As salaam alaikum Khadijah,

    I read through the comments and I am angry now. I think you should contact paypal and let them know about the scam and also the Better Business Bureau. Myabe paypal will shut them down if enough people complain. You cannot sit by silently and let these people rip you off.

    As for me, my saving grace is that I did not pay through Paypal. I paid using my debit card. So far I haven’t lost any money because they have not taken any out. (Maybe they know it get be traced through my bank?)

    I don’t have my abaya that I ordered though…

    • i’m so angry i order my abaya and still have no recieved anything they said they posted it through egyptiam mail and still hve not recieved anything i payed through credit card so should i contact my bank?

    • I didn’t pay through pay pal either bu instead i uses a pre paid visa debit card. Its the only way i shop online i don’t like business to have my banking information. My transaction as of right now is pending and will expire if they don’t take the money in a week. Did they ever get the money from you? If so did you get it back?

  13. Wa alaikum salaam Samah,

    I didnt pay through PayPal though, I paid by credit card. On the online invoice they said “Your order will be shipped as soon as payment has been received”.It has been charged to my account from a month ago and still no word, a month may seem short but after what I read online about other peoples experiences, and with their lack of response to any queries, I am a little worried.

    I just checked the creditcard statement and see beside the name RAHMAN ENTERPRISES a number 3133324830, maybe its the phone number??, I’m gonna ring it and see what happens, I will keep you posted InshaAllah.

  14. Salaam Ladies:

    Oh man am I glad you ladies posted this info on here about these different sites. I have some of them on my clothing list places and now I know to delete them. I always found it odd that Barakallah’s tops are all copied off of Shukr’s webpage! (anyone else notice that?)

    As far as on-line clothing venders – I’ve only ever bought stuff off e-bay or Veiled by Design. E-bay is sort of hit or miss but I was very happy with Veiled by Design. I ordered 3 scarfs from them and two knit – two piece hijabs. (I wear those cycling in the winter time. They stay in place under my helmet better than anything else I’ve tried!)

    Either way – the ladies at Veiled by Design were very nice. They actualy sent out an unsolicited e-mail to all their customers who’d bought certain of the 2 piece hijabs telling them that they were holding a “recall” of these hijabs because they were not of the quality the vender expected. They were having trouble with them coming unsewn at the seams.

    I e-mailed them back and told them how much I loved the one scarf they’d just sent me and that yes in deed I had one of the “faulty hijabs” but I’d sewn back together myself. I told them they didn’t have to replace it – but if they wished – they could send me another in grey.

    They sent me another amira hijab shortly there after and e-mailed me back with thanks and gratitude that I’d encourgaged them with words as to the beauty and quality of the scarf they’d sent me. They also told me that they appriciated that I didn’t rail on them for the problems with the hijab. They said they were doing their best to correct the problems and they appriciated my patients.

    So the moral of the story is – if your looking for some new scarfs – or other such accessories. Go pay Veiled by Design a visit. They are really nice ladies who have good business sense and appriciate good customers!

    • I have to agree that veiled by design has excellent customer service. I’m also going through the same troubles with essence of black as everyone else. Class action lawsuit anyone?

  15. Assalamu alaikum,

    There was no response to the phone call, however I received an email today saying they will look into it.

    “first and foremost please don’t be overly concern bi’itinillah. All of our packages are 100% insured (not by us but
    automatically by the local postal authorities). This means that the items that were shipped out are completed insured and will
    be replaced at our expense if necessary. We will look into your last shipment and obtain the status of it and then if necessary
    send you a replace out with 1-2 days bi’itinillah. ”

    I will let you know if I receive the items InshaAllah

  16. Salam Aleikom,

    I am so shocked and upset when I read all these comments. I have had so many problems with Essence of Black and Rahman enterprises. I returned my Abaya’s I received from them becacause theuy were a total scam. They were not as in the pictures they were of cotton and to short. I told them this and they replied back (from their customer service email) that it could not be right what I said?????!!! Is this how you talk to a customer? However, I returned the items to the Egyptian address they provided via UPS. Come to find out the address was incorrect and UPS Egypt kept on calling me. Finally they found an address and told me that the man at the address threatened them and refused to sign for the package. All this was during the month of Ramadan as well.

    To make a long story short. I kept on mailing essence of black and they finally said they would send out two new abays and that I would not receive them before Eid…..I have yet to receive anything. I made another order for two matching shayla’s and arm covers in august and I haven’t received that either.

    I’m very dissapointed and most of all sads that a business that claims to be muslim survives on running scams on muslim women………

    Please let me know if any of you receive the items yo have ordered. I will try to get my money back through the credit card company but they couldn’t find a number to Rahman enterprises either.

      • Same thing happen to me. Essence of black scams people. They’re terrible. I have dealt with so many honest vendors that should have gotten my business. I will never use again!

    • Oh my God…I have had EXACTLY the same problem. I ordered their Dubai abaya, which looks pretty stunning. I put in a separate order for a matching shayla (which they wasted no time in charging me separately) I waited and waited for the delivery…then it arrived. I’m not exaggerating…it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. It was NOTHING like the pictures shown. It was large, frumpy, poorly finished with threads sticking out all over, nasty big cheap strips of satin, and to top it off…a big burn mark on the sleeve caused by an iron. In addition, they never sent me the shayla which they charged me for.
      I wrote to these guys…and you will not believe the reply I got. They basically called me a liar, told me to give my abaya to charity to get reward from Allah! They didn’t address the fact that they didn’t send me a shayla or more importantly they product was damaged and disgusting quality to begin with. My blood is boiling…Can’t anything be done about the people???

    • Asalaamu alaikom wa rahmatuAllah wa barakatuhu.

      I too ordered from BarakAllah, because I thought the tops looks SO SIMILAR to Shukr, and I had a hart time parting with my money for Shukr’s clothes (although I was always happy with them). I paid with my check card (Visa debit). Months went by, and no tops. I e-mailed and got NO response, but the money had come out of my account almost immediately. I finally sent an e-mail saying if I did not hear something or get my items, I would dispute it with my bank and get my money back. I think got a ONE LINE e-mail saying my items were being shipped from Egypt and would arrive soon. Well….I got one top that looked like a monkey with a sewing machine put it together, it was RIDICULOUS!! It was like a huge sack, with no shape and the worst material! I was furious, because it was a buy 3 get one free or something, and I got ONE! I called my bank immediately and told them I was scammed and to stop the entire payment. I said I was told I would be getting a certain number of items, which I did not, and the item I did receive was NOT what I had ordered. My bank did reverse the payment, but get this…..


      They are such thieves!!

  17. ESSENCE OF BLACK IS BAD. the clothing looks nothing like the photo.. the stitching is terrible! they even stitched theyre own lable in one of my abayahs upsidedown. my husband was soo mad he spent all that money! They don’t like to respond either. It took a month and a half to get my abayahs and also, i gave my measurement since they claim they sewed them accordingly, and i got something and literally was HUGE! the neck line which was made to be a normal rounded neckline, sagged down to show my chest.. I am small, and I don’t know how they got those measurements out of it. even my husband put it on and he was amazed with what they did. ALL IM SAYING IS THEY ARE A WASTE OF TIME.. they didn’t even care to fix the size for me when i complained about it. They didn’t even reply!

    • Salaamz. I had shopped with Essence of Black, I had ordered stuff from them, like spend withing 200 dollars. Never gotten my order from them or hear from them or anything! They ripped me off.

      I like to shop at they are good. Been buying abayas from them. Or, I only shop with jelbab once, came out great! They are very expensive.

      Anyone have shopped at Please let me know asap. Are they good? I had order some stuff from them. Please let me know. Thank You! I hope the website is safe, not fake like Essence of Black!

  18. i made a blog about the crap i went through with them and made a slideshow of photos showing how bad they are with documentation if anyone cares to see. Please anyone who dealt with them add ur comment…

  19. Assalamu alaikum,

    I finally received a package from myhijabshop. But I ordered 3 abayas and only received one, theres no note to say what happened to the other two. Maybe they will eventually send them, i don’t know, but I will definitely not be doing business with them again InshaAllah.

  20. Assalamualaikum,

    Please see details below of a brand new Islamic clothing label for Women that has been featured in the press and fashion shows.

    Elegance, Modesty and Comfort are the three key ingredients that Muslim fashion house Aab have mixed into their ranges to create stylish, flowing abayas for the modern Muslimah.

    Working with the four key elements; Cotton, Linen, Silk and Wool along with modesty in mind, Aab has produced garments from the softest of fabrics with the finest detail.

    Visit our online boutique at

  21. Assalamu alaikum Samah,

    I received the rest of my order today from myhijabshop , 2 months later :-), but Alhamdullilah.
    The quality is not quite what I was expecting but I am glad I finally got them.

    • Asaalamu alaykum srs,

      Can you please tell me when you placed an order with Rahman Enterprises? I just ordered about $180 from Essenceofblack on 8-27-2010 and was hoping to receive these items for Eid inshallah. I ordered from another website, EastEssence, a day after and have already received that order so I am getting concerned that I have lost $180 since I used my bank debit card. So far, I have sent 2 emails asking about my order status and they haven’t responded. Please make duaa for me that I won’t be scammed. JAK

      • Asiyah, I’d not bother to look for it anytime before Eid, if ever.

        I would actually stop payment on the items NOW, because I guarantee you that they will NOT be what you ordered, or think you ordered. It seems they are selling THE most poorly made clothing around, and then make threats that your hands should be chopped off for stealing.

        They have a “Wall of Shame” and my name in on there, although….I asked them to PLEASE publish the e-mail I sent to them….which of course they would not, as it shows them to be frauds and liars.

        Good luck, and insha Allah you can find something else ASAP for Eid.

  22. I have not heard good things a bout Hijabs-R-Us. I was about to place an order when I realized that their site has some basic flaws…and saw some complaints on a complaints board online as well as with the BBB.

    I Just wanted to let others know and remind everyone that although the Internet is more wide-spread, there’s still reason for caution!! And know your rights before you shop; the rights you have with your method of payment, as a consumer per the country you live in, etc.

    I am a new Muslim(ah) and am ashamed that this would go on–PLEASE do not sit by and allow yourself to be scammed!

    peace, and Eid Mubarak!!

    • yes,I bought from them 4 years ago and got 3 pieces ,they were very nice but one of them the color was supposed to be khaki but I received off white,anyway I placed another order yesteday and they informed me it was already shipped

  23. as salamu alaikum praise be to allah that ive found this site however i ordered from this essence of black & salafi clothing .com last week i wish i would have noticed your this site before hand mashallah its still to soon to tell if i will recieve what ive ordered or anything at all. can any of you sisters recommend any legitimate site that i can order isdals from overhead abayasor chadors .also does anyone know the trustworthyness or even heard of black abaya enterprise or islamic boutique as salamu alaikum zainab1

  24. Assalaamu alaykum to everyone. I have ordered from the many times and have NOT experience any problems with their customer service and the quality of their products. In fact their finishing of their abayas is exceptional when compared to some other Islamic websites. I just ordered 4 abayas for Eid again and am total satisfied with my order. After reading what I have read on this blog I felt I must speak out on my WONDERFUL experience about this company. assalaamu alaykum

    • I’m happy to hear your experience with Essence of Black wen’t well. What did you do? I sent them $100 for a distributor package and got nothing back and no replies. Maybe if I did what you did, I can get some resolution

  25. Thanks for sharing those good sites.. As per my experience, I find a pretty cool site too.. They offer good discounts, good types of Muslim clothes with lots of variety.. 🙂

  26. Assalamu alaykum…

    A close friend of mine just forwarded me this blog… Subhon’ALLAH, all the NEGATIVE comments I’ve read about does not surprise me one bit. They totally SCAMMED me as well. I ordered from them in Oct/08 during Ramadan (a gift from my husband for Eid) and they DID NOT send me both overhead abayas that I ordered. I only received one and it was NOTHING like what I ordered. The stitching was horrible, all crooked and strings hanging everywhere… and when I turned it inside out and examined it further… I noticed that it was not custom made for me, but was used as another abaya before and they removed the snaps (still had all the holes). I emailed them 10 minutes after receiving my package and never got a reply. I tried several more times over Nov. and NOTHING!! I then came across Sr. Aminah’s blog about them being CROOKS and realized that it was hopeless. Subhon’ALLAH. I have now seen several other negative comments from sisters who have also been cheated by these individuals and it really frustrates me. It has definitely been a lesson learned for me. I too payed through credit card and not paypal.. so.. there is really nothing I can do. They should fear ALLAH!!!! They are thieves and liars, subhon’ALLAH. I know they had a Detroit, Michigan address attached to the first couple emails I received from them from BEFORE they sent my order from Egypt… Sr. Khadijah had in her comment a possible telephone number she came across (3133324830).. which is most definitely a Detroit area code… (I live in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, which borders Detroit… it’s only a few minutes across the border from me). Insha’ALLAH, I will try and call the number.. but most definitely WILL NOT get my hopes up.. lol. I take this all as a TEST… alhamdulillah. And I pray that others will be careful, insha’ALLAH, when giving their money over the internet!!


    Wassalamu alaykum.

  27. Millz, I haven’t ordered from her online but I’ve bought from her at 2 conferences. I had to return the abaya I bought (via UPS) and she was very professional and helpful about it. I also know sisters from one of the local masjids bulk order hijabs from her.

  28. Hey, so far so good with The Canadian Muslim, ordered several times, a few orders took longer than expected to arrive but always got my order. They don’t hassle with returns and they’re honest.

  29. Salam alaikum! I have heard that some of you were robbed by Hijabs-R-Us, well they did the same to me! How did you all go about getting your money back from them? Please help me! I lost good money dealing with this company on numerous occasions. I decided to give them another chance and was robbed again! Please help! What are they cheating us Muslimahs out of money like this? Any advice please help ,e! Jazakallahu khair!

  30. Just got my order from the Essence of Black. Mashaa Allah is all I have to say.

    I ordered the Jannah and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The material is sooo sooo soft and the satin is wonderful.

    My order arrived in a timely manner and they even included a free pair of matching gloves. Now that’s what I call customer care. I will be ordering from them again inshaa Allah.

    • I have also placed successful orders with Essence of Black and have been pleased with the quality. This last order however was a mess. It is 2 months and it still isn’t right yet and the quality was less than what it has been in the past – specifically, I ordered a niqab that never came and a khimar that was not completely finished (the abaya was beautiful though). I also have an outstanding order which I haven’t received AT ALL. So I think it is hit or miss with them but one thing is certain, they seem to be more MISS these days and I am finished with them. 😦 Be careful if you decide to try them again.

  31. Fariha, I went on the Better Business Bureau website and found tons of negative ratings about Hijabs-R-Us. I ask you to contact them and make sure to follow up on any info they send you.

    Yasmin, I really find that hard to believe. Too many sisters- including myself- have been burned by Essence of Black. When most people finally do get their stuff it’s not what they ordered.

  32. I think Yasmine is working for Essence of Black…lol! Anyhow I too have been burned by these scam artists. I orderd a black niqab with a nose string in xtra large and one in blue without nose string in xtra large. Instead I got a black niqab in medium size without nose string and a blue one in small with the nose string. I contacted them SEVERAL times and out of the 18 emails I sent them they responded only once with an email stating that they would send me a replacement. I NEVER GOT IT! So many others from my friends have had problems with them.

  33. As salaamu alaikum , sister, do you know of a good reliable, on line store that I can order sleeve’s from in many different colors ( for short sleeve shirts) Insha Allah, shukrn ,As salaamu alaikum

  34. As salaamu alaikum, I have ordered from a few companies online.

    Al-Farah – Items were shipped pretty quickly, no problems at all with them. – Items also shipped pretty quickly and they have really cute hijab pins. They also send discount cards as was mentioned above.

    Hijabs-r-us – AVOID this company!! I had to file a complaint with pay pal and the BBB because I never received the items I ordered.

    I like some of the stuff on, but every time I order something from overseas (I live in the U.S.) I always end up paying extra charges when the postman shows up at my door. The last time I had to pay an extra $50 to USPS that I didn’t know about beforehand.

    • Assalamu ‘alaykum

      Was Paypal able to help you with your claim against Essence Of Black? I just sent mine a couple of minutes ago. I am really worried that I, too, have been scammed by Essence Of Black – AUD 189 worth. They’re supposedly Dubai abaya’s for my daugthers. After reading all the negative comments about EOB here, and noticing that I paid AMI Enterprises via Paypal (doesn’t sound like Essence Of Black at all, does it?) I decided not to wait any longer. I filed for a claim with Paypal. Inshaa Allah, something positive will come out of it. Otherwise, sisters who have been duped by these people will definitely get their rights from them at a time that we sisters need it most. May Allah ‘azawajal give them what they deserve. Ameen.

  35. Salaamz,

    SubhanAllah, I wish that I had found this site before I ordered from!! I placed an order 2 weeks ago, and other than the order confirmation e-mail, I’ve heard nothing from them. I have contacted them asking for order shipment information, and received no reply. I have just contacted them and threatened to start an investigation with my credit card company if I hear nothing back from them.

    I am thinking now (after reading this site) that I am not even going to give them a chance. I am going to try to get the charges reversed (if they have charged yet), and get the order cancelled. Bank of America has pretty good fraud protection, so inshAllah, I will get the money back!

    btw, I love! The lady who runs it is very nice and I have never had any issues. I highly recommend that site! 🙂


  36. As Salaamu Alaikum,
    Just browsing, Alhumdulillah! I found this site/blog and I’m impressed. Just looking to learn, expand and design garments that are stylish while maintaining modesty.
    Barakallah Feequm

  37. Like I have ordered it like about all most 2 weeks ago from But they didn’t charge me or anything. So I donno whats going on. Like most websites have contact, like their address, and phone number. This website didn’t, That is pretty weird! You can only e-mail them. Like you don’t even know where they are located, like most websites have.

    I ordered from there….i absolutely love their products, however, it takes sooooo long to get your products….i totally forgot i ordered from them when i received them almost 2 months later. but i suppose the wait was worth it, the long black diamond shaped niqaab is my favorite, and I wear it all the time!

    Allah Hafiz,
    coming soon, unique hijaab pins and pin cushions

  39. Salaams Ameera,
    let me tell you what happened to me when my emails were not being answered… i finally said them (by email) i was going to call my bank and have the charges reversed, because they would not answer my emails or give me a status update on my order, and then a sister emailed me back stating that she had sent out an email (that i never received-but Allah knows best), as I said in my previous post, it took a very long time before i saw my order.

    Allah Hafiz

    • Wa Salaamz waahidahpins! Yeah I order them on 22nd the black diamond niqaab, I love it! Was their shipping safe? I can’t wait to get it lol. Now 2 months oh boy! They said take about 10 to 14 days its been 13 days all ready. I will have to wait. When I saw that Niqab I couldnt keep my eyes off of it, it’s just gorgeous. Thank you sister!

  40. Has anyone ordered from Shukr? Is this company legit? I bought clothes from Shukr almost 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard from them since. Was I scammed?

    • Salaamz Kari! I always order my tunic tops, abayas from Shukr! I love their clothing! Rember u got to wash them cold, and hang dry! Their tunic tops sooo comfortable! I am very happy with them, and will always order from them again! You need to return no big deal, they are very nice people! And they can be expensive, but I always look for clearance! Better deals. I never had any problems with them ever! I will always get back to them, to order from them again!

      • salaam sis, i have ordered from shukr for years, very quality items. i have dresses, tunics, and skirts from them still in very good condition. there customer service superb. i would definatly recommend them. if you give your email address they will email you everytime they get new things. and they usually give 20% coupon around eid or begining of the year like jan. there is one that exp today sep 16th 20%0ff fitr2010 is the code. but yes order from them and there wonderful!!!

  41. As-Salaam Alaikum,

    Just wanted to let the sisters know that Taqwa Iman ( is offering Free Shipping on orders of $45 or more. Simply enter coupon code ‘FREESHIP45’ during checkout.

  42. Thank you Ameerah, my clothes were delivered this afternoon and I am very happy and relieved. Alhamdullilah, everything worked out fine with Shukr and I will most likely order from them again also.

  43. Asalamu Alaikum,

    My husband purchased through Alhadeeqah and never received is purchase. Because it was through yahoo/paypal, my husband eventually received his money back. Yes, they charged him. When yahoo inquired to Alhadeeqah about our purchase, we received an e-mail after we had tried emailing them ouorselves with no response for two weeks. They stated that the items had been shipped. It was a long and tedious process to get a refund but allah is all-knowing.

    Sisters, I am trying to locate clothing for 100 degree weather that is not see through, especially tunics. Any recomendations? Also, thin, long sleeve t shirts to wear under dresses or see through tunic tops. I am having a hard time locating “thin” t shirts.

    Asalamu Alaikum

  44. Al Muhajaba El Aniqa totally ripped me off! Anyone else have issues with them? I ordered 2 hijabs like 5 weeks ago, haven’t received anything and they’re not answering their emails. Sisters with these horrid businesses, don’t be lazy, lets report them to the Better Business Bureau. This is completely ridiculous. They know how Muslims can be and we’ll let matters slide but there is nothing wrong with exposing a bad business and warning your sisters not to buy from them. This is very sad, you want to give them the benefit of the doubt, but they can’t be like this with people -enough is enough. It’s sad that Essence of Black especially , has been around so long. They’ve been scamming for YEARS!

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  46. Assalamu’alaykum..
    We are an online shop selling a good range of abaya, hijab and other related items. We ship our products directly from supplier/manufacturer in the UAE hence our competitive price. We supply to businesses too. Wordwide shipping available. Do check us out at We are having loads of promotion at the moment, so do check us out!

  47. Salaam, I have just started my own business into modesty clothing – which are basically tops that do not have revealing necklines, are full sleeved and atleast cover the hips. For our Muslim clients, we also have matching hijab 🙂 Our website will be starting soon at but meanwhile we are present in facebook. You can join the group and see some of our designs and contact me for orders till the website is ready. We just started with abahayas too :))

    or become a fan at

  48. As Salaamu Alaikum:

    I ordered from Al Hannah twice 2-3 years ago and both times were a fiasco. The first time I ordered an overhead abaya and they sent a poorly sewed SHOULDER abaya that could only fit a 12 year old. I also ordered two prayer outfits for girls (two piece style). They were waaay too small and the material was horrible. When I contacted them the “brother” had an attitude and tried to deduct my refund because at that time they were offering free shipping. I said never again. BUT I must have neglected to say inshaAllah because a couple of years later I was in desperate need of a niqab and they had what I THOUGHT I needed.

    I ordered their Saudi extra long niqab in black. I knew they had issues from before but I made du’a and wrote a specific note in the comment section when I ordered asking them to ONLY SEND ME WHAT I ORDERED or nothing at all. I received a call stating that they only had blue and did I want to wait for the black to come in. I said yes but he STILL sent the NAVY BLUE niqab not black like I ordered. I was HOT but I said alhamdullilah and just decided to color it black with RIT. It was long but the material was a heavy polyesterish (sp?) material and no cheese to boot (I LOVE cheese cloth) . $20 bucks wasted on creative online shopping.

    I wanted to let sisters know about this because it is almost Ramadhaan and I know many of us will be ordering for ‘Eid inshaAllah. BUYERS BEWARE!! I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM AL HANNAH AGAIN INSHAALLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Assalamualaikum Sisters,

    I just wanted to share my experience with I ordered three abayas from them, and was hoping to receive them on time, as I would expect from a Muslim company to keep their word, especially because they announce on their website all the wonderful reasons for why you should buy from them. A month and a half later, after I had been trying to get in contact with them with no such luck, I received the first abaya from EGYPT (when clearly on their website they claim to be based out of Michigan) and was disappointed to see that it was not according to the description stated on the website. Surprised at the fact that I only received one abaya when I ordered three at the same time (it would make sense to ship them together), I went back to check on my invoice and credit card statement (to see if I had ordered correctly) only to find out that Rehman Enterprises had overcharged me 40 dollars, more than the amount written in the invoice. I wrote back regarding all these issues and the response I got was no short of a slap in the face. I was accused of being a liar and was told to fear Allah, when all I wanted to know was where the rest of the abayas were and why was I charged more than what I agreed to pay without my consent. I was baffled at the kind of barbaric customer support these people have. In the meantime, I did receive the second abaya which was just as disappointing. I had already disputed my overcharged amount by this time, and the day I got my credit I received a prompt email from them telling me that I am wrong to take their money and that they will take this up with me on Yawmul Qiyamah. How Ironic to accuse me of taking their money when I was charged without my consent and had not even received the entire merchandise that I ordered and paid fully for. I have yet to receive the third abaya if they ever shipped it out. I wrote back asking about the third abaya and I received another atrocious email about how I’m not within my right to question anything because I disputed the (over)charge and literally was told “BLAH BLAH BLAH, don’t try to contact us anymore, you are blocked from our system.” This obviously infuriated my husband and we went ahead and disputed the entire amount telling the bank that we have not received the entire merchandise, we want no business with these people anymore and that if they provide us with a US mailing address, we are willing to send their merchandise back immediately, but we want all of our money back. I sent in our entire email exchange as evidence for the dispute and the bank gave me my money back and told me to keep the merchandise aside until they find a US address for me to send it back to. Today, I received an email from them calling me a thief and how my hands should be cut off for stealing their merchandise, that they will publish my name and my personal information on their “Wall of Shame” (interestingly enough, its real! and they have 4 or 5 people on it that have contested their charges and were able to get their money back within their right). I am insisting on a US address to be given in order for me to ship their merchandise. I need your advice sisters. I have their abayas, and I do have the intention of sending it back because I got my money back so they no longer belong to me, but why should I waste another 15 dollars to send it back to Egypt, and to people who have robbed so many muslims through their corrupt business. I need proper, islamic, legal advice as to what should be done with the merchandise that I have and how it should be taken care of. In the end, I may end up paying to send these back to Egypt, but something needs to be done. Also, I think its great that people are taking out the time to make aware of these fraud websites and businesses that the so called “muslims” are running. May Allah give them hidayah.

    • salaam,
      i am SO glad i had the foresight to do a search on reviews of the website. I had been looking at them to order for a while but some things didn’t seem right to me. Some of the pictures they had where they cut out the eyes seemed strange. Also, I did notice that the hijab shop was identical to their website, again, strange. Then, when I sent them a question, they never replied, and when I signed up for the newsletter, I Would get offers for free trips and what not that were all scams just to get your personal information. All these things were red flags and I’m glad I listened becuase I would have easily dropped 200 dollars at their website, which is pretty expensive. I hope you guys report them and get them shut down. This is dispicable that someone would take advantage of muslim women like this. I wonder however where they get the pics for the beautiful abayas because soe of them I really like and would like to order. Allah be with you all and help you through these scams.

  50. Pingback: The Problem With Online Shopping « Muslimah Sukhnah

    • Salaamu alaykum Sr.

      When did you place your order? Unfortunately I did too a couple weeks back and haven’t received any emails regarding my order status. Inshallah I hope we both get our items soon and the quality to be what we expect. I don’t want to lose my $180 that I worked so hard for!!

  51. Boy, am I glad I stopped in here. First I have to say that I have never ordered from essence of black because their website seemed too good to be true and from these comments I see its true. Now I’m glad I listened to my intuition about them.

    I have ordered from Al-Mujalbaba and the sister is AWESOME! Mashallah, never a problem with any order or with any clothing.

    I have ordered from Hijab Girl with no problems either…only thing I don’t like is that they are very slow to answer your emails..that’s if they answer them at all…so don’t expect a quick or any response from them but, they send your items with no problems…they’re niqabs run too small for me but I love their tie back hijabs.

    I have ordered from Islamic Boutique on Ebay and even tho they are stationed in Egypt I had no problem with the transaction…I kind of feel better ordering through Ebay because of the security Ebay and Paypal offer buyers…Never had a problem with either company.

  52. I also ordered from them, they actually have another website named: barakullah
    I recieved an abaya from that website and it was absolutly different then what I ordered. I just let that go and didnt order from them again.
    I went on this website and just recieved my abayas and they are nothing like the picture!
    I am going to talk to my bank and have this transaction disputed as a fraud. Is there any one else who can tell me what to do? I dont know any one in Eygpt that can help me. They should have their website closed before many more people make this mistake.

  53. I ordered from and the skirts were more beautiful than the web pictures. The material was of high grade. Unfortunately they are going offline in a couple of days. I am sorry I did not find them sooner.

    I ordered some body wear from The shipping was $15 though and I was wondering if anyone knows of a US place or site that sells the mock neck bodywear.

  54. Masha’Allah, I just discovered Essence of Black last night, and was soooo close to placing an order. They were having a ‘sale” that, conveniently, ended last night, which almost pushed me to place an impulsive order. ElhamdouliAllah, the prices weren’t that low, and I don’t have much spare money to spend, and decided it was worth waiting, even if I missed the sale, to make a well-thought-out decision. I just googled Essence of Black to try to see if the sale did indeed end yesterday, or if they always say it is ending today to push people to order, and I discovered this site. ElhamdouliAllah that Allah saved me from this loss and frustration at a time that I really can’t afford to lose my money or time.

    I have ordered from Al Hannah for years. I know one sister experienced a mix-up, and yes, sometimes they run out of a color and substitute, and some items are not super-fabulous quality, but I think they are a very good value for the money. I always receive my items quickly, with no overseas shipping issues. Their cotton shalwar-kameez are great in the summer!

    Al Hediya in Kuwait is also extremely reputable. I have been ordering from her since she opened 10 years ago. They do actually make the abaya or jilbab just for you; you can choose whether you want embroidery that is matching, contrasting, or none at all, and specify the length, which avoids the hassle or expense of hemming.

    May Allah reward you all for your recommendations and warnings.

  55. Assalamu alaikum.

    Hello sisters. I received a skirt today I ordered two weeks ago and it was supposed to be a 40 inch black wrap skirt. It was a very thin 38 in sheet of cloth with strings on the end. I was disappointed. I ordered it from I contacted the owner who is really good about communication and he offered to refund half of my money, which I will accept, because now all I have to do is a few alterations on it. I see a serious need for muslimahs not being met by the fashion industry in the U.S. I really wish I weren’t so busy going to school and working full time, because I would try to remedy this situation. I am always searching online for clothes because I don’t have the time to go out and shop much. I am very resourceful and have found several non-muslim sites with modern clothing like So whenever I run across a good place, Iwill run it by this site.

  56. I would like to ask if anyone else has dealt with ‘Libaas Boutiques’ and its representative Yasir Shah or Yasir Islam????? well they are a SCAM and i avert any of my muslim brothers and sisters from him. he took my money for a tall order a few hundred pounds and i never heard from him again!

  57. salam aleikum
    This is very good topic to discuss ..there are so many sites that are just rip off..
    I had bad experience with hijabsare us ..I never received a reply from them ..My bank started disputing transaction and they refunded the money after a while but never replied …I wonder what is wrong with those people?

    Another biggest dissapointment for me was my wedding dress which I ordered from …I was supposed to receive the dress within a week according to what they said on a website ,but instead it came after more then a month a week before my wedding and it was awfull ,teerrible ,completely wrong size and nothing like on the picture ..They gave us so much headache ,we had to fight with them on the phone 100 times after that we shipped it back to them and they refunded the money because if they wouldnt then the bank would go after them and get the money anyway …Please be careful with them ,they have beautigul website and when you ask for any item they reply immideately but once you order forget it..
    I ordered many times from and was very happy with the items and their service ..
    I also like almuhajabat ,ordered from them many times ..
    I ordered from artizara and hijabs were really beautiful and super fast shipping …
    I ordered Hijabs from shukr and was very dissapointed ,very very low quality and all the hijabs started coming appart and having holes in them
    I ordered from al farah ,the items were beautiful but see through ,very sad …
    Please visit my blog

    waaleikum salam

    • Radhikasarees is fastest growing company dealing in Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Lehenga Choli. I am very happy with express Delievery service. I ordered one designer Lehenga for my sister and Radhika sarees staff works 24×7 and they delivered it within 5 days.

  58. salam
    yes we have all experienced some type of let down. i was unfortunate enough to send money via western union, i have let the fraud section there know but it is highly unlikely they can retrieve any money. the cheek with this company, Libaas Boutiques is that they kept me believing that they did not scam me even gave me a phony Tracking number for my order and courier who i contacted numerous times and they kept insisting that the tracking number was incorrect. i even phoned pakistan and the manager Yasir who dealt with my transaction and to whom i payed the money to kept hanging up on me! stay away from this company! ul get scammed

    • Salaams sister, I have just had the same issue and after looking at your post on here, find myself to be in the exact same situation as yourself. It to had been intouch with Yasir Shah who i found via We had been intouch over 2 weeks regarding me order etc and once i sent the money, he seemed to have lost interest and slacked in sending me any emails. It has now dragged to a whole month and whenever I ring him he seems to not answer or when he does decides to cut it off. Im findign it very hard to believe that someone can use Allah and Islam and make a mockery out of it!
      The courier’s do exsist but the member of the person he gave us, doesnt seem oto be there anymore! The only reason why i thought he was genuine was because there was a person on ebay selling Libaas Boutiques jilbabs based in London. I dunno if they are linked but im trying to find that person on ebay to get some feedback. Sister if you could please get intouch with me via my email address as i believe somthing should be done about this. Im sure if we get intouch with the correct people this guy could get what’s coming to him. InshaAllah if not in this life then the Akhira.

  59. Salaams
    I to have experienced issues with the scaming Yasir Shah/Islam. After i had placed my order and sent money via western Union, he seemed to slack in communication. It has now been 4 weeks and i have come to the conclusion this guy is nothing but a fraud. The only reason why i went ahead in dealing with him was due to seeing Libaas Boutique jilbab on ebay. I am now trying to find that same person to confirm whether or not their dealings have been with Yasir Shah or not, and if they to maybe a scam! I have rang many times to find he just keeps hanging up on me or either answering and playing music in the background. Is there some kind of organisation that could help us to deal with these sort of people? They use Islam and make a mockery out of it. May Allah Guide them

  60. in reply to hijabis comment about libaas boutiques then yasir shah told me that you were just his competion trying to make him look bad, but he was very eager for me to place an order

  61. LOL! wot a joke! i am in no way his competition, i was trying to order some abayas so that i may start a little business of my own in england, how would i be such a threat to him! More like he is just making excuses to you sis, i have all the emails from him and the ones that i sent, i can show you if you like, i have complained about him at alibaba where i found his company and they have disabled his pages and urged me to go to the police and that they would do all that they can to aid me in that. so i will do that inshallah. what i cant still get over is that how he calls himself a muslim, when in the Holy month of Ramadhan he is scamming fellow muslims from their hard earned money. it just amazes me

  62. yeh i see. lucky i came across your comments i would have totally bought a big order from him. it is amazing how ppl can just go round doing these types of things. esps in this month. make sure u go to the police and inform western union aswell of his scamming

  63. dear sisters my email is for any further correspondence about this fraudster yasir shah, and yes like u said sis even if we dont get him in this life we will so in the akhirah so yess i may have lost £300 but thats nothing to what he’ll lose inshallah

  64. Thanx sis for your details. Looks like this guy is new into all this, coz there seems to be no mention of his scam elsewhere!
    Competition lol… yeah right! Has anyone got hold of a landline number or address for him? I have got one that he gave me for western union but has anyone else got one for Lahore? He was going to give it me as i was wanting to send him tags for the jilbab order! wish i asked him for it now, dought he would have given me the right one tho, but owuld have been worth someone going to pay him a visit! I to have all emails from him if anyone wishes to question this matter! Please just speard the word in as many forums as possible. Is there anything else we can do? surely some authorities in pakistan should be able to help?

  65. has anyone been to their local authorities over this yasir shah scam – i have been advised to do so – so i think we all should and try and get pakistani authorities on him

  66. ok guys has anyone heard of ‘shakil enterprises’ or ‘shakil plaza’? cos i found him now and i dont want to get shot in the same foot twice!!!!

  67. assalammualaikum..

    I just want to add to some post about I bought an abaya from them, took months before it finally arrive and the workmanship was poor, the fabric is of the lowest quality and to top it of, it look so hideous. Not my size..more for an elephant. Anyway, i emailed them and was abused after that. I decided not to shop there anymore and just be more aware when purchasing online.

  68. Sis i wouldnt trust anyone in Pakistan or China anymore! Just been on Alibaba. Com and Im suspisous that Yasir Shah now has changed his details to Mrs. Haya Islamic! And Also MR and Mrs Hassan! He Has got the same Pictures up again! BE CAREFUL! THEY A SCAM!

  69. Asalaamu Alaikam,

    I wouldn’t say that it is a location issue (meaning that no one in Pakistan or China should be trusted), rather, it’s an issue of simply NOT ordering from companies that are located overseas. If you are in North America, then it is best to stick with companies IN North America. The US and Canada have laws to protect consumers, unlike countries like Pakistan. Also, since you are not in Pakistan yourself, there is very little that you can do (if anything at all) when someone does scam you. People know this, and are much more likely to tale advantage of a foreign customer.

    Some of these companies on the Internet are hiding their location ( hides the fact that they are actually in EGYPT). If you cannot find contact information on their website (other than an e-mail address), then it would be best to not order from them. I found this out the hard way.

    As for contacting the “authorities” in Pakistan, I can tell you that nothing will be done about this person. Even if they do find the guy, he can just pay them off, and they will let him go. Pakistan does not have the legal system that we have in the West. Unless someone has a contact in Pakistan, there is really nothing that can be done.

    Sorry for the discouraging words. Just a bit of reality.

    BTW, I recently ordered from, and apart from the abaya not being the exact color it was on the website (it looked baby pink, the abaya I received was more rose pink), I must say that I was pleased with the quality of the abaya. The company is located in the US, and ships the orders directly from India. Despite the fact that the order came from India, I still received it in a timely manner. InshAllah, I will order from them again in the future.


  70. i have successfully removed yasir shahs ‘libaas boutiques’ from ecplaza and alibaba, by emailing their fraud sections and letting them know, whether he has gone and started using other names then subhanallah i dont know how we can stop this man!!!! and inaya shukran for the link of the website i shall try and place orders off them now inshallah and thankfully they accept paypal! cos with paypal you can retrieve your money cant you if they dont send???

  71. Assalammualaikum,

    Just want to pitch in my opinion..about Paypal, I’ve been using their service for three years now. Even if the transaction is a breeze with Paypal, they can turn to be a pain when you have dispute(s) on item purchase. For example, for getting back your money when you don’t receive the item. You can only get money back from seller if the seller failed to come up with a proof of delivery. Most of the time, you won’t get back your hard-earned money. Of course they’ll hold the money till the dispute closed/resolved but in many cases it will take too long to get back you money which is highly unlikely. Anyway, since they are the most convenient to use for online purchase, I stick with them though i had a number of bad experience with my purchase online(which paypal don’t evenhelp to protect my rights as consumer). At the end of the day, YOU have to be your own watchdog to ensure smooth transaction and enjoyable experince purchasing online. keep will be good to share.

  72. Sallam Allaykum sisters,
    I ordered from essence of black a few months ago…unfortunately i realized it was a scam later after ordering. I was wondering if anyone had any success in getting their money back? or any sisters know of a place to report them to? I would really appreciate any feed back, Im really tired of these websites taking our money.

    • I was able to get my money back. I filed a claim through the Bank of America and they returned the money to me. Here is the trick though…you only have a certain amount of time to do it. I don’t remember what it was but every bank is different. E of B is soooooo slick – after not hearing from them for months, close to the time for it to expire that u can claim with bank, they will send u an email with a tracking number to make u THINK it is coming but the tracking number will be fake. I did the claim anyway because I was running out of time and decided I would return it to them if it came but it never arrived so I was happy I went ahead and filed.

  73. is another website to avoid. They delivered items completely different to what I had ordered and then ignored my emails, phonecalls & voice messages to request for a return/refund, even though their website has a returns/refund policy. The one time I did get through their phone lines, I was told someone would call me back but of course no one did. I find it so disppointing that these so-called islamic retailers are so dishonest in conducting their business. That bothers so much more than the money I have lost in the transaction. I mean, by doing so, the money they earn is haram anyway?

  74. This is so weird b/c I actually just ordered an abaya from EssenceofBlack and had no problems. It did come rather late in the mail (almost a whole month. 😦 ) but otherwise, I have no complaints. The stitching seems to be pretty good and it has held up pretty well so far. Hmm…. O.o I wonder if somethings changed or if maybe I just got lucky? 🙂 Although I also know of another Sister who has ordered from them with success so I wonder what the deal is. Huh. Well, if I order from them again, I will be sure to keep a better eye on them- I would expect better from an Islamic retailer but apparently this is not the case. -.-

  75. The abaya that I ordered from EssenceofBlack was not only NOT the abaya pictured (the color was wrong, and the sparkly embellishments in the picture were not on the abaya I received), but the stitching and embroidery was horrible. All this was made worse by the fact that I paid close to $70 for the thing! The fabric was also of a very poor quality.

    It took forever for it to finally ship, and when I tried contacting them (they only have an e-mail address for contact), they ignored my messages until I threatened to report them to the credit card company and have all charged reversed. Even then, I got a very short and curt message saying that the abaya had just been sent out via Egyptian Post (despite the fact that they charge so much for shipping, they only use the postal service??).

    It was a big rip-off, and it seems to be more in keeping with the experiences that others have had. I am highly suspicious of any posts made by people saying that their experience was wonderful, or that they got exactly what they ordered.

    • i am sooooo glad i am not the only one with this experience. the quality was HORRIBLE. i didnt get my whole order and they sent the wrong items!!!!! i spent 400 dollars on GARBAGE. subhalnallah, when i wrote them, they replied SOOO nast, it was unbelivable. they told me i was the only one whom felt this wany and it must be me 😦 ps.. it also tooK monthes to get an order i paid 65 dollars for s&H FOR


    • May Allah forgive you for linking me to them and I am not linked to them at All. You should not speak what you dont know, I make my clothing from sratch and provide excellent customer service sister, you can reach me anytime, Pleae dont speak what you dont know as Allah knows and ia All Knowing.

      Umm Niqaab

    • Salaam alaikum dear sister. I think you made a mistake perhaps. I have ordered from both Essence of Black and ummniqab on ebay. E of B ripped me off but the sister on ebay sent my items promptly and even took the time to respond to some questions I had about how to wear them. Nice quality and excellent service from ummniqab.

  77. as salam alaikum subhanALLAH…I have just been ripped off by….I paid $360 for a bulk order that I have not recieved as yet…I ordered and paid in Jul 09…..I am so upset….and now Iread that they are linked with essence of black …. they are scam!…..May ALLAH give me my haqq

  78. I am so sorry to hear that…did you buy through her website or through Ebay? If you went through Ebay and paid via paypal, you can get your money back from them….but if you went through her website try to go through the authorities…

  79. as salamalaikum I paid through paypal and didn’t purchase through ebay….problem is paypal only follow up on payments within 45 days of paying after that they don’t…..WHich authorities can I go to?….I tried to contact ebay but they are still letting her list and run tho shop…so many people are getting ripped off ….!…..any other ideas on what I can do….tx

    • Asalamu Alaykum sister…

      My only other suggestion which I left previously is to get yourself an Ebay account (its free) and then contact the last couple of people that bought stuff from her as they should still have the packaging with her real address and explain to them that you bought something from her and have been unable to get a response from her…

  80. Has anyone ordered from n-ti boutique before? I really love their stuff on their website, but I’ve tried to contact them twice to ask if their size chart is the body measurement or the clothing measurements and never got a reply back. I’d love to order something but, if they don’t answer their email, then, I’m quite wary of placing an order.

    • I would not EVER order from any on-line store that either does not post a telephone and address on their website or doesn’t respond to emails or phone messages within a reasonable time frame, which is 24-48 hours.

      To some that may be an extreme but I figure, if you want to run a business then learn how to balance and keep seperate your life at home and those of your business. If money was just sent for an order, it’s not the customers concern that you have to make dinner or have classes to attend. Run your business like a professional and provide the same quick speedy service you do when the payment was processed and the money was taken with no problems.

      If family life is going to interfere with providing customers 110% customer service than post that on the website – at least let customers have a choice as to whether they want to order or not.

      If a company doesn’t return calls or messages left for them, that is a RED FLAG. Do not order from them. If they treat you like that being a potential customer, can you imagine what would happen if you actually ordered from them?

      Just my thoughts! (feel better 🙂

  81. DOn’t order from them… the previous poster said this is a really bad sign. By the way I had a friend in the US go and pick up my items from ‘ummniqaab’ as she refused to post!!…..I am located in Australia… friend has sent me pics of the items and they are absolutely appalling….bad material and a bad sewing job.!!!>…I can’t beleive it!!….she has apparently thrown them into a box and that was that!….I can only warn EVERYONE to keep away from her she also has an ebay shop…..she goes by umniqaab….BEAWARE and keep away!

  82. Thank you for the adive to not order from them. I was hoping to hear they were reliable, I really liked their designs. But I’m not going to risk it! Again, thank you.

  83. I have ordered from Umniqaab. Since I live in the US and very close to her. I decided to go to her place and I stayed for over 3 hours chatting while she was making my Niqabs. I am sorry that you had a bad experience with her. She has always answered her emails when I wrote her. I live in New York and she lives in NJ. It does take me awhile to get to her shop, but it is well worth it. I plan on going to her shop next month and placing an order.

    I order from Sunnah Style also. I have had no problem. It is slow when it comes from Cananda to US. I am glad that you mentioned Essessce of Black. I was going to order from them also.

    Islamic Boutique I have ordered from also. No problem with their service.


  84. I guess she had no choice but to make your things while you were waiting for her…but I know a lot of sisters that have gotten ripped off by her…now one or two…maybe we can accept that as orders being overlooked – but all these other sisters?? Come on now….something sure is fishy with her… and she has a horrible rating with Ebay…This is not the case of just one or two cases being overlooked…There’s no way you can take someone’s money and just forget that you had to give them something in return…She’s not stupid…she knows exactly what she’s doing….she figures majority of sisters are not going to press any charges or have the case investigated since they don’t have a physical address for her nor a telephone number…I guess that’s the only way to ensure you get your stuff…sit with her for 3 hours while she gets your order together…

  85. Assalaamualaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barrakatahu,
    Maashaa Allah, This sister who is complaing that she wa ripped off by me is lying, and May Allah(swa) guide her, She refused to pay for shipping to Austrailia After i custom made and added zippers and other adjustments FOR FREE, Some people just want something for nothing, and as for the outcome of this, she sent someone to pick up her order from me and I was so glad to be rid of her order after being harassed, all because she didnt want ot pay the $112.00 in shipping in which i was willing t pay $60.00 of out f my own pocket. Now she may be very upset to find that this price for shipping is actually true and now the entire burden rests on her, Becaue I officially in writting relased my self of any and all obligations to her once the sister picked up the order for her, Allhumdulillah!!!!! and by the way this order was picked upover 2 weeks ago. My feedback is Great on ebay heres the link
    Also for those sisters whom would like to see for themselves go to and enter coupon code niqaabigirl and get $5.00 of of any order of $40.00 or more. also I can be reached at 973-280-6615 anytime and my email is

    I also wanted to add that I am so sorry to hear about sisters getting ripped off by websights but as a sister commented above, never order form a websight that you dont have a customer service number for pr who dosent answer emails, May Allah Rectify us all And grant us Jennah-A firdous..Ameen

  86. as salam alaikum, SubhanALLAH I don’t know how you can continue lieing about the transaction ! I paid $360US for rubbish clothing from what I have been told by the sister who kindly picked them up for me! I paid $60US shipping of which YOU HAVE KEPT !!….I will not leave this and you will face me on the Day of Judgement who ever you are. Do you think ALLAH is not ALL KNOWING of what you have done?….What about the lies and promises of “fast delivery if you pay now”….all a lie!…..I PAID ON 19 JULY 2009 AND UNTIL NOW NOTHING!! You are a cheat and a liar May ALLAH forgive you. I am warning all sisters to steer well away from you. YOU dont’ reply to emails when you don’t feel like it. Especially when a person lives on the other end of the globe and you have cashed in on $360US! NOt even phone calls!!….and there are so so so many sisters out there that have contacted me saying they too have been ripped off by you or they have received rubbish clothing from you. If you fear ALLAH then you need to refund me my postage $60US…..instead of doing the right thing you continued making up stories of posting the package and it being returned to you!….what a nonsence! The sister who picked it up said there were no stickers indicating that the parcel had EVER BEEN POSTED!!!…subhanALLAH. I can only encourage ALL readers to keep well away from this scam website and this scam seller. She will coax you into making a large order as does Essence of Black and you will never see the goods and she is impossible to contact if she wants to be. BEAWARE!!! that is all I can say.

  87. Its funny Ms. UmmNiqaab or whatever your name is…you say you’re not part of Black Essence yet you’re clothes remarkably look the same. Majority of complaints from them is that buyers don’t receive their merchandise or receive badly made clothes….the same complaints against you….three similarities that show me you are or you bought wholesale from Black Essence and are ripping people off as they have…what is it?? they have a training course on how to rip off people when you buy wholesale from them??…Its also funny that you didn’t address the shoddy tailor work on your clothes..and by the way, your reviews on Ebay are not that great when you compare it to the amount of sales you’ve put out…that right there is a red flag…but I don’t have to worry about your little crooked butt, because I’d NEVER buy from you…and I’d never buy anywhere I see those exact same clothing style…’ve proven yourself a liar…only thing is that on Ebay, you can’t pull that bullcrap off because you know Paypal and Ebay would get you good…so you have to watch your P’s and Q’s if you try and rip someone off there…You need to be prosecuted and you have been reported to Ebay and if everyone that has gotten ripped off by her would create an I.D. on Ebay and let them know what she’s been doing, she’d eventually remove herself from Ebay and then just be careful because slime like that will eventually return….as pigs usually return to their filth…words hit you hard? then that’s your guilty conscious! You created this mess with your dishonesty amongst people who don’t even think twice but to trust one of their fellow worshippers….Clean up your act…if not for anybody else, do it for the FEAR of ALLAH who watches everything and will hold us accountable for our actions in the end….Return that sister’s money and quit being a fraud because in the end girl, karma is a mother flower…it will come back and bite you when you least expect it….whatever you dish out to others, will eventually be dished out to you….so clean your hands and do it right…return that sisters money for the FEAR of ALLAH…have shame and correct your behavior while there is still time and Allah is OFT FORGIVING AND MERCIFUL!!!!!

  88. Do NOT use Essence of Black for islamic clothing. They will scam you. They sent me half of my order and responded back twice saying they’ll send the rest but never did and never bothered to respond back. They’re snakes, there are far too many other honest vendors out there.

    so do not use !!!

  89. It is a shame that as muslims some are running their companies in such a shoddy way. Its sad because typically, once we hear a company is run by a muslim, we feel more confident ordering from them….we embrace them wholeheartedly just on account that they are muslim, so its really sad when we hear of muslims scamming and taking advantage of other muslims. Very sad for this Ummah.

  90. Yes Inez that is exactly why I ordered from her. SubhanALLAH I have actually got the 6 sets I ordered a sister was so kind to pick them up for me from this ummniqaab person as she refused to post them to me!!!….she has kept my postage and the clothing is not worth a cent! ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!…The material is very low quality not even cut straight the worst sewing I have ever seen!….basically I have paid $360US for 6 sets of RAGS!!!….These sets were not even for me but for other sisters…..they too are absolutely devastated at the clothing! I can’t believe this person is a person who even knows how to sew. I will leave her to ALLAH, she has lied cheated stolen and now that I have the stuff after ordering and paying in JULY !… 4months we have waited on her false promises and lies and then only to receive rubbish rags ! Again I can only warn all to keep away from this person NEVER ORDER FROM HER. SInce t his has happened so many sisters have contacted me saying they too were stung by her lies of delivery and never receive anything or they receive rags. You see most of her transactions happen OUTSIDE ebay she is shifty, and if you see her feedback at ebay most of the feedback is for items SHE has purchased not for people purchasing from her shop!….YA ALLAH like you said sister Inez this is so sad, she is so sad. Like I said to umniqaab in an email I am glad it is not me that is oppressing the people and lieing….the things people will so for a few $$$…subhanALLAH May ALLAH protect us.

    • I have ordered from east essence twice and there pretty good. They get your order to you when there suppose to. I did have to call them one time and because i got the wrong hijab but they always responded to my emails, and answered the phone. They do good business

    • asalamualaikum,

      i’ve ordered more than once from eastessence. And i have no complaints.

      You might also like They have really nice tunics, modest Islamic swim-wear and beautiful jewelry….You’ll get 10% off on their whole collection when you go from the link above. And also try to apply the coupon code LIVINGMODEST10 for extra 10% discount insha Allah

  91. I was about to make a purchase on when I relaized they don’t accept my american express credit card. That is the only card I have that protects me against fraud…….so I decided to e-mail the people over at the site to see if they’d reply back, and they didn’t. These were two very big red flags for me. So I decided to google them…..I’m so glad I did! Thank you for this post sister. I am glad others are chiming in for the sites that have scammed them.
    I have previously bought from….and my experience wasn’t very good. I ordered my abayas to be custom made and even paid 10 bucks extra….but the abayas would have easily fit a sister of size xl….and I am small!! Also, when I posted a bad review of the products on their site, it never showed up.
    The only other online store I have bought from is Shukr. And they are EXCELLENT compared to all these people. The abayas were shipped on time(maybe a couple of days late….but that is nothing compared to the weeks and months mentioned here). The abayas mostly fit the size they say will fit. I had issues with some of them and sent them back for exchange. The transaction was done very smoothly, Alhumdullilah.
    But this whole post has completely soured me off of online shopping for abayas….sigh.

  92. Assalamu Alaikum.

    We have a website based in Maryland that offers Islamic clothing for men, women, children, and practically the entire family. How do we get on your list of Islamic sites posted above?

    You can review our website at:

    If you find that our website could be a benefit to your visitors, please add us to your list above. May Allah reward you for your consideration.

    Bro. Hakim Muhammad

  93. To Whom This May Concern,
    I am writing from emel Magazine in the UK. For our January issue, we are doing a fashion feature on the headscarf/hijab through the ages. We are looking for pictures that will help us. I was wondering if you could help us out at all.
    Best Wishes,
    Huda Chaudhry
    Emel Magazine
    Features Intern

  94. if had not found this website about essence of black scam i would have been scammed for $2000, for 2 weeks i kept on hanging on to their pictures but some how god did not want me to put in that order and alhamdullilah i didnt, just wanted to know where do you think that copied those pictures from.

  95. Just a heads up, there is another site that is the exact copy of Essence of Black and UmmNiqaab’s website…same sisters posing in the pictures….this website like all the others doesn’t give a telephone number nor an address for the company but they’re selling the same clothes..

    the website is – take a look and you’ll see its pretty much the same set up…I think the people from essence of black set up some sort of school where they let their potential victims get schooled on how to rip people off…they let them post the same pic’s and list the same price..but its funny that neither company posts a telephone number nor an address for their company…that my dear sisters is a HUGE RED FLAG! If you have nothing to hide you would put all your information on the site for your buyers to see…its only when you’re being sneaky and underhanded as these companies have been in doing dirt that you try to hide…but Allah Subhana Wa’tala sees everything…so I doubt very much these are real muslims…they most likely are just perpetrators…you know..they dress on the outside like muslims so that everyone can see them, but on the inside, they just as coniving and underhanded as the kuffar because Islam is not in their hearts..

  96. Assalamu Aleikum warahmatullah,

    I WISH that I would have found this blog earlier! 🙂 Unfortunately I had to experience the essenceofblack scandal business on my own . 😦 They ripped us off…period.
    I am writing this so maybe some sister can benefit from this BEFORE they order anything from online. DO A RESEARCH FIRST and make sure there is contact info on the web-site (REAL ONE!!!!) I am sorry that I ever ordered from them and trusted them, but the site was sooooo amazing first with their authentic islamic wear , that honestly I didn’t even think of getting ripped off by them. Well….IT HAPPENED!!!! Stay away from them and WARN everytone you can.


  97. as salam alaikum sister ummislam,

    yes that is exactly what happened to me I ordered one set and all was well….so I made a large order…..subhanALLAH that is when things went bad and she didn’t send and then months later when she did it was absolute rubbish. They have to be the same people as Essence of Black as they operate in exactly the same way. May ALLAH protect us all ameen. ALhumdolillah for this forum and others for the opportunity to warn each other …. I never want any of my sisters to experience what I experienced with ummniqaab. I leave her to ALLAH along with all the other scam people ripping off trusting unsuspecting muslims.

  98. I can’t imagine why some people waste their time putting up such scam.. Anyways, insha Allah you will not be disappointed if you visit and shop at our site: We offer great deals everyday–and now some items are on SALE! Check it out! 😉

  99. salam sisters in islam..only this lately that I got interested of trendy hijabs or clothing for us muslimah.i’ve searched many sites already and very happy to see great dressess and hijabs suited for us “beautiful muslimahs”..As I was browsing to see more fashionable and islamic clothing,I thought of ordering or shopping online too, but reading testimonials/ comments of having victims of scum disappoints me and feel bad for my sisters in islam who were victims of these unislamic activities….

  100. Asalamoalaikum

    SubhanAllah, I found this blog just in time. I was seconds away from ordering an abayah from barakallah.
    I started getting suspicious when I recognised the pictures from Shukr and also from a UK based company called islamic design house (their sporty abayah’s)
    I have just finsihed emailing shukr and islamic design house and reported that their pictures were being used by barakallah.
    I know its said here before, but subhanAllah its unbelievable that a Muslim can do this. I am in shock.

    • Salaam Alaikum Sisters,

      As one of the Directors of Islamic Design House I applaud you for exposing these fraudulent and dishonest people who have already robbed, lied and grieved many sisters.

      We Thank Sister Fehmida for bringing it to our attention that they were using our images (Stolen). We have no records of ever selling wholesale to them so please do not buy anything from them. And continue to inform the relevant authorities so they can be caught and punished.

      If you would like to purchase genuine trendy, Urban and Sporty looking Jilbaabs from the Silk Route range please visit

      I will also be doing a campaign to raise awareness of these companies via our Facebook Fan-site so join and show your support search ‘Islamic Design House’ or click on this link:

  101. Salam ladies,

    We have new site just for modern islamic woman!
    Our fashions are stylish and caters to the modern muslimah. We carry Dubia, Khaleeji clothing! We manufactor our Abayas and sell wholesale.

    Visit -I love any feedback.

  102. Assalamu Alaikum everyone, hope you are all well.

    Why does nobody actually read the websites testimonials etc. Nevertheless id like to say there is this great website which tries to go the extra mile for the customer. At this moment in time they have an offer on with 5% discount and a free cap with each jilbab. I needed a jilbab for this one occasion which was just two days away and they promised to do eveything they could to get me the order and Alhamdulillah they did. Now a company that keeps to their promises is who we should be shopping from and most of all we can trust. May Alah swt grant their company a massive success Ameen.
    The websute address is

  103. I’ve GOT to get store review software up on my web site. I’ve been wanting to do it for months and things have calmed down here slightly, so I will do it even though I really need to get my links updated too!

    Aside note: don’t link to the scamming stores when commenting on them–it gives their web sites what’s called “link power” in search engine ranking world. One would hope that search engine software could figure out that a ton of sites linking to E of Black isn’t a good thing if the word “scam” is prevalent, but let’s just take the precaution and not link to any of those scamming stores. We don’t want those stores showing up on the first page of search results!

  104. yes his website is a total scam!!!! i ordered heard back from them once. he complained about how small my order was but my thinking was if it was a scam too much money wouldnt be lost i have been waiting for 1 1/2 months. finally the emails stop coming. i wish i would of found this site before i sent the money, however 1 good thing i was in the process of ordering from essesence of black a big wholsale order because their clothes look nice but i will not after reading this. i am in the USA and having a really hard time getting good prices on wholesale items for my store. if any one knows of any places please me know

  105. I have just ordered from essence o fblack and after doing it i got this weird feeling that something was wrong. So afterwards i googled to see if they had any complaints and sure enough this is where i landed. i have already contacted my credit card company and warned them about possible fraud and trying to get my money back. I recognized that some of the abayas they have look familiar to the ones on the website “Islamic design house” i also forward them to see if they do business with them and if they do to check out this blog and not to do further business with them in the future since many sites offer wholesale.I am now in the process of trying to just get my money back. Does anybody have any success stories of recovering there money?????We should all continue to make powerful duaa to the most high that these people be stopped.

  106. I just finished talking to my card issuer and they say that i have to wait until the transaction expires which will be Jan 26th, and if they money isn’t gone i can get it back. they also said that if he money is gone and i don’t receive any word from them that they will file a complaint on my behalf and i could get my money back within 19 days. So i guess now i’m just on a wait game.

  107. Salaam Alaikum Sisters,

    As one of the Directors of Islamic Design House I applaud you for exposing these fraudulent and dishonest people who have already robbed, lied and grieved many sisters.

    We Thank Sister Tiwanda from USA had bought it to our attention that they were using our images (Stolen). We have no records of ever selling wholesale to them so please do not buy anything from them. And continue to inform the relevant authorities so they can be caught and punished.

    If you would like to purchase genuine trendy, Urban and Sporty looking Jilbaabs from the Silk Route range please visit

    I will also be doing a campaign to raise awareness of these companies via our Facebook Fan-site so join and show your support search ‘Islamic Design House’ or click on this link:

    • Salaams,
      Alhamdulilah!!! you are most welcome. I knew that a nice company like you would never do business with them it just didn’t sit right with me. Although i have never purchased anything from you all i visit your website pretty often and could recognize your marvelous work. I didn’t want you to get caught up in any of there mess. I would do it a million times over for anyone if i had to.

  108. Assalamu Alaikum

    FAO Sister Laila.

    I am the director of the online islamic website I do own my own webstore and understnd the entire card transation process.

    Sister i recommend you report your card as missing/stolen. This will stop the transaction (if they have not accept the money as of yet) – There is a process which they MAY have to click to accept payments, this they tend to do every few days.

    Also call your bank to ask if the payment has been made, it should show up on their system.

  109. Assalamu Alaikum to all.

    FAO Sister laila.

    We run the online islamic store We understand the way the systems work for online payments, we recommend you report your card as mising/stolen. Also ask your bank if the amount has been debited from your account, if not once your card is cancelled they will not be able to collect any fund from you.

    We recommend you do this asap.

    • Salaams,
      Than you for the information. Before seeing this message i had already reported the card stolen to my card issuer, and they sent me the necessary paper work to fill out. They told me to try and contact the merchant before before the transaction posted. When i tried to call them i got no answer, and sure enough the next day it posted. But i was actually able to get in touch with them and i informed them that the card was stolen and that i was in the process of filing a complaint with my card issuer, and also with the police. They sent me a email shortly there after that they would refund the stolen money. But i am still filing the paper work as well as holding onto the emails of there commitment. InshALLAH they will get what is due to them. The money issue has became a small issue to me now since my only goal is to make every person aware that i can. If i have o send out a thousand emails i will.

  110. It seems that the infamous ” Essence of Black” is operating under a new website called “Elegance of Black” If you think i’m kidding i posted the link below. They websites are scary the same, they have eliminated the Islamic design house items and shukr clothing but they still have many of the same abayas with the same plastered fake photos. I can’t believe this.

    • Yeah these guys are really lame. Not only is their stuff really nasty quality…its the customer service which is so appalling. I have never in my life been so offended by an email as I was with these guys. They said to me. ‘you are entitled to your opinion and no we don’t use cheap material, we have hundreds of satisfied customers, and you may give you abaya to charity’ I swear… I have never been so angry in my life. I eamiled them back demanding an apology at the very least…they have been ignoring me ever since. Something needs to be done about these guys…it’s just a scam

  111. I just ordered from Aab…expensive…but ohhh so beautiful! Brilliant customer service, beautiful designs. Sisters, please check them out.

  112. As-salaamu alaykum Sisters:

    First, a big thank you to the sisters and brothers who brought to our attention the fact that these fraudulent sites are using our photos (without our permission). May Allah reward you.

    Only certified SHUKR affiliates have the right to use our photos. Currently, those affiliates are and Any other websites, including, are not affiliated with us, and the issue is being addressed by our general manager. The photos on other sites have been taken without our permission, and the clothing they are selling is not related to our products. SHUKR quality is only guaranteed when it is sold through our website.

    Please be careful when ordering from online sites. It is an excellent idea to ‘Google’ them for reviews before you commit yourselves to any transaction.

    If there are every any questions about whether or not a product you see online is actually a SHUKR product, always feel free to contact us through our support site ( or to call us. In the UK we can be reached at +44 208 090 7151, in the US, you can reach us at (203) 304-2379.


    Marketing & Communications Coordinator
    SHUKR Islamic Clothing
    Put Faith in Fashion™

  113. Salaam alaikum. Yet ANOTHER disappointing online experience…

    As if getting ripped off by essenceofblack wasn’t enough injury for the year, I am now having trouble with also trading as On January 17, 2010 I placed an order in the amount of $226. Everything seemed fine – I got the acknowledgement mails and all but it is over a month later and I have not received any merchandise. I checked their system and it says clearly that my order has not shipped so I sent them an inquiry on February 11th and did not receive a reply. I inquired again on February 15th, 16th and 18th – no response.

    I am disappointed that they will not at least answer my mail and am starting to feel like they are not what they appear. Has anyone else had any trouble with this group of companies? They have a lovely, professional LOOKING site but I think I may just have to add them to my list of vendors to avoid.

    Does anyone else have any experience – positive or negative with this company??

    • I wish I had found this site before I placed orders from both essence of black and barakallah. I never received my order and all my emails were ignored. I am still trying to get my money back from the credit card company. The phone number he gave them is no good. Because there is some evidence that Abdul Rahman is operating from here in the US, you can contact the FTC and also IC3.GOV. IC3 is a link with FBI Cyber crimes. While there is no guarantee that they will followup on individual complaints, insh Allah, if enough sisters file complaints maybe they will do something. At the very least, we can be satisfied that this person will have to pay for his actions on the Day of Judgment and may Allah punish him

    • Awww, that’s a real shame Sis. I have ordered from hijab before and, alhamdulillah, have never had a problem. This was within the UK though. Insh’Allah, your items are on their way. Keep us updated on the outcome of your order.

    • salaam sis, i ordered from them about 2 or 3 yrs ago. the item is GREAT quality, its still in very good condition. i dont remember how long it took me to get it but it did come to US from UK. i had several questions b4 ordering and they answered them fast and with good customer service. that was a few years back but everything went really well. i havent ordered again because havent really found anything else that i wanted. but overall good experience.

  114. The hijab shop really has a great website and I almost ordered there despite being in Canada! In the end, I decided to deal with a North American company for what I was needing.

    I look forward to hearing others’ experiences with them. I really felt no fear about them by looking at the website like I did for Essence of Black with its stolen pictures… This comes as a surprise if it’s true.

    • I am sooooo. disappointed 😦 I ordered from them in 2005 and had no problem whatsoever so I did not think twice about trying them again. But alas, still – NOTHING. No merchandise and no reply to ANY of my mails. So much money lost I am SICK over this!!!!

  115. As Salam Alaikum to all sisters posting here; it makes me feel terrible that there are so many dishonest companies online that are not only taking advantage of Muslims, but run by Muslims.

    I am so surprised to hear about Hijabs-R-Us having such awful service; I ordered some hijabs from them in 2006, and the quality and service was fine at that time; I guess things changed later on, either way their website appears to no longer be up. Also, I think I ordered from UmmNiqaab early in 2009 from ebay, a hijab/niqab set, and the sewing seemed good around the edges, but I think she should have chosen a softer fabric. SubhanAllah, I am glad I was saved from having such a bad experience with some of these vendors, Essence of Black has been up since at least 2006, I don’t know how they’ve kept scamming for so long.

    -Al Hannah- I’ve ordered hijabs from them several times; I would call them a budget Islamic company. Really, the only thing I would order from them are hijabs, and then some of the non-clothing items; their items seem to be average quality; I had an item mix up with them, but they resolved it for me Alhamdulillah.

    Here are some sites I have ordered from, I thought I would tell about my experiences with them to benefit some sisters inshaAllah.

    -Al Farah- I ordered a buttoned shirt from them for work, I loved it! The quality was wonderful, and the item arrived in reasonable time.

    -HijabGirl- They seem to be a newer website, I’ve already ordered from them a few times, their hijabs are quite nice, the prices were pretty good as well.

    -Al Mujalbaba- I ordered a khaki color skirt from her, it was exactly what I needed for work, my only complaints would be that I had a hard time keeping the skirt from looking a little wrinkled, I would try ironing it LIGHTLY. Also, there was alot of static cling, even after using Bounce sheets.

    -Veiled by Design- I actually haven’t placed an order with them since 2006, but I had a great experience with them at the time, I ordered a very nice quality al amira hijab.

    -Simply Islam- They are in the UK, I ordered a Silk Route brand abaya from them, I was very pleased with the quality, and the service, especially since they were offering a free item with a certain purchase amount when I ordered, which was a nice surprise Alhamdulillah. – I wasn’t sure whether to order from this sister or not, but I had heard good things so I ordered a breastfeeding abaya from her; her items are custom made, so it takes 4-8wks to receive the items, as stated on the website, but I was very pleased with the abaya when I received, and considered it well worth the wait. There was a front zip for when I need to breastfeed my baby, and the abaya size was roomy enough for me to wear throughout my pregnancy, but I’ll still be able to wear it after pregnancy to inshaAllah(I’m due in 3wks). There are options to choose the fabric and color you want for the abayas, I loved it, and would recommend this site to any sister needing simple, everyday abayas.

    -Islamic Boutique- They are located in Egypt; I know some sisters have had bad experiences with overseas companies, but really, I would make an exception for Islamic Boutique. I ordered 1 abaya, and 2 niqabs from them, and the quality was beautiful! The niqabs were made from the softest, smoothest crepe I have ever felt before, they were smooth as butter. One of them I ordered had satin trim, it was so soft. The abaya was beautiful as well, and very soft fabric. They can custom make the abayas, or you can order them ready made.

    -Desert Store- I’ve ordered 2 caftans from them, both were very nice, but it takes time for the item to arrive, since it’s coming from Saudi Arabia. Their prices seem to have gone up lately, so I won’t be ordering from them again soon, but they do have good products.

    I hope this helps inshaAllah.

    • is bad. never buy from i ordered on march 10 and it is now april 12 and i never received my order. they also never responded to my emails either.

  116. salaams to all,
    i have ordered from al-muljalbaba, islamic outfitters and shukr and highly recommend these companies. the quality of the clothing is excellent and fashionable. i always get compliments when i wear clothes from these online stores.

  117. my view dont bother with / shukr > my dealings with these companies, the fabric is near see thru, and the money they are charging for a abaya one would expect MUCH better fabric, 70£ – 90$ a abaya is a joke, is much better fabric is Stated when buying,

    of course getting them from family members who live in the middle east is more better,.

    • assalamoalikum sister
      i have quite a few abayas from aab. i have to say i found their fabrics to be of very high quality. very durable and best of all extremely comfortable. i wear them all the time and they look beautiful and very stylish and very chic.
      what i like about the designs is the fact that they blend in with our western styles/fashion well. so i still look modest without feeling alienated or out of this world.
      talking high street, even simple sleeveless maxi dresses are no less than £40- 50, and u need to add the cardigan or something to cover up. an abaya obviously covers u up completely and more modestly. so less hassle as well… not to forget were helpin our muslim businesses

      so i think its definitely well worth the price.

      i bought thses flary trousers(skirt trousers) from shukr. they look great too. again well worth it.

  118. salams

    i buy from aab regularly. have to say ive experienced great customer service. abayas were lovely.. beautiful fabric… expensive but well worth it… id recommend them to anyone…
    like kari, id also say always ge ccomplemets whenn i wear these clothes
    shukr are also good. do give them a try…



  121. Another big ripoff is We ordered from them. They sent a thobe with burn holes in it. The scarves we ordered were replaced by scarves of a much inferior quality and totally different colors. They refused to answer any attempts to contact them. Paypal doesn’t want to help because we actually received items from them even though they are worthless. Stay away from them

  122. As salamu alaykum sistsers. I have read all the comments on this page within a one hour spam and all I want to say is I am appalled at what is going on especially with Essence of Black. Being so, I wanted to point out a few things.

    First of all, being scammed is ridiculous and should file this to the BBB and not do anything about this. In this case, it will have a better chance of closing down and also others who were not warned will not buy. I am very young, still a teenager trying to find inexpensive abayas for my closet, as I am also a revert, alhamdulilah looking for good quality abayas to wear, instead of wearing my Western/”Modern” clothes. I refuse to. Seeing all these comments makes me so upset how, as Muslims, we should always be honest in business, and especially being honest to each other. It’s such a shame to see how these Muslims are scamming people, even at the beginning and edge of every Ramadan and insulting customers for their own mistakes. In all honesty, I would feel so GUILTY to scam someone, but as a Muslim, I should fear Allah subhana wa ta’ala also. I cannot face myself knowing that I stole someone’s money like that when I should’ve been helping the ummah. I don’t know how these people could!

    Anyway here are a few things I want to point out:

    1) ALWAYS find connections between websites that show “testimonials.” Testimonials are usually shown in TV ads, convincing people that they would do 100% honest business with you, but in reality, most products seen on TV are nothing more but scams. However, this does not apply to all websites. I recall ahiida, the modest swimsuit site has testimonials, but they are completely legit, so is 411hijabs. BUT you should always be careful and suspect any website that actually shows testimonials and reasons why “you should buy from them” (such as Essence of Black; they do this.) Testimonials are used dishonestly in a lot of websites to convince people they are legit. It’s surprising, as most website that do not have testimonials do wonderful business.

    2) Always research websites before buying and make sure you find enough opinions of other people before purchasing. This is obvious, however most people are too excited to buy because the prices and quality may seem such a dream come true.

    3) ALWAYS suspect images. Since EssenceOfBlack copied images from IslamicDesignHouse and ShukrOnline, it is easy to contact both of those websites to ask if they have done business with EssenceOfBlack. Stolen images is not only dishonest, but it just shows how you do business.. you couldn’t just take your own images instead. Also beware, as EssenceofBlack, many websites have images in all different environments that don’t match. One could be in a basement, while one is against the wall of a brick building, the other is just a professionally lighted photograph with a black background, and the rest could just have a solid background color with the blurry image cropped out. You should always suspect websites like these that share no common images.

    4) Order from websites that share information fully. They share a privacy policy, terms and conditions, email address, support, phone number, if there is a physical store, they should share the address, where they are from, FAQs are good too, and also make sure they respond to your inquiries, then decide for yourself if it’s legit. If you do not know and is not sure, either research the store on a search engine, or buy something very inexpensive to see if the order comes. Never do bulk buys on your first orders with websites unless you are 100% sure they are legit, also considering other peoples’ experiences with the website.

    5) Usually, stores with more than one payment option shows that they accept all payments, and not being a fraud. As a sister said in an earlier comment, Essence of Black does not accept her American Express card, as the website owner is most likely fully aware that it has fraud protection, therefore safety issues for the buyer becomes more fragile and gives the company a better chance of scamming. Check for the methods of payment, and it’s encryption and how it stores sensitive data so it does not fly everywhere online.

    6) If you are truly scammed and have tried countless times to get your items and if your items are not the ones you expected, it is the company’s fault. Therefore, websites like Essence of Black should not have the power to harass and insult you.

    As they know majority of their buyers will be Muslims, mainly women, this man working will know to take advantage of Muslim women and take their money. He will also know that majority of sisters buying are also truthful and forgiving, and he WILL take advantage of your kindness. Which is why he replies in emails saying “it is not worth $xx to go to hellfire for” <- this was a reply a sister got, which I read from another website, though the amount of money is something I do not remember. He will also say things like "fear Allah" and such, just to scare you even though you are not lying. In reality, the website owners are the one who should be fearing Allah!

    I also cannot believe that the customer service replied saying you should give your abaya to charity to please Allah! Yes, charity is good, but that is NOT the point. They are trying to make you forgive them, which should not be the case if this happened to so many people! Even charity wouldn't take such a horrible abaya, right sisters??

    7) Sisters stated above saying and Islamic Impressions are scams also. I am actually so shocked to see they would do that. You may be the minority of people, but still. I have both of those websites saved and I thought they were completely legit and helpful. But I guess I should think twice before I buy.

    8) And this may be surprisingly, but I thought EssenceofBlack was legit about two years ago. A sister I knew wanted to buy from them because she loves black, overhead abayas and niqabs. I was also excited too because their stuff looked great and the prices seemed inexpensive enough for me. However, when I found out it was a scam, I sent an email out to all the sisters I knew, and I feel as if the sister I looked at the website with, did not want to believe me, which really got me upset. However, that is her choice and judgment, I cannot say too much.

    9) I have heard a lot of good things about Shukr Online, and I even want to purchase from them because their items look extremely well made, their website is professional, I've read everywhere their material and customer service is great and their shipping/exchange and return is a breeze. However, this website is quite expensive too and sometimes it's difficult to really believe if it's worth the price.

    Nevertheless, I am tempted to buy from them, even though I "window shop" from them often since everything is too expensive. I could buy two abayas, that lasts years to come, compared to one abaya here. However, I do not appreciate the fact that just because they stated they let their workers pray and close for Friday holidays, that is ONE of the reason why their clothing are expensive. For non-Muslim, American, and large industries, we all know they think they'll lose money if Muslims go pray for 20 minutes at least 3 times during work (and still get paid for it). However, to a Muslim based company, to charge customers more money for the fact that they let their workers pray, is just absurd to me. Praying is mandatory for Muslims, you're supposed to fit that into your lifestyle, not charge people for it.

    I also do not appreciate the fact that Shukr Online has never-ending sales which sounds great but it is being dishonest in such indirect ways that people do not even realize. First of all, how long is a sale supposed to last? I visit this website so often every month, and it ALWAYS have sale items. I am sorry, but I feel like they are using department store marketing schemes.

    They advertise the very expensive retail price (which is extremely exaggerated) and their "sale" price which is supposedly cheaper and decent. YES, the sale price is decent, because that's what the original price should be! They put one retail and one sale price to make people think that the bargains people get are great, but the items are worth no more or probably less than the sale price shown! If you ever go to department stores that always have sales, you'll realize that you bought a regular, plain cotton t-shirt for $8 (sale) but the retail price was $25 (for a cotton shirt??) Which price is more believable?

    And is JUST out of the league expensive. There aren't even any catchy and questionable retail and sale prices. A cotton jersey sweater is 70 pounds in UK. That is probably over $80 USD. Not to mention, both of these websites tend to sell cotton and jersey material which tends to be VERY clingy if you have curves. They also shrink in the wash.

    Both websites sell modern, cool, "Western" Islamic clothing, with very dense prices…. for their own ethics, but I also think they choose to take advantage of Muslims in the West. Sorry, but this is what I think, considering no sister I know would pay more than $40 for an abaya, this is just out of the question, especially plus shipping. And no offense, but looks a little materialistic and complicated. It reminds me of an LV website because the way they show images and high prices, it just seems very "designer."

    Of course most people will say that quality comes with a price. However, this is why Muslimahs like most of us are trying to find quality of a LOW price. If Shukr and Aab's prices were slashed at least 20-25% from each "sale" price, I would consider it a good buy and would actually buy from them. But for now, maybe once or twice every half a year or something.

  123. Oh yeah, one more thing. It also shocks me how some of these Islamic clothes websites randomly shut down out of nowhere. Already, some links listed above in the article written are 404 errors and “page cannot be displayed.”

  124. Update: I ALSO RECOMMEND not even trying to go on!

    Thought many sisters stated they were scammed by them, the website wouldn’t even show for me on Firefox. It says that this website has input some sort of program to steal your personal information. Firefox has listed it as an “attack website”, and at the same time, Avast AntiVirus picked up a virus on the website. Both could be false positives, but since the website scams people, why would one visit it anyway? Beware!

  125. assalamualaikum, i’m waney from malaysia. i must say that i really adore your webpage. it inspires me a lot, especially on how to still be trendy with hijab. thank you again dear. 🙂

  126. i wanted to just inform you of my experience with essence of black… i had paid for some abayas well for 5 abayas, and they looked really nice online, but i received 2 of them , and when i emailed to find out what had happened to the other abayas that i had paid for, i got a reply ro say that they would come as a second package..i waited for ages but nothing! so i again emailed them back , but i got no reply, so i had been scamed, and the abayas that i did get were nothing like the ones on the website…………….so if anyone is thinking of ordering from them don’t, because i have been there done that and got the T-shirt….

  127. As Salaamu Alaikum Sisters. I am sorry to read about your stories of deceit and theivery from these websites. If you are interested. I make custom made clothing for muslimas. I take accurate measurements such as bust, hip, length, arm length, etc. A lot of times I also use patterns and change the length to make them longer. Please check out my website inshaAllah.

  128. i was really impressed with AABUK.COM. Until I wore their abaya. I rdered the Oolong in black. It says its their best seller. I wore it brand new on the flight to Umrah. Oh my God, when we reached Jeddah airport, the abaya looked all bobbled and worn out. £84.99 plus £4.99 postage on top of that I paid £10 for alteration as they make all their abayas in 62″. Unbelievably bad quality. You can’t expect to wear a thin cotton dress as an abaya. Anyway…their website looks pretty and service is good 🙂

    • salam sister, ive bought from them in the past and was exteremly impresses by the quality. did u tell them about the problem? what did they say?

    • salam sister, ive bought from them in the past and was exteremely impressed by the quality. did u tell them about the problem? what did they say?

  129. Well, I didn’t really get in touch with them. You see, the thing is, all their abayas are described as ‘cotton/linen’. As an outer garment, you can’t really wear this material as you would an abaya made of crepe/gorgette…like you have in the middle east.
    When I received the abaya from Aab, I was impressed with the packaging, the swift delivery, even the abaya itself. But not as an abaya…it’s great as a long black dress. It’s also way overpriced for what it is. An abaya isn’t supposed to cling to your body…being such thin cotton…it does just that. I got away with it because I’m a size 8. Any curvy sister would NOT feel comfortable in this material which is more suited to a slip rather than an abaya. SORRY 🙂

  130. salam sister. i think you should contact them. they have exceptional customer service. i am surprised though as i have the same Oolong abaya and it fits me perfectly and i am a size 16. infact i lived in it up until i had my baby a couple of months ago, and now enjoy wearing it even more in warmer weather.. and i didnt come across any problems..
    they do however recommend a slip dress, and i do wear one under mine..

  131. salaams…wow, seems like we’re talking about 2 different items! Maybe I will contact them. You are right about their customer service…they are pretty fantastic. Not like Essence of Black..who are crooks! But that’s another story…. !

  132. I would warn everyone away from buying an abaya at Essence of Black, or from their parent company Rahman & Associates. Terrible site– I waited 12 months for my order, and they did not even answer my emails asking when my abaya was coming. Only after I threatened to challenge the payment on my credit card did my order suddenly arrive. The abaya itself was cheaply made, with poor material and hanging loose threads.
    I’m starting to buy alot more of my abaya, hijabs and hijab pins on these days. There are independent sellers with nice items, and everything there is backed by Amazon’s guarentee, so you don’t have to deal with these shady companies.

    • I am having the same problem with this company under the name the myhijabshop….it has been over a month and no order, they will not respond to my emails and they have the money..

    • Assalamu Alaykum Amina

      can you please let me know how did you get your merchandise from essenceofblack I have ordered some merchandise from them back in August and still have not received anything from them I have tried everything and now I really don’t know what to do please help..

      JazaakAllah khair..

  133. salam 3laikom all,

    i made an order from and since i sent the money, i didnt get anything from them, no answer on my emails no answer on telefone

    this shop is in germany.if anyone knoe something, plz send me on

    JazakAllah chair

  134. AsSalamu Alykom Sisters,

    My name is Wegdan Hamza, I’m a head-wrap designer from Egypt. I’ve been making and designing Hijabs since 1980.

    I make elegant, stylish, easy and practical, one step head wraps that will:
    – Save you time
    – Save you energy
    – Make your style very elegant

    Please check my website at
    I ship all over the world.

    The CNN recognized my work in article about Islamic Fashion, you can read more about it on my Twitter page or my Facebook page when you visit my website.

    WasSalam 🙂

  135. Salaam, I placed a order with company on April 03, 2010. I recieved a conformation number comfirming my address and everything. Two weeks went by noithing so, I contacted them, it was a week before I heard back from them. They said 15-20 days for my order and gave me a tracking number. I tracked it from Egypt to the U.S……they had delivere it to someone else way across the country …..I again contacted them, and told them what had happened. It has been two weeks and no reply. I want to warn everyone I can, not to order from this company……They took my money and sent my order some where else, and want even contact me to replace my order or refund my money…I hope inshallah this message will prevent this from happening to someone else .

  136. As salam alaykum, Jazakallah for all the suggestions and the warnings about bad sites!

    here’s mine: I just bought a beautiful jilbab, a coat, and underscarves…from

    it’s an amazing site, with beautiful abayas, they tailor to your measurements too and the customer service is awesome!

    They’re located in the UK and delivered to Southamerica where I live with no problems.


  137. asallam alaykum
    can anyone give me more experiences shopping from and
    jazaakillah khayr

  138. Stay away from online stores that don’t list a telephone number or an address and cannot be located by the Better Business Bureau. On the BBB, do a general search leaving out the state just in case the State on BBB is different from what they have listed on their website or it may enable you to locate what State they may happen to be in should their website not provide it. Always go with your gut instinct. If they don’t respond to your emails or phone calls within 24-48 hours, DO NOT place an order. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A honest business will happily answer all your questions. If something doesn’t seem right, DON’T place an order, best to be safe than sorry. I have ordered from, (Jenneh the owner is great!) and with no problems except with Hijabgirl…they took a long time to answer my emails and some emails went unanswered but looking at their site now, they have a conneticut telephone number listed but their business address is in St Louis, MO. Use sites like and to reverse telephone numbers and see what addresses pop up – and when in doubt – leave it out and better to keep your money in your pocket than to send it not really wanting to – when you place an order like that, something typically always goes wrong. Hope this helps!

  139. Assalamu ‘alaikum,

    Thank you for this wonderful website. It’s good to know that there is a place where people can post their experiences with Islamic clothing sites.

    I would like to take this opportunity to reply to a few points mentioned by sister Barbara:
    1) There was a time when we were having email problems. I believe this was because we had mistakenly published an email address on our site which we stopped using. We thought we had removed the email address but unfortunately it was still mentioned on one page of the site.
    2) Our physical address is stated as MO because we use an outsourced distribution center to send and receive orders which is based in St Louis MO.
    3) Sister Barbara, we would like to offer you a $25 gift certificate as way of apology for the inconvenience you experienced with HijabGirl and as an opportunity to prove to you that HijabGirl is a customer-friendly place to shop. Please email us at sales(at)hijabgirl(dot)com with your shipping address and we will issue you with the gift certificate.
    4) If anyone has any bad experiences with HijabGirl, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales(at)hijabgirl(dot)com. We strive to serve our customers and value your feedback especially negative feedback since this directs our focus on overcoming our weak points.

    Thanks again.


    • Asalamu Alaikum Hijab Girl,
      No need for a gift certificate but thank you for offering it. I should have made it clear, the only problem I had with Hijabgirl was not receiving a reply to many emails during that period but there was NEVER a problem with my orders or the quality of the merchandise. I ordered tie back hijabs and the quality was excellent and the hijabs beautiful. My only problem was the lack of response so at least now I know what happened but back then, not knowing why my emails were going unanswered, and all the scams going on, I was a bit weary.

  140. as salaamu alaikum

    there is a very good website that i recommend for all muslimahs.

    this muslimah has put together legitimate muslim businesses from all over the world. they are categorized by styles and country. hijabs, abayas, jilbabs, trendy clothes, kids clothes, hard to find items, etc. if these businesses turn out to be scams or no longer exists then she removes them.

    if you have questions about a business, you can email her and she will get back to you in about a day or so.

    i use her site all the time,


  141. assalaam alaikum dear sisters,
    i have ordered from the following online stores and i am very happy with my purchases, mashallah.
    al-mujalbaba, taqwa iman, al-farah, islamic outfitters, and shukronline.from my experience of ordering from these stores they are the real deal! i ordered a blouse from taqwa iman on sunday and it was delivered on wednesday via usps. that was the fastest delivery ever! just a little tip for any sister who is not sure which online stores to order from.

  142. I have ordered from Al-mujalbaba as well. They are great. I know that some people had issues with alhannah, but I have never had a problem with them. Also a warning to anyone wanting to order from or Don’t do it. I ordered from both of these companies. Desert dress just threw a handful of identical scarves in a bag and shipped them. They then said they didn’t have to fix the problem because paypal will not refund money regarding orders that are not what I expected. Desert Boutique did finally refund my money (because paypal made them) since they had no proof of shipment and I never received the items. However, even now, 4 months later, they send me emails asking me about the order. Sisters, it is such a shame that we have to be so wary of our own Muslim brothers and sisters, but we do so please be careful.

  143. Assalaamu Alaykum I ordered the first time from Al Hannah and did not receive the gloves I ordered. When I e-mailed the customer service people all they did was send me the “Tracking” Info and tell me it was delievered. They also sent me the wrong niqab, I said without nose string and then gave me a nose string anyway. That is the last time I’ll order from them.

  144. Salam sisters
    Has anyone ordered anything fom Artizara. Thank you for your blogs, they were really informative.

    • I’ve ordered from Artizara and I haven’t had any problems. I will caution that their clothing tends to run small. So, if you have a fuller chest or hips then go up a size.

  145. hello every one

    i would recommend you to buy kaftans and abayas and any kind of designer clothing from

    they make designer haute couture clothing in very reasonable prices as well as they are so concerned about thw work thqat you can get a immediete response from them regarding any thing.

    they can even copy the deisgns if you provide them with the pictures what ytou would like to order.

    must try…….their service is amazing

  146. Um, has anyone cliked on the Anja link lately?! If not then DON’T!!! lol Sweetie the link changed you might want to take it off!!! Masha’Allah have this list bookmarked on my browser! Peace!

    • Thank you A’yan for the heads up. I don’t check the links very often and I CERTAINLY didn’t think an Islamic clothing site would go in that direction.

    • I’ve ordered from them and I didn’t have any problems. I loved the quality of each item I bought. Insha’allah I will be ordering from them soon.

  147. as salaamu alaikum sisters,
    has anyone ordered from islamic garb gallery? i ordered from them and requested a refund, now it seems as though they have disappeared. my calls and emails are not answered or returned. was i scammed?! i wanted a refund on items i purchased. what was shown on the website was not what was sent to me. the quality
    of the garments was very poor and not well made.

  148. assalaamualaikum
    Thanks for providing this blog for sharing the experience about scammers.Yes,its very important to spread the world about this.
    I just want to introduce my home bussiness
    najma abaya,based in Muscat-Oman.

    We have exclusive abaya on store ,our friend in face book to view the latest collections

    najma abaya.



  149. There is a new Islamic Store called Jannah Gifts…they sell nice hijabs, hijab pins, lace underscarfs and Islamic Greeting Cards like Ramadan Mubarak/Iftar invitations/Eid Mubarak/Henna Cards/Walimah and Aqeeqah invitations. I’ve seen their merchandise first hand and its of good quality! Check them out!

  150. Slmz, I live in SA and I wear abayas everyday. I would like to buy new ones that are not so dull and boring but more fashionable(colourfull). Please provide me with info that could help me. I would also like to import abayas to SA to resell.

  151. Assalamu Alaikum & Ramadan Kareem!

    Masha Allah, you’re doing an amazing job blogging about Muslimah Fashion!

    Would it be possible for you to link back to us under your “Islamic Fashion Stores” section? Our online store, Bahiya Collections offers modest, fashionable clothing for Muslim women.

    We would appreciate this very much.

    Jazak’ Allah

    Wasalamu Alaikum,

  152. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I love reading the store reviews. It helps me decide which ones I should stay away from 🙂

    If anyone is looking for a swimsuit, I’d suggest you check out Bahiya Collections. I bought the Dynamic swimsuit form them. Their customer service was excellent, I received my order within 2 days of ordering. On another note, you can wear the swimsuit for other than swimming, I wear mine to the gym too!

  153. salam alaikum sisters
    thank you for sharing this info about essence of black i was going to order till i realized they have no profile info about thier company and they never answered any of my questions.
    has anyone ordered from
    its looks trustworthy but i just want to make sure.
    they have very good prices and styles. inshaallah its a good company im placing my order for eid.

  154. Salaam malikum to dear my brothers and sisters. Does any one know any websites for halal products like lip stick cream etc. I am in Australia.

  155. It would be nice to see more Islamic clothing stores cater to American plus size sisters..There are a lot of plus size new hijabis such as myself, that find Islamic shopping confusing and frustrating so it’s easy to revert to shopping in Kufar stores when that is not what we want. I would rather buy and I do buy every chance I get from an Islamic shop, but there aren’t a lot of options for plus size sisters, so we end up having to spend our money in kufar stores. Let’s see ensembles put together for plus size sisters too!

  156. im so sorry this happened to you sisiters but i dont shop from none of these sites not even hannah because their clothig is poorly out together and the sewing is a nono so please dont do it to yourself with this site inshallah.Allah knows best.Ialways have a sisiter who make anything that i need she ie a senior semtrist and i mean she make some of these websites look well let me say mashallh to all but im good where i shop taylor made if intrested please contact me at inshallah stay covered the right way .S/A

  157. Assalamu Alaikum Sister, hope everyone is well Inshallah;

    Ramadhan Mubarak to everyone, Inshallah it be bleassed for us all Ameen.

    Alhamdulillah, the long wait is over for our new collection, we have finally uplaoded the elegant jilbabs onto our website, facebook fan page, twitter, newsletters, litterally everywere 😀

    These can now be seen at under the Jilbab Collection.

    Any questions feel free to ask

  158. Assalamu Alaikum All, hope you & your family are well and Inshallah Ramadhan is going well;

    Sorry to hear about the delayed deliveries.

    Wishing everyone a Blessed Eid from the staff here 🙂


    Al-Hijaab Head Office
    86 Lumb Lane
    West Yorkshire
    BD8 7QZ

    ps. we will be working till the very last cut off time to get all our website orders to customers before Eid. Alhamdulillah our customers are great they choose the next day option and they get the delivery the next day 🙂

  159. Assalamu Aleikum,

    Add the site to the crooked site. If in fact these people on all the post are Muslim, they apparently have no fear of Jahannam. May Allah guide them to the straight path before its too late.

    jazakallah khair

  160. Alsalam Alyikom,
    I really like this blog there is amazing styles,
    So if you please but this link of amazing site for Fixed Head Wrap
    just wear it in one second and got elegant look.
    No more struggling with wrapping scarves.
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  161. Salaams! I was reading the numerous posts regarding rahman enterprises and essence of black, etc. First, may Allah grant you many blessings for letting other sisters know about this company, so that they don’t get scammed too.

    The other thing I wanted to mention was this…Subhana’Allah there are people willing to steal in some form or another all over the world. These people come in all sizes, colors, nationalities, and religious belief. Now, having said that, please remember that anyone can start a business. Someone doesn’t have to be a Muslim to claim to sell Islamic clothing.

    I guess I’m just saying that there are plenty of people who are actively trying to divide us, pit us one against the other. It’s certainly not Islamic behavior being displayed by those in control of the abovementioned company. So either the people are not Muslim or their Iman is so far outside of Islam as to not matter. And Allah knows best.

  162. I ordered from Al Hannah once about 2 years ago and placed the order COD and got the items right away-lol I guess they wanted their money. Well 2 weeks ago I ordered using my debit card and got nothing. I am not one to waste time so right away I tried e-mailing and calling the company and got no response. I checked with Fed Ex, who is listed as the carrier and they had no record of a shipment to my address. I immediately filed a complaint with the BBB and also contacted my bank to reverse the charges and also start an investigation of fraud by deceit. They have already reversed the charges and the investigators will be receiving any details I have on this order from Al Hannah to file charges against them. Sisters help yourselves and help others by taking appropriate action when something happens.

  163. UPDATE!!!
    Funny how after 2 weeks, many phone calls and emails, and a complaint filed with both the BBB and my bank-that I get a notice that Al Hannah has suddenly decided to ship my order. Due to complaints about this company that I have read on here and with other sites I have decided to really play it smart. I am going to take my invoice, complete with item numbers and item descriptions and the co-ordinating photo description of the items from the Al Hannah site to my bank when my package arrives. I will then open my package with the bank manager present and match it with the invoice and pictures from the site. If it all matches up al hamdulillah! If it does not, I will promptly re-seal the package, have the bank manager log the information into my complaint with the bank and send the package back to Al Hannah. I have already gotten my charges reversed so Al Hannah does not get paid until I am satisfied. Sisters, while everyone should be honest in business-some are not so we have to stand up for ourselves and take action. I would love to say Al Hannah is doing the right thing, but facts say otherwise. I had my bank put a stop payment on future orders to Al Hannah so if I do decide to order from them again, (not likely insha Allah) I will have to order COD. Fortunately for me I live in an area with many Islamic clothing stores I just ordered from Al Hannah to save some time. I will make du’a that Al Hannah gets back on track with its customers because at one time they had a good reputation and insha Allah they can work to get that back.

    • I find it really interesting how different our experiences were. I just ordered from Al-Hannah a couple weeks ago (a travel prayer rug and a wudu brig) and received them both in a timely manner. I wonder if clothing makes a difference?

  164. I too am surprised by how different Carmen’s experience was. I have been ordering from Al Hannah for about three years now. I have ordered a variety of items for both my husband and myself. On occasion, they have taken a little longer than usual, but I have always received my order within a couple of weeks. They are one of the few companies I trust and some of my favorite abayas came from there. Insha Allah, they resolve your complaint.

  165. I’m not sure Boss Lady, this is the first time I have had trouble with them but the BBB has listed them as having unresolved and resolved issues. My friend ordered from them a short time ago and had no problems so insha Allah this is just a minor glitch. I will be updating again insha Allah as soon as my order gets here. One big difference I did notice is that on my invoice from Al Hannah it lists the weight of the package at over 5 pounds and the shipper FED EX has the package weight at 4 pounds! The package is due to arrive on Friday, Dec. 10th, so I will update then.

  166. Another update! I received one email and two phone messages stating that my package (they gave me a tracking #) had been shipped on December 3rd. Well when I checked the status of my order with Fed Ex, it shows only that shipping information was received from the seller. This simply means that Al Hannah printed out a label from Fed Ex to get a tracking number, not that the package has been shipped. According to Fed Ex’s tracking system, there has been no drop off or pick up of any package for delivery to my address. I do hope I get all items as ordered in the delivery time as promised by Al Hannah, and that I do not have to follow through with the bank investigation. Time will tell.

  167. Hi Everyone,

    I have a problem I have ordered some merchandise from the website called essenceofblack and I have not received my merchandise but they took my money I have been writing e-mails to try and reach them since there is no phone number on the website but nobody seems to answer can someone please help me if you had the same thing happen to you.
    I would really Appreciate it

    Thank You..


    • Assalamu ‘alaykum.

      How did you pay EssenceOfBlack? If you paid via Paypal, inshaa Allah, you can open/file a case in their Resolution Center. Paypal decided on my favour when I complained about EOB and got my money back alhamdulillah.

      If you paid via a debit or credit card, perhaps you can ask your bank how you can reverse the charge that went to EssenceOfBlack or whatever name they used to charge your card.

      wa salam.

  168. Salaams Sistas:
    Now I know that other people have been also ripped off by those Rahman enterprises people, they charged my card, told me that my order was in “customs” and then Taunted me when I sent email inquiry. When I contacted the postal authorities, they said that their authority was limited to the USA. I know that Allah will punish thieves and liars. Now I refused to buy from merchants with no contact phone numbers. @ first I stopped buying from companies abroad!

  169. I finally got my order today al hamdulillah! Everything was alright except one burqa was the standard length and not the long as I had ordered. They did sent me a free bar of dead sea salt soap so at least the money spent was evened out. I will not likely wear the burqa due to its length and will register a complaint with Al Hannah but do not count on anything coming from it. In the future I will place my orders COD to ensure no money is spent before goods are delivered if I have to order online again. Al hamdulillah for all the islamic shops in my area.

  170. Salaam,

    As a owner of an online hijab store I would like to point out that there are also customers who will try to scam shops out of free items. I recently had a sister shop at our online store. We mistakenly sent her one item in the wrong color. She wrote us asking us to send her another item to rectify the mistake. We did not ask her to send back the scarf sent by mistake and sent her another scarf and also have included a free hijab pin. She then wrote that she was not happy with the replacement. We asked her to return the scarf she got for free plus the replacement and we would refund her the original cost plus shipping costs to return the items. She was still not happy and sent a very rude email stating our products and service was bad and she would tell others this too. She wanted to keep two scarves and a pin for free and wanted us to send another scarf or give her a refund. When she realized we would not do this and asked her to return the two scarves she sent a rude email and wants to ruin our reputation! Now please someone tell me where was our fault in this situation?? It’s easy for sisters to go online and write these complaints about good businesses without hearing the other side of the story.

  171. I would hope that most sisters are more reasonable than the everyday public. We know that there are stores that take advantage of us just as there are sisters who unfortunately take advantage of the stores they purchase from. I can say that I generally don’t let one or two bad comments about a store stop me from ordering. I do however avoid those stores that receive hundreds of complaints from hundreds of sisters (like Essence of Black, Barakallah, Rahman Enterprises or whatever name they are using today). Common sense needs to take place here. Mistakes get made by stores, some newer sisters may not realize what they are ordering, and unfortunately some people try to be try to steal from the Muslims and some Muslims have strayed from proper Muslim ettiquette and behavior. Sisters, if you see a company that is being bad mouthed by someone and you had a great experience, let us know. And if you see a company that is being praised by others and you got ripped off, let us know. Then, as informed sisters, we can make informed decisions for ourselves.

  172. Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

    Just to let everyone know that alhamdulillah, Paypal decided in my favour and I got my money back from AMI Enterprises (EssenceofBlack). It didn’t take Paypal long to come up with their decision mashaa Allah.

    So for sisters who didn’t get their items from EssenceofBlack and paid thru Paypal, try opening a case inshaa Allah. Find out about the details of the transaction in Paypal and just go their Resolution Center.

  173. Salaams, I’ve seen that myself too while browsing reviews for my favorite stores. Its not only Islamic stores, but regular stores too – like one of my personal favorites Stores that have a lot of customers, there’s sometimes that unscrupulous customer who knows the store will do everything they can to please a customer. Discounts, free gifts, promotions – whatever they can do to make sure the reputation is good. You can find whole websites saying how horrible is, and that they’re liars and cheats – but are they really bad? No, not at all. We know they’ll do everything they can to make your purchase right if they make a mistake.

    One customer thinks the “deal” they’re getting isn’t good enough, there’s threats – and then they look for the most outstanding place online with links … and post bad review after bad review about the store. It’s borderline on blackmail.

    I see an example of that going on here. There’s a whole string of posts above badmouthing an old and well known store with a good reputation, promptly followed by two good comments that question the experience.

    Is that suspicious? Not to me, because I see it whenever I look through reviews sites and discussion. To me, it looks like someone who expected more, and didn’t get the freebie they wanted.

    How can we expect everyone to be perfect all of the time, personally, I can’t. If we expect perfection from others in this world – are we perfect in the eyes of Allah?


  174. I have been searching for a website with reasonable price and quality products. I came across essence of black and found an abaya that I liked. After putting in all of the info, there was an error so I tried again and it still didn’t go through. This afternoon while checking my email I receive two confirmation emails for the same item. I have been trying ever since to contact them but the line is beeping busy … not from the lines being tied up…more like the line is disconnected. I am very upset! I don’t know what to do at this point. It’s really making me think twice about certain things and I don’t understand how someone can do this to someone else. If anyone has any information or resolution please contact me…shukran

    • Please call your credit card company immediately and request that they stop all payments to Essence of Black. If you read this blog, you will see many many examples of Muslim sisters who have been taken advantage of by Essence of Black (aka Barakallah aka Rahman Enterprises aka whatever variety of names they are using now). I am one of those sisters. They took my money and I never got anything. That is their routine. It is a shame that google still allows them to advertise on their site. I am pretty sure paypal finally cut them off for ripping off so many people. Sisters, we must all be aware of anysite that doesn’t provide and street address or legitimate phone number.

  175. Assalamu Alaikum.

    I am not sure if I ever told you about my brief encounter with Essence of Black.I was on their mailing list and they sent me a questionable e-mail which did not seem Islamic and I wrote to the owner and she was rather annoyed I commented on this. She did not respond in a polite manner. So I have black listed them as “bad.” and I see that many others here have too.

    Thank you for so many links, its always helpful because not everyone uses Google to advertise. And on my site we do allow all sorts of free advertising just for Muslims.


    Habibi M.

      • Assalamu Alaikum
        I just started reading this website and it is so inspiring for Muslim sisters to engage in conversation over the places to shop for Muslim attire. I’m glad that Allah has steered me to this site. I just order some hijabs from Simply Islam and Muslimbase, I pray that Allah soften these people’s heart to do the right thing and send me my merchandise, I work hard for my little bit of money and trying to stay close to Islam in a world surrounded by non-believers and trying to stay on the right path of rightousness, is hard. Mashallah! Has anyone ordered from the these places? How was it?

  176. Really it is very useful post and i also love to read these techniques and as well I will be trying it and thank you for sharing such sort of techniques please ensure that it stays sharing.

  177. Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatu Allah,

    I congratulate you for your useful blog, Mashaa Allah.

    We would like to correct the website address of our online store existing already in your directory. The existing link doesn’t work anymore. Please to replace it with the following link :

    A brief presentation of our company to those who don’t know N-ti:

    N-ti is a Canadian company that specializes in clothing for the contemporary Muslim woman who is looking for quality clothing, combining simplicity and elegance.

    N-ti offers a unique selection of ready-to-wear clothing. It offers collections containing beautiful classic gowns (Abaya), modern sets, tunics, long skirts and pants. It also offers a wide selection of quality scarves, printed or plain in various colors, and bands for the head and arm in cotton. The N-ti collection also includes an assortment of accessories such as brooches, bags and jewelry.

    N-ti is distinguished in the Islamic Fashion industry because it designs and manufactures it’s own collections. This allows N-ti to offer a wide variety of exclusive clothing suitable work, special occasions or just for casual wear.

    Established since 2007 in Canada, N-ti has had great success with the modest muslim and non-muslim women in the country. It started with one store in Montreal, located at 830 – boulevard Décarie, and then developed a model mobile shop in Toronto and Ottawa as it is requested by Muslim women in these regions.

    The mobile shop offers the opportunity for Muslim women who participate in major conferences and various special events, to meet their specific fashion needs.

    Faced with the growing demand for clothing N-ti, the company is planning its expansion and growth in Canada and in other countries, in hopes to satisfy the demands and expectations of its current and potential customers from diverse backgrounds.

    Jazakum Allahu Khayraa

  178. i am going to say this briefly thanks for the amazing blog wnd for your HELP may GOD bless you inchallah good bye SIsters & Brothers

  179. Sisters welcome on Facebook Event Kabira Kico Amara

    Tuesday, March 1 at 1:00pm

  180. Assalammu’alaykum warahmatulloh, Thank you to all sisters whose gave us this informations that save us from scamm. Recently I visited which are sell abayas so have anyone had make some purchases with them? The address of islamicmodest clothes is in UK please give me some info about this web before I made some purchases with them.

    Thank you so much


    I ordered something for Essence of black. It was a totally rip off. But I did get my money back. I do order from East Essence. They have very beautiful abayas, and the quality of the abayas are GREAT! I want to order something from Al farah, but I need to if any one ordered from there lately and where you pleased with your order, and alos did it take a long time the come? PLEASE HELP. I don’t want to go through another scam.

    • I am very upset to hear the complaints regarding (apparently part of Essence of Black). I have been anxiously awaiting my goods and now that I see your comments I went back to the website and realize that there is no number, no address and they have not returned my inquiries. Sadly, I don’t think I will receive it but insha’ allah more people will come to this website to see this information before it’s too late. I’ve placed emails with Barakallah, Rahman Enterprise AND a complaint with

      HOWEVER… is an excellent website. They sent me my products in a very reasonable time, excellent quality and excellent customer service!!!

      How did you get your money back or contact them for that matter?

      • Alhamdulillah after reading the posts on this awesome blog I immediately sent several emails, after my previous post, to the company wanting an update. I then received an email from their website a few hours later saying my order had been refunded almost 12 days ago. I had not received any email notification as to why but I am so thankful that it was refunded. I cannot speak for the quality of their product or the company, but I would be very cautious using them or any of the affiliates. I too have learned a very important lesson with online shopping to google the company first!!! And if there is no address, no phone number, I do not purchase! Alhamdulillah.

  182. Oh and sisters if you order from EASTESSENCE.COM please make sure you get a size or two larger, because the abayas are cut a little small. I wear a small, but I ordered a larger and it fits me like a medium abaya would. But the quality of the abayas from EAST ESSENCE IS VERY GREAT!!! HOW THEY DESCRIBE THE CLOTHES IN EXACTLY HOW THEY ARE!!! VERY PLEASED WITH THEM!!!! THE ORDER COMES IN LIKE 6 DAYS!!! AND THE ABAYAS ARE EVEN PRETTIER IN FRONT OF YOU!!! VERY IMPRESSED, VERY IMPRESSED!! 🙂



  184. As salaam mualaikum,

    I purchased jilbaabs and tops to the value or R3500.00 (this is quite a bit of money in South African currency). I am so upset with myself for having been so foolish to have paid the money without investigating. I have not received the goods and my follow-up e-mails have fallen on deaf ears.. I have received no response from the HIJAB SHOP.

    Assalaamu Alaikum ,

    Order ID: 24007
    Status: Packaging
    Alhamdulillah your payment has been cleared and your order has been sent to the warehouse to be packed.
    As long as all the items are in stock your order will go out today or first thing tomorrow morning inshaAllah.
    We will email you as soon the order has been dispatched from the warehouse.

    You can check the status of your order at:

    Wa’alaikum Asalaam,
    The Dukkaan Ltd

  185. This blog is the best and is most helpful in givng advice to all. I may not be a Muslim, but is wrong that I am interested in buying skirts from the good websites listed above? Especially since modesty is a big part of the faith I have grown up in? It is very difficult to find such skirts anywhere.

  186. AsSalaamu Alaikum

    Alhamdulillah, I happen to love this website… They have great customer service and fast shipping. The Abaya there are so beautiful, Masha’Allah. I like to visit the site just to look at the abayas. When I ordered from them the sister was very nice to me when I chatted with her on Facebook. She took her time to answer my questions, and also I got a suprise gift with my order that was not advertised on the website. I know a couple of other sisters that have brought from there and all were pleased with there orders. Plus I like that they have a clear return policy just in case.

  187. For All those who have had a bad sitution with Umm Niqaab, here is the contact information for the New Jersey State Police who is investigating her.

    Mrs. Ivy,

    Here is my contact information. You can send pass along my email address to the other ladies who were victims of similar activities.

    I need you and the other ladies to send me the following:

    –Detail description of what happened
    –Purchase confirmation (email or screenshot)
    –Any communication with vendor
    –Any contact information for the vendor

    I look forward to reviewing the items you and others send. Please understand a timely response (from all) will help this investigative process.


    Det. Powers
    NJSP – Cyber Crimes Unit
    Phone: 609-584-5051 x 5691
    Fax: 609-584-9526

  188. Assalamu aleykum,

    I am the owner of Boutique Al-Khaleejia and would love to be listed in your directory inshallah. We have an amazing giveaway for the month of May for a FREE abaya from our website (winner’s choice) custom made to their measurements. Find us on Facebook for details. Our web address is Jazzak Allah kheir

  189. Didn’t get the hijabs that I ordered, instead I got two other hijabs that were not the ones I selected. I was told that their stock was changing so often, that they had to send me something else instead. Not acceptable. I picked out two hijabs because I liked the way they looked; so getting two completely different hijabs was not acceptable. The shirt that I was told was full sleeves was only 3/4 sleeves. And until now they haven’t refunded me for a shirt I removed from my original order. Won’t do business with them again.

    • As salamu alaiki wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

      Where did you place this order? If you used a credit card, you can file a complaint with your credit card company. If you used paypal, you can file a complaint with them.

  190. la hawla wa la quwaata illa BILLAH !!! my order from EOB still hasn’t gotten here or any shipping info… i feel so sad for you sisters who have had bad experiences. I ordered thobes (brother) back in March… (sigh) please make du’a for me that the items get here… i’ll be sure to spread the word..

    I orderedfrom Al Hannah a few times, my “Eid” order didn’t come until December, quality was great, but then there was a mix up that didn’t make sense. lets see… XXL Kameez, XXL Thobe, XXL Salwar Kameez set………….. medium vest??? 🙂 they fixed it eventually, but they did it again later on with another order, I just said Al-HamduliLLah and gave the itty bitty moroccan dishdasha to a friend…

    Only problem we’ve had with east essence was the decorative embellishments falling off the kameez (sisters) after one wash. but everything else was superb!

    AlMuhajabat and have ALWAYS had great customer service and quality materials… well some of the scarves probably won’t last more than a few months, but they are beautiful… 🙂

    thanks for the blog and info…. may Allah reward us for our efforts, and bring us justice for our struggles with the companies that decieve.. ameen

    • As-salaamu Alaykum,

      I am dismayed to see that you had experienced a sizing problem with your order with us. If you can give us an e-mail, I can see if we have a suitable complimentary replacement item for you. We do our best to ensure sizing is accurate for all items. I am not sure if you measured by garment size, or your own measurements. This – will make a big difference in actual fit of the garment.

      When e-mailing us – you may include the telephone number you had used to place your order to reference your prior purchase.

      Also, with your e-mail – if you could provide how you had sized your garment, we will definitely take the time to review our sizing charts to ensure this type of confusion never happens again.

      Kasem Al-Omari
      Al Hannah Islamic Clothing
      (860) 386-0806

  191. Ive not ordered from Essence of Black but will definitely stay away from them and the others who have had negative feedback from other people! btw if you use your credit card you can claim back the money. contact your card company.

    Recently i discovered a new hijab shop where i now buy all my hijabs from-Princess Rockz and they do cool tutorials on how to wear them, which is good for someone like me who finds it hard to be inventive :S plus i always recieve my order within 3 days so would definitely recommend.

  192. Firstly I ordered an abaya from nd when it came it looked like an immitation of it not good stitching. I then ordered four niqbas thinking cant.go wrong here and they did not send my order and iv sent many messages and emails and got no reponse. Theres a website called and it looks like the same people do it as its the same abayas! Do these people not fear Allah to be doing business like this and keeping money that is not theirs

  193. Assalamu 3alaikum,
    Did any of you sisters in UK tried Setrms ?I want some jilbabs and and also I emailed Al-muminat,but they are not responding.Any help pleaaaaaaaase?

  194. Salamalikum – Ramadan sale going on now at The Canadian Muslim. Awesome Colors, Great quality and cheap or free shipping. Use discount code Ramadan2011 to get extra savings on already discounted prices. We also sell islamic swimsuits – great quality and cute colors! see you there inshallah. wasalaaaaam!

    • Walaikum AsSalaam

      I have ordered from them, and I love there clothes. The customer service is great. The also have a facebook page and youtube video. I would buy from the again.

    • Wa alaykum salam, I think you should read some of the above comments before buying from there. I wouldn’t buy from there. My friend paid for but never received her abaya, despite contacting them repeatedly.

      Allah knows best.

      • AsSalaamu Alaikum

        Have you view there facebook page, I am sure a company with over 2,000 fans would not cheat someone out of an abaya. I have heard nothing but GREAT things about Reflections of Iman. They are a small company, the sister is very nice, and they have beautiful Abayas, Masha’Allah. We are held accountable for what we say, so before we say something incorrect we should make sure it is the truth….

  195. Assalamualaikum everyone,

    Just wanted to share with you about I recently created this blog to post about my thoughts and experiences being a Muslimah working full time and juggling between work and children. But my desire to share and promote the beauty of Islam and dressing modestly does not stop me from venturing into SAYRAH, a modesty fashion label I recently created with my beloved sisters. Insyallah we will all work together to spread the beautiful virtues of Islam.

    Have a peek at our blog:
    Like us on facebook:

    Thank you,

  196. Salam to my dear sisters..

    AYU is an international brand selling trendy yet modest apparels as well as hijabs for our Muslim sisters around the world.
    We cater to individual and wholesellers as well..

    Do take a look at our collections online at

    Thank you very much and have a nice day 😀

  197. AS SALAAMU ALAIKUM!, Has anyone ordered from lslamic Boutique? I want to order from them, but I don’t know if they are scammers or not?PLEASE HELP

  198. Assalamu Alaikum Sister,
    this is a jordanian company, I didn’t buy from their website but from their store,they are well known in Jordan,their jilbabs sewing is neat.

  199. Yes. I ordered from Reflection of Iman and had NO problems she is very sweet and helpful and the overgarments are truely beautiful alhamdulillah! And the shipping does not take long at all !

  200. Pretty component to content. I simply stumbled upon your web site and in accession capital to say that I get in fact loved account your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing in your feeds or even I success you get right of entry to constantly quickly.

  201. It just occured to me to mention about going to an actual store. While it is so handy to order on line and sometimes can get greater variety and prices. But there is nothing like going to a store where you can actually touch and hold the item.

  202. Islamic boutique is another GREAT site to go to.yes it is located in Eygt BUT it is the real deal the clothing are beautiful my order came in two weeks but the abaya, the material and the sewing is a blessing from Allah please give them a try I cried when I opened my package!!Ahamdulillah!!! 🙂 very happy

    • Islamic Boutique is fantastic. Their prices are quite reasonable and often make up for the cost of shipping. The quality is beyond compare. I bought several abayas, khimars, niqabs, and prayer dresses from there about 3 years ago. They still look like new. The material and finishing stand up well even with daily use. I definitely got my money’s worth.

      • Yes I love Islamic boutique and reflection of iman very good sites. Has anyone ordered from Sunnah style? How is the quality of the clothing?

  203. Assalammualaikum Brothers & Sisters,

    I’m Rosdiana from Indonesia. I just want to offer you abaya or muslimah dress, original from Indonesia. Commonly we use spandex, rayon spandex, cotton as material. Please contact me if you interest with my offering. You can contact me in or add my pin blackberry 2130069F. I will send you the design and you can order based on this design. Insya Allah quality is our first concern


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  205. Assalamualaikum sisters,
    First my heart felt apologies goes out to those who had been scammed by these fake companies selling goods online. Sooner or later, they’ll get a taste of their own medicine, Insy’Allah. Would like to know if anyone made a purchase at East Essence? Are they scammers?
    I’ve heard they’re trusth worthy but just want to make sure before I go ahead and make my purchases.
    Jhazakallah Khairan.

  206. As salaamu alaykum. I just looked at the address for that tahmina put up and wallahi thats like 2-3 buildings down from me and I’ve never seen any other practicing muslims in my neighborhood but my family, wallahu alim. Me and my sister just ordered from the site last week and if we don’t receive the things we purchased my husband will be knocking on that door insha allah.

  207. asalamu alaikum
    its been almost a month and i havent recieved anything from essence of black so i decided to check the reviews (should of done this first!), and my heart just sank 😦 seeing these comments , i guess i wont be getting anything in the post?
    sub’hannaAllah how can people do such a thing??

    • wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullah
      i had the same experience. subhanallah, I ordered first then read this blog…and my heart sank, too. so right after i read the bad comments from here, i immediately opened a case with paypal – alhamdulillah, that’s how i paid essence of black. alhamdulillah, i got my $185 back. may Allah protect us from the evil in our own selves and in others. ameen.

      i shop online with and with mashaa Allah, they are both very trust worthy and with beautiful, reasonably-priced items. may Allah reward them with good for the way they conduct their business. Baarakallahu feehum.

    • Wa salaam,

      Have you tried contacting them? I would contact them if you haven’t, wait a few days then file a case with your CC company and get your money back. The quality is poor anyway. They were sent from Egypt and had I known that when I ordered, I wouldn’t have. My hubby is Egyptian.

  208. Dear Sisters,

    I found very good website about hijab and Islamic accessories and what the muslim family need.
    Its modern and cheap, contains alot of beautiful and useful items.I wish, it will be helpful for everyone.
    The website adress is:

  209. AsSalaamu Alaikum

    If you are speaking of an address for Essence of Black in the USA, they have one listed in Ohio and one In Maryland. I know for sure the one in Maryland is fake. Plus Essence of Black is in Egypt.

    I like Sunnah Style and Reflections of Iman they both have good clothing ..

    Also most companies these days have facebook pages.. this is another good way check out a company and see what their friends and fans are saying about them…

    • As salam aleykum u ramatAllah.
      First of all sorry for my english ,I’m french .
      Sister I’m glad that your order went well on “Al Hannahislamic cloth”but it was not the case for me .Al hamdoulIllah alâ kuli wal.
      I received everything EXEPT what i have had ordered .It has nothing to do with the pictures.I lost about 150 dollars Al hamdoulIllah alâ kulli wâl .
      Please do not order from AL HANNAH .Otherwise you cannot say that you have note been warned .I swear by Allah that my story is true .
      Wasb Allah wa nimal wakil.
      Salam alikum.

  210. As Salaamu alaikum

    We are pleased to announce that Plus Size Muslimah is now Open!!

    This is very exciting for us, we have worked very hard to get to this point and we wish to share with everyone!
    We are carrying sizes 1X-7X!! Please see our site, read the About Us page, spread the word to your friends and family!!

  211. As Salamu Alaikum, my dear sisters. My name is UmmAbdurRahman Anisah, I design islamic children’s clothing/ The company name is YummyCute ClothingLine. You can find me on facebook, insha Allah.

  212. AsSalamu Alaikum Sisters,
    It’s sad to read these comments here.
    I own a hijab store online and thought I could share some tips on how to avoid scams.

    1. Look at the contact info on the site. Do they have and email, phone number, facebook/twitter page clearly listed? Example: On our website you can see our contact info and our 6,000+ facebook fans. You can go to facebook and ask a question instantly and view our feedback.

    2. Do they accecpt paypal? Someone said they don’t want to use paypal because they dont want stores to have their banking information. If you use paypal stores do NOT get your credit card info. Also if you have an issue with your order you can open a dispute with paypal and they will contact the merchant on your behalf to try and resolve the issue. It’s better to use Paypal to be on the safe side.

    3. Did they contact you after you ordered? You should recieve an email from them once your order has been placed. Then another after you order has been shipped. If they do not send you any communications 24-48 hours after you order, that is not a good sign. Contact them and check on your order!

    4. Do a test order. If you really like the products on the website AND you have contacted the company, and think they might be ok order a small item to start. A $3 hijab pin or a $10 scarf. Most of the companies above people are saying never sent anything! So they wouldn’t even send a small item if you ordered it, then you’d only be out $3 or $10 instead of hundreds like some of the sisters above.

    5. Did you google the company? If you want to know more about a company then just google them. What comes up? Complaints? Scam allegations? Or excellent customer reviews?

    6. What are others saying publicly about the company? Does the company have sisters who host blogs or do youtube videos publicy saying how they love the company and their products? Some of the sites that are listed as scams above have no twitter, facebook, or youtube channel. Why? All of these are free for businesses to use and help customers find you. They dont have these because all of you would be on their facebook, twitter etc. posting these very comments. So they make it difficult for you to contact them or voice your complaints.

    7. Do you have a tracking number for your order? It costs I think 0.80 cents to add tracking to a package in the U.S. If your order is $25 or more you should defiantely recieve a tracking number within 2-3 days of your order being placed. That way you can check where your package is. If you don’t recieve an email with your tracking number, call or email the company and ask for your tracking number. If you can’t get a hold of them that’s a problem.

    8. Did you order from a company that is listed as a scam? If you are waiting for your
    order and it is fron one of the “scam” companies, cancel it. Call them and cancel the
    order and tell them you will send it back unopened. I dont know of a reputable company that would not let you return an unopened package. Also if it is being delivered via USPS or even UPS, Fedex etc. if you cath the mail man when he comes, you can refuse the package. Tell the mailman you dont want it, and return to sender! That way you have returned it, and you didn’t even pay for re-shipping it. I’ve done that before.

    Lastly, contact paypal if that’s how you paid, open a dispute immediately. If you paid by credit card contact your credit card company. Most credit card companies have a fraud depatment. Sometimes the fraud dept will refund you your money and then go after the merchant themselves. It just depends on your credit card company. You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau,

    I used to work at a bank and helped customers with their acct that had been scammed, if there’s a question I can help with please ask.

    You can find out more about my business here if you wish,!/JannahGifts

  213. I have been surfing online more than 3 hours as of late, yet I never found any attention-grabbing article like yours. It is lovely value sufficient for me. In my opinion, if all site owners and bloggers made good content material as you probably did, the web can be a lot more helpful than ever before.

  214. Assalamualikum
    Hii..we have a online store moslem apparel in Indonesia, Its modern and cheap, contains alot of beautiful and useful items please visit and check my webstore 🙂

  215. As salaam aleikum.,
    I would like to warn everyone about PinzPinzPinz. I placed an order and received the order confirmation but after then -nothing. They only contacted me after I placed a Paypal complaint about not receiving my items. At that point, they promised to send me my order and claimed that my original contact attempts (both via email and their website) had gone into junk folder. Foolish me, I closed the Paypal complaint (Paypal does not allow reopening the same issue), but it soon became clear to me that I would never see my order. On top of everything, my virus protection program warns me not to enter their website. I learned from Hijabstyle blog that they have now reopened their business. Inshallah, sisters planning place an order will learn better before making the same mistake I did.

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